Speck cases for the Samsung Galaxy

If you have spent money on a super-smart phone like the Samsung Galaxy S7, then you are also probably in need of a phone case. You are not looking for just another run-of-the-mill, mono color phone case, you want the best for a phone like the Galaxy S7.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a lot going for it in terms of physical protection. It’s waterproof and resistant to dust for starters. However, this doesn’t imply this super phone’s aluminum frame and the two glass panels (front and back) are invincible.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a mortal device prone to scratches and cracks during everyday use without adequate protection. You would want to protect this precious phone with a worthy case.

So, refer to this list for the top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 phone cases so far:

1. Spigen – Galaxy S7 Case Slim Armor

Spigen – Galaxy S7 Case Slim Armor

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When you want to give your smartphone military-grade drop tested protection, you go with Spigen. This dazzlingly stylish Slim Armor case was especially designed for the S7 with added features. It still has the polycarbonate exterior and the TPU interior similar to the S6 case.

However, this time the case is equipped with an integrated Kick-Stand to prop the phone up whenever necessary, and air-cushion technology to protect against impact shocks. The case is slimmer than most so the encased phone will never feel bulky or heavy. This is truly the worthy case for S7.

2. Ringke – Fusion Crystal Galaxy S7 Case

Ringke – Fusion Crystal Case

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If you want a phone casing that catches the eyes of everyone around you, then this crystal case is the one. Simple in design, this snap-on case has a crystal-clear front that shows off the impeccable design of the S7.

Simple doesn’t mean that the crystal case doesn’t provide ample protection for the phone without adding extra bulk. It also comes with port plugs in the bottom to keep unwanted debris out.

3. LK – Galaxy S7 Wallet Case

LK – Galaxy S7 Wallet Case

Availability: View it on Amazon

Wallet cases for phones are not new. However, what makes the LK wallet case for the S7 special is the thoughts that have apparently gone into intricate design. The case is made with the exact dimensions to fit an S7 phone, in addition to cash, credit cards, business cards and the rest.

This wallet case so far can hold the most cards at one time. It has a flexible back, so the case can easily be set up as a stand for the phone. Plus, it’s available in colors like purple, mint and hot pink.

4. Urban Armor Gear (UAG) – Composite

Urban Armor Gear (UAG) – Composite

Availability: View it on Amazon

Urban Armor is known for their wafer-thin phone cases that actually look quite bulky in design. The highly-anticipated Composite for the Galaxy S7 is no exception.

It’s has a groovy cool look, and offers easy access to all the buttons and ports of the S7. Slim yet sturdy, Composite case offers military-grade drop protection.

5. Speck – CandyShell Grip Case

Speck – CandyShell Grip Case

Availability: View it on Amazon

It’s as adorable as the name sounds. This remarkable case will stand out anywhere with its futuristic anti-slip protection. If you want to sport a phone case that looks like it came right off a catwalk, while at the same time offering optimal protection, then go for the CandyShell.

6. SUPCASE – Unicorn Beetle PRO

SUPCASE – Unicorn Beetle PRO

Availability: View it on Amazon

When you want your Galaxy S7 to look like it belongs on a spaceship, you get a Unicorn Beetle case. With an eye-catching sporty design, this case is made out of premium TPU and PC material for maximum protection, dust resistance and lightweight feel.

7. OtterBox – Commuter Galaxy S7 Case

OtterBox – Commuter

Availability: View it on Amazon

OtterBox may not be stylish as some of the other cases on this list, but it offers a minimalist design and no-nonsense protection for those who prefer practicality above looks. It’s lightweight with rubberized port covers, and will slip easily in and out of your denim pocket.

8. LifeProof – FRE

LifeProof – FRE

Availability: View it on Amazon

This case provides the best additional protection for the Galaxy S7. It’s waterproof, which is better than the phone’s water resistance ability to keep moisture out. It comes with world-class drop protection and dust-resistance. This case is slimmer than previous LifeProof cases, and looks absolutely hip.

9. Obliq – Slim Fit Hard Galaxy S7 Case

Obliq – Slim Fit Hard Case

Availability: View it on Amazon

For a much coveted sleek and stylish look, the Obliq case is here for you. This is a hard case that offers shock absorbing skin unlike many other cases out there. The best perk is perhaps the case’s ability to raise the side buttons so they are easier to push.

10. Peyou – Tough Armor Case

Peyou – Tough Armor Case

Availability: View it on Amazon

This is the cheapest case on this list, and also the toughest. It’s a basic case but offers the best drop and scratch protection for the money spent. Despite the low price tag, it looks quite stylish, too.

Don’t go for the second best when it comes to the Galaxy S7 and get a darn good phone case from the above list.



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