Best In Ear Headphone Panasonic

My iPhone’s earphone started to sound like 90’s radio channel. Noisy and unclear, anyone could easily hear what music I’m listening to from the outside, which is certainly a ‘no-no’ condition for me. So, I decided to get the new one.

I went to Google and took sometime to research a good in-ear headphone. I landed on an earphone product page on Amazon packed with thousands of positive reviews. I ordered the product and the product arrived in 2 days. Turns out those reviews were correct. It happened to be the best budget in-ear headphone I’ve ever owned. This in-ear headphone is darn cheap, but don’t get fooled by the price of it.

It has a good build quality with amazing speakers. And I won’t regret buying it. Never.

The earphone I’m talking about is the Panasonic RPHJE120 Series In-Ear headphone.

I even get complements every time I let other use my earphone, which makes me feel so good about myself that I decided to go with it.

A year of experience with the Panasonic In-Ear headphone

Now, it has been almost a year since I got this earphone. I use this for mobile gaming, musics, and more, averaging about 30 minutes to an hour a day and 3-4 times a week. So, did the quality of the speaker degrade after months of usage? Nope.

Another reason why I love this earbud is that I get to hear the sound of absolutely ‘new’ instruments in songs, which I probably won’t get to hear on another other earbud with the same price level.

Best In Ear Headphone Panasonic
The in-ear headphone with unique design that perfectly fits in every ear kind

A whooping 1.1 meter long wire makes it easier for me to wear the earphone without having to worry if my it drops off my ear every time I get up from the chair. Its design is different. Unlike other in-ear earphones, it is design such a way that it fits perfectly with every ear type, which is another plus point.

I’ve wondered why people spend so much money on a ‘quality’ headphone for noise isolation. This one does the same work for no price at all. I’ve been on so many conditions where there was a lot of noisy crowd playing music in loud speakers in distant. I put this headphone, play a song, and increase a little bit of volume and boom! No noise from the outside at all. It’s that amazing.

An in-ear headphone with minimal downsides

Cheap in-ear earphone

If you hold this earphone in your hand, you may feel it cheap that may easily break off after several use. It may feel cheap, but it certainly isn’t easily breakable unless you intentionally stretch it to the break point. However, it doesn’t have built-in microphone. If you’re one of those who needs microphone for gaming, Skype or video calling you should look for other earphones.

As for me, I don’t need a microphone as I’m not much of a gamer or I don’t frequently need it for video calling.

Simply put, you will get the quality and performance of a high-grade headphone for extremely low price on everyone’s budget. I couldn’t recommend it more. You won’t absolutely regret buying it. Get it for $6 on Amazon and thank us later!


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