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You liked it at MWC 2017 and pre-ordered it. Now, it’s on its way and you just can’t wait until you get your hands on it. No matter how awesome the LG G6 might be, there’s one thing you don’t like about it: it’s covered by glass. I mean, the back is Gorilla Glass 5, unlike the previous model, which had a metallic back…

Sure, it looks good and it should be pretty tough, but that glass is a real fingerprint magnet, not to mention that in the eventuality of a drop, in can crack in tiny pieces. In this case, there’s no doubt that you need a case!

Since you’re a pretty stylish guy or girl, we thought about some leather cases today. Even though the phone is new, with just a few days since the release, we still managed to find a few great models.

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These are the best LG G6 leather cases, great for adding a bit of style and extra protection to the phone!

1. Belk LG G6 Leather Case

best lg g6 leather case from belk

First of all, we have a really good looking LG G6 leather case from Belk, made of premium PU leather, which a nice feel and quality.

It’s scratch-resistant and, on the inside, it features a polycarbonate inner case, protecting your phone from fingerprints, scratches or stains.

Since it’s a wallet case, it has three pockets on the inside, for credit cards or IDs, as well as a special pouch, for money or documents. Finally, thanks to its design, the case can also be used as a kickstand, for handsfree media viewing. You can get one in Black, Blue, Brown, Purple, Red or Buff.

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2. FYY LG G6 Genuine Leather Case

best lg g6 leather case from fyy

On the other side, if you want something made of actual leather, you might as well check this model from FYY!

It’s a premium model, with multiple functions: card and money slots on the inside, being a great wallet replacement, and an anti-RFID chip on the inside, protecting all the important data on your credit cards.

The kickstand function is convenient for movie watching or video chatting, while the amount of colors it’s available in makes it a great choice, for any style! To be more specific, you can get it in over 20 models!

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3. Lumion Nova Series Rugger Coverbest lg g6 leather case from lumion

Now this is one great looking LG G6 leather case, with an added bumper, in order to increase the amount of protecting, but, at the same time, keeping a low profile and a slim, bulk-free design.

It’s a combination of synthetic leather and lightweight polycarbonate which adds a plus of style to the phone, not to mention that it’s very easy to install and remove. As for the colors it’s available in, you can get it in Black or Milky Brown.

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4. ProCase LG G6 Leather Case

best lg g6 leather case from procase

Yes, ladies and gents, another LG G6 wallet leather case makes it to our top, this time coming from ProCase.

It’s made of genuine leather, with a very solid construction, providing a classic and luxurious look, while the texture makes the phone feel great in hand.

Besides the included slots for cards and IDs, the case has a magnetic closure, securing all your belongings, and provides full access to all buttons and ports. And it can also be used as a kickstand, by the way! You can get one in Brown or Black.

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5. WWW Leather Wallet Case

best lg g6 leather case from www

Last but not least, comes a very interesting LG G6 wallet case with a crocodile pattern finish, available in six different colors: Black, Brown, Apricot, Mint Green, Navy Blue or Red.

Fitting the phone perfectly, it’s made of an RFID-resistant material and it has built-in pockets, so you can conveniently store your credit cards or IDs, as well as some money.

The kickstand function is great for movies or reading, while the precise cutouts on the sides give access to all ports. Finally, let’s not forget about the magnetic clip, allowing quick fastening and keeping the phone safe inside.

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And we’re all done! This is where our short top comes to an end. Hopefully, you will find some nice LG G6 leather cases among our picks, because we surely decided upon on, which looks absolutely awesome!

Our pick: Lumion Nova Case 

We simply fell in love with this case! The combination of leather and polycarbonate, with a metallic look, looks just great, offering the LG G6 a plus of style. Besides this, the slim profile, which doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to the phone, as well as the protection it provides, makes it our favorite option.

So, what about you guys? Which case would you choose for your G6, presuming that you have one? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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