Best OnePlus 3T screen protector

Christmas is the best time to get a new smartphone and now, one of the best choices you can make is to opt for the all new OnePlus 3T. Basically just an upgraded version of the handset launched six months ago, it’s a combination between high-end specs and a pocket-friendly price. What more could you ask for?

Since the phone is available at a very good price, you might as well spend a bit on some accessories, like a case and a screen protector. If we’ve already talked about cases, today we’re focusing a bit on how to keep that display in once piece, in the eventuality of a drop.

After looking a bit on Amazon, we’ve come across some of the best OnePlus 3T screen protectors and made a short list with them. Let’s see what we have for you guys.

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1. IQShield Matte Anti-Glare Screen Protector

IQ Shield OnePlus 3T Screen Protector

Unlike other common protectors, this model from IQShield reduces glare, allowing users to enjoy the OnePlus 3T in brightly lit areas, which, in our book, is a very big plus.

It also has a unique coating, which prevents dust, grime and fingerprints from appearing on the surface of the screen.

It’s a very thin film, with military grade resistant, so it’s also able to keep even the nastiest scratches away. The installation is also easy, thanks to the wet application method, which keeps those bubbles we all hate away.

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2. Ringke Invisible Defender Screen Protector

Ringke OnePlus 3T screen protector

Another great OnePlus 3T screen protector comes from Ringke. Actually, these guys have an excellent offer, giving you a 3 +1 film pack for an unbelievable price.

It ensures maximum clarity for the AMOLED display, while the new TouchTech technology used in manufacturing it allows perfect touchscreen precision, while the 3H-4H hardness makes it able to absorb part of the force of an impact, in the eventuality of a serious drop.

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3. Orzly Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Orzly OnePlus 3T screen protector

Did somebody say special offer? Orzly has a twin pack of OnePlus 3T screen protectors, featuring 9H hardness, being able to protect the phone against scratches and surface damage.

It’s layered with a visible dot matrix grid over the display area, covering the full front of the phone, including the bezels.

The film is also oleophobic coated, so you can easily wipe off fingerprint smudges, while the bubble free installation method, with included instructions, ensures a perfect fit. Definitely a great option, if you want to keep your phone safe all the time.

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4. Qosea Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass

Qosea OnePlus 3T screen protector

Measuring just 0.26mm in thickness and featuring 9H hardness, this premium OnePlus 3T screen protector is very effective against scratches and 100% compatible with your phone.

The tempered glass feels very smooth, as your fingers can glide across it as freely as on the original glass display. The high-definition clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating protects against sweat, oil, residue and fingerprints.

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5. SANMIN Crystal Clear Screen Protector

Sanmin OnePlus 3T screen protector

Last but not least, we have a OnePlus 3T screen protector from SANMIN, made of premium Japan AGC glass, with extreme 9H hardness, making it scratch and shatter proof. Also, in case of an impact, it can keep your display in once piece.

Measuring just 0.33mm in thickness, you will barely notice it on your phone, which is a very big plus.

Thanks to the oleophobic coating, it’s constantly protected against sweat and oil residues, while the anti-glare coating makes it great for using it in various lighting conditions.

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Our Pick

And this is pretty much it, guys. Below you can find some of the best OnePlus 3T screen protectors, so it will be easier for you to pick a complementary accessory for your phone. Most of them are pretty much the same, the only difference being the thickness.

If you ask us, we would go with the Qosea Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass, mostly because it’s the thinnest model in our top and, at the same time, the hardest to notice, while the amount of protection it offers is also very high.

But what about you? Which one of these screen protectors would you choose for your new OnePlus 3T? Let us know your option, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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