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10 Best Cases for Galaxy Note 5 That Matches Your Style


So the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is finally here! Samsung has now dumped the plastic material like they used on previous version of Galaxy Notes.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has all new design with fantastic camera and refined S Pen experience. However, they completely got rid of removable battery and micro-SD card slot, like they did for Samsung Galaxy S6 — which is pretty unacceptable for some Samsung smartphone fans.

Despite all the goods and bad, you’ve purchased the Note 5. Now what? You might want to protect your new slippery device with a case or a cover. We researched and chose some of the best cases for Galaxy Note 5.

Here are 10 best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

If you want a good protection – Spigen’s Rugged Armor Case

Are you the person who frequently slips the phone down the hand? If yes, then rugged armor case by Spigen will best fit you. Spigen is a well know case maker company who is in business for years. So, you don’t have to worry about the how well the case is built.

This case is perfectly designed with matte finish. All the buttons are easy to press while you have the case on your Note 5. Also, the case feels good on your hand, too.

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If you are a ‘I don’t want to use case on my Note 5, but I still want to protect it anyway’ person – Ringke Crystal View Note 5 Case

Not everyone likes to have a case on their newly bought smartphone. You want to show off how great your Note 5 looks, don’t you? …but you still want to protect your Note anyway. You little unicorn.

Use this case. People barely notice that you’re using a case on your Note 5. You get to lower the risk of damaging your phone in case you drop it while people still drop saliva out of their mouth looking at your brand new phone. What a win-win.

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If you want All-in-one protection case – Otterbox Defender Case for Note 5

Okay… Let’s get started. Drop protection? Check. Dust protection? Check. Screen protection? Check. Multi-layer protection? Check!

You get all the protections for your Galaxy Note 5 for $69.90. The Otterbox defender series is well known for one of the best case maker for smartphones, and they aren’t wrong this time either.

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If you are a businessmen who carries lots of cards – Spigen Leather Wallet S Note 5 Case

If you’re a businessmen or businesswomen, you might definitely need to carry lots of business cards, invoices, credit cards and many other small little ‘monster-ic’ easy-to-lose papers. If this is your case, Spigen’s Wallet S case backs everything for you.

Not just it, but you can also watch the Kung Fu Panda using the case as stand and frequently glance at your debit card keeping in mind that you have lots of money to spend.

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If you want your case to last lifetime – BuddiBox Heavy Duty Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

There are rarely some things that lasts lifetime, but in case of BuddiBox heavy-duty case, we aren’t sure.

This hard shell enclosure case is made from impact-resistant polycarbonate with shock absorbing inner sleeve. Basically, what this means is, assume that you’re putting your Galaxy Note 5 with a cushion around it inside a brick.

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If you listen to music while going for a run – Debin Armor Holster Case

You’ll definitely love this case for your Note 5 if you’re a frequent runner. No matter how fast you run, this case prevents your phone from dropping. And most importantly, you can listen to your new favorite song over and over again until you get bored with it. The case also has the built-in stand. Just in case if you’d want to watch movies putting your Note 5 on your desk.

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If you’re a frequent time and notification checker – Kollea Flip Cover

Don’t want to miss when your girlfriend/boyfriend texts you? Or are you one of those who frequently checks the time waiting for a boring class to end? Don’t worry. This cover entirely protects your phone without blocking the part of the screen where the text notifications and time pops in.

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If you love vintage designs – Handmade Book Pro Case for Galaxy Note 5

What to stand out of those crowded similar designed case that everyone use? This awesome case is what you’re looking for.

From the outside, it looks like a small book found somewhere in a treasure box that is a hundred years old. It’s made from the leather so it feels nice to hold on the hand too.

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If you love simplicity and minimalism – Verus Minimalistic Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

This one is a premium and simple. Look how beautiful its back is. Its sleek and professional design is what makes this case stand out.

It’s thin yet it has high-grade protection with cushion for your Note 5 inside the case, and outer part is tough enough to withstand the most serious fall.

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If you never want to run out of battery – Mophie Battery Case for Galaxy Note 5

The Galaxy Note 5 no longer supports for removable battery, which means you cannot swap the batteries when it gets low.

But that’s not a problem. We have Mophie battery case for your Note 5! It doesn’t just protect your device, but also has 3000mAH of built-in battery inside the case! Forget charging your Note 5 every single day, and forget about carrying extra battery pack into your back. This is the case all you need have now.

More Details Here

There a lots of other cases and covers available for the Note 5. Some case makers are even in process of manufacturing and some has not officially released their case in the market. How do you like our list? Which one did you go for? Let us know what you think in the comment below!

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