Best Apple Watch case cover holder

When It was released, everybody criticized the Apple Pencil, mostly due to its ridiculously high price and the… well, you know what we’re talking about.

Yes, the charging method. But hey, otherwise it’s a pretty practical device, which can improve the way you use an iPad. Unless you manage to lose it somehow, just like you do with regular pencils.

Fortunately, you can prevent this! You either opt for an iPad case with an integrated pencil holder or get yourself a case for it. Yes, ladies and gents, today we’re talking about the best Apple Pencil cases, perfect for storing your precious white stylus. Let’s see what we found.

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Here are some of the best Apple Pencil cases:

1. MoKo Leather Pencil Case Holder

MoKo Apple Pencil case

The first Apple Pencil case from our top comes from MoKo and it covers nicely the stylus, protecting it from scratches, dirt or shocks.

It’s made from durable water resistant PU, in case you think of using it in the rain or who knows what other wet environment, while the elastic rubber band allows a more secure grip. It’s available in seven different colors, as well as five very interesting prints.

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2. Jisoncase Slim Fit Pouch Case

Jisoncase Apple Watch leather case

Next, we have a handcrafted Apple Pencil case, with a really nice looking stitching, no matter the colors in which you pick it, and with an overall slim and stylish design.

Soft and smooth, it makes it very easy to pull out and insert the pencil, so it works perfectly with your iPad, especially if you have a leather cover for it as well. You can get one in seven different colors.

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3. Hermitshell Carrying Bag

Hard Apple Watch case

If you want to keep your Apple Pencil in an even safer environment, then this carrying bag is definitely what you need.

It’s made to fit two Pencils actually, but hey, who on Earth gets two of these?

Yeah, though so. Instead, you can carry a nice pen alongside the stylus, since there’s enough room for one. It protects the Pencil from bumps, dents and scratches and it’s available only in Black.

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4. Tetded Pencil Holder with Charging Adapter

Tetded Apple Watch cover case

Finally, a manufacturer which also believes that the charging method is ridiculous! This Apple Pencil case has a charging adapter slot, so you won’t lose your adapter or cap when not using it.

Otherwise, it’s made of High Grade Genuine Cowhide leather, being able to offer an increased amount of protection, since it fits the pencil like a glove.

It’s available in two variants, with elastic straps fitting the 12.9 and 9.7 tablets, so you can wrap it around them.

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5. MoKo Premium Holder Case

MoKo case for Apple Watch

Another MoKo product makes it to our list, but this time it’s not a simple Apple Pencil case, but a more elegant variant of the Hermitshell Carrying Bag.

It’s made of premium PU leather, with a soft non-scratch microfiber interior, while the elastic strap on the inside allows you to keep the Pencil securely in place and store small accessories, like a charging cable, as well.

The sealing zipper makes sure that the case is closed tightly and there’s no chance of losing the stylus and whatever you’re carrying inside. The case is available with several designs, including plain colors and some fancy models.

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6. Fintie Pencil Holder with USB Adapter

Fintie Apple Pencil case

This Apple Pencil case keeps the USB adapter easy to find and has a snug fit, making sure the stylus stays safe and secure all the time.

It’s stylish, slim and lightweight, fitting the Pencil like a glove and sliding in effortlessly, being made of synthetic leather, with a flap cover.

It’s available in various plain colors, match every style, but if you want to go a bit wild, you have 15 crazy patterns you can choose from.

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7. BentoBen Genuine Leather Pencil Case

BENTOBEN Apple Pencil case

Finally, the latest entry in our top is a genuine leather case, featuring a comfortable elastic band, enabling you to wrap it around your tablet, no matter if it’s the 9.7” or 12.9” iPad Pro.

Specially designed for the Apple Pencil, it keeps shocks, scratches or dirt away from it, while maintaining a very stylish look, not to mention that it’s very easy to insert it or remove it.

It’s available just in black.

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Our Pick

And this is pretty much it! Above you can check out some of the best Apple Pencil cases you can buy right now, all of them looking very good.

Of course, we do have a favorite, which in this case it’s the Jisoncase Slim Fit Pouch Case, especially due to that manual stitching, which, combined with an iPad cover made from the same brown leather and with contrast stitches will look excellent!

But what about you? Which case would you buy for your stylus and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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