Best Apple Watch Series 2 stand

Even though it’s far from being affordable for everybody, the Apple Watch Series 2 is one of the best looking smartwatches on the market. However, once thing that we don’t like about it is the way that charger looks. I mean, come on, Apple! You definitely can do better than that!

Well, it will be long until Apple will offer their smartwatch with a better-looking charger, maybe doubling as a stand as well, but this isn’t a reason to be sad, as there are a lot of awesome Apple Watch Series 2 stands, from third-party manufacturers that you can pick from.

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We did this for you, in the meantime, so below you can find ten of the best stands you can buy!

1. Elago W2 Apple Watch Series 2 Charging Stand

Elago Apple Watch Series 2 Stand

We must admit, it was love at first sight! Simply place your Apple Watch on the stand in order to begin charging it and keep it near your bed, in order to use key functions, such as alarm clocks and messages.

The stand is made from scratch-free silicone, to prevent damage or moving around when resting on a surface. The W2 stand is available in 10 different colors, for just $8.99.

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2. Orzly Compact Charging Stand

Orzly Apple Watch Series 2 Stand

Another great looking Apple Watch Series 2 stand joins our top, made by the folks over Orzly. It’s made from a durable TPU, with a non-slip base and precise cutouts to hold your smartwatch and charging cable tidy.

It fits both the 38 and 42 mm variants of your watch and it’s available in Black, Blue, Green, and Red, for just $9.99. A pretty sweet deal, if you ask us!

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3. Maxboost Apple Watch Series 2 Charging Stand

Maxboost Apple Watch Series 2 Stand

If you’re after something a bit different and minimalistic design, then this aluminum Apple Watch Series 2 stand should be an option! It’s entirely made from aluminum, so it’s very light, with a TPU dock, so you can avoid any scratch.

It can hold both the 38 and 42mm smartwatches, thanks to the precise cutouts and design. You can get one for $12.99.

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4. Mercase Aluminum Apple Watch Sereis 2 Charging Stand

MoKo Apple Watch Series 2 Stand

How about a stand for both your smartwatch and iPhone? Mercase has something for you!

Made of aircraft grade aluminum and providing unique dual support for your Apple Watch and iPhone (no matter the model), the stand is also equipped with scratch-free TPU, in order to avoid any scratches on your devices. You can get it in Space Gray or Rose Gold, for $15.99.

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5. MoKo Premium TPU Charging Dock

MoKo Apple Watch Series 2 Stand

Sometimes, simplicity is key, and this is exactly what this Apple Watch Series 2 stand is offering. It’s made of scratch-free TPU, with a weighted and non-slip base, supporting the watch at a stable and comfortable viewing angle.

The open dock structure accommodates the magnetic charger, so you can take your watch from it with ease. It retails for just $5.99, being available in four different colors.

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6. iVAPO Apple Watch Series 2 Charging Stand

iVapo Apple Watch Series 2 charging stand

Next, we have a very special product, available for $32.99, but for this money, you’re getting a stand that can charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch.

It’s made from high-quality aluminum, with refined polishing, very steady and durable, and it’s available in Space Gray, Rose Gold and Light Silver, so it can perfectly match your devices.

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7. SPARIN Alumium Apple Watch Series 2 Stand

Sparin Apple Watch Series 2 charging stand

Another multi-purpose Apple Watch Series 2 stand joins our top, this one also being able to keep your iPhone safe and sound.

With a solid aluminum body and a non-scratch dock, it has a very elegant look and also includes a built-in stylus holder, in case you’re one of those users who bought that ridiculous Apple Pencil. You can get one for just $9.99.

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8. Oittm Apple Watch Series 2 Charging Stand

Oittm Apple Watch Series 2 charging stand

By far the most interesting product in today’s top is this charging stand from Oittm. Besides being able to hold and charge your Apple Watch Series 2, it also features three USB ports for other devices, as well as a storage space just under it, perfect for coiling cables.

It’s also Nightstand Mode enabled, so you can take full advantage of the smartwatch, even when it’s charging. It’s available in five different color combinations, for $26.99.

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9. Maxboost Wood Apple Watch Series 2 Stand

Maxboost Apple Watch Series 2 charging stand

If you’re a fan of wooden things, then you should definitely check out this bamboo stand for your Apple Watch Series 2.

It has soft rubber on the bottom, to eliminate sliding, and it also helps protecting against scratches on the countertops. It’s available for a very good price, considering the way it looks: $7.99.

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10. Kollea Apple Watch Stand

Kollea stand for Apple Watch

And finally, we have another very good looking entry in our top, available for $12.99. This Apple Watch Series 2 stand is made of high-quality aluminum, with a wooden place, creating a very elegant look, ideal for home or office.

It’s secure and functional, being able to hold the charged and provide an convenient viewing angle.

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Our pick

And there you have it folks, a full list with some of the best stands you can get for your brand new Apple Watch Series 2 or the first gen model.

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, our favorite is by far the Elago W2 stand and not just because the price tag. It has a simple design, matching perfectly Apple’s smartwatch and, in our book, this is just enough!

But what about you? Which one do you prefer? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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