Best carbon fiber iPhone 7 cases

When it comes to smartphone cases, one of the most elegant – and tough, at the same time – materials you can opt for carbon fiber. There’s something about the models with at least a few trims made of it that makes them look very good, so we thought that you might want one for your iPhone 7.

Therefore, we started looking on Amazon and picked a few models, then put them in a top. So, there you have it, guys, ten of the best carbon fiber iPhone 7 cases!

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1. Roybens TPU Carbon Fiber iPhone 7 Case

Roybens carbon fiber iPhone 7 case

The first entry in our top is a case that’s actually made of TPU, but with a carbon fiber pattern on the back. And man, it looks good!

The total thickness reaches 0.09 inches, so it won’t add any unnecessary bulk to your phone. The case meets ROHS/Reach standards, so it’s not harmful to the human skin, and it also has precise cutouts, giving full access to ports and buttons.

You can get it in five different colors, starting with $10.99.

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2. BASSTOP Carbon Fiber iPhone 7 Case

Basstop carbon fiber iPhone 7 case

Ok, so you want a bit more carbon fiber, we get it. How about this nice case from Basstop, with a classic design and able to offer 360-degree protection?

It’s made of polycarbonate and TPU, with two layers, able to offer military grade protection, therefore it will keep your phone safe against big impacts or small abrasions. Oh, and we must mention that stylish look, as it’s covered in a cool carbon fiber texture! You can get it for just $10.99.

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3. VANSIM Carbon Fiber iPhone 7 Case

Vansin iPhone 7 carbon fiber case

Next, we have another carbon fiber iPhone 7 case that we like a lot! The back is completely covered in this material, providing a comfortable grip and, at the same time, creating a stylish appearance.

The interior is made of flexible TPU, while the polycarbonate hard frame is ready to take shocks. It’s available in Navy Blue, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold, at $14.99.

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4. NeWisdom Shock Proof Premium Case

NeWisdon carbon fiber iPhone 7 case

Another $14.99 iPhone 7 carbon fiber case comes from NeWisdom. It’s actually made of soft TPU rubber, with a premium carbon fiber layer over it, creating a very elegant look.

It doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to your phone, while providing a more than decent amount of protection. You get access to all buttons and ports and it fits precisely on your phone.

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5. TENDLIN Ultra Slim Carbon Fiber iPhone 7 Case

Tendlin carbon fiber case for iPhone 7

This one-piece case is made of flexible TPU, with a carbon fiber texture on the back, as well as a slim and flexible profile.

It’s an exact-fit model, maintaining your phone’s line and offering access to side buttons and ports. You can get it for as low as $9.98, in Black, Brown or Blue.

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6. Vena vLuxe Carbon Fiber Case

Vena carbon fiber case for iPhone 7

Presented as a premium model, this iPhone 7 case from Vena has a polycarbonate frame, with thermoplastic polyurethane, fused with premium leather trims, creating an amazing look, perfect for showing off a bit.

It provides mild to moderate drop protection, while the CornerGuard Technology absorbs and disperses force from drops. Finally, we should also mention the raised bezels, which keep the display safe against scratches. It’s available in three different color combinations, starting at $10.99.

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7. Spigen Rugged Carbon Fiber iPhone 7 Case

Spigen carbon fiber case for iPhone 7

Ah, yes… Spigen! These guys managed to make one of the best looking carbon fiber iPhone 7 cases of the moment, with glossy textures on the back, providing all around protection.

It’s mil-grade certified and features the Air Cushion Technology, being able to deal even with the most serious shocks. A big plus goes for the cutout on the back, showcasing the Apple logo. You can get it for $10.99.

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8. Lavince Premium TPU Case Cover

Lavince iPhone 7 case

Moving on, we have another TPU case for your iPhone 7, covered with a carbon fiber-like texture, very appealing to your eyes.

It maintains your phone’s slim profile and it has precise cutouts for all buttons and ports. Also, the most interesting part is that it has a metal plate included, so you can stick the case to any magnetic products, such as holders or car mounts.

It has a price tag of $11.99 and it’s available in four different colors.

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9. iSee Case Carbon Fiber Hybrid Rubberized Case

iSee carbon fiber iPhone 7 case

Carbon fiber looks great on a phone, no matter the color, so if you want something a bit different, you can try this model from iSee Case, available in Black, Blue, Gold, Pink or Red, for just $9.90.

It’s made of premium TPU and it features front raised edges, which can protect your screen while faced down. Everything you need to do is snap it on your device and you’re good to go.

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10. AmazingBull Slim Fit iPhone 7 Carbon Fiber Case

AmazingBull iPhone 7 carbon fiber case

Last but not least, we have a shock absorbing case, made of TPU and featuring a polycarbonate bumper, providing excellent all-around protection against drops.

The non-slip texture, combined with a slim profile, gives your iPhone 7 a very elegant look, great for showing off a bit. You can get this model for $12.99, with a Silver, Gold, Gray or Rose Gold bumper.

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Our pick

Now, time to decide upon the best carbon fiber iPhone 7 case in our top. Well, we must admit that we have a soft spot for Spigen, so their Rugged Armor model, with its glossy carbon fiber trims is what we’d totally buy, no questions asked.

What about you guys? Which one of these models is your favorite and why? The comments section is waiting for you, so let us know your options!


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