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7 Best iPhone 7 Battery Cases: Charging Cases for Longer Power

Best iPhone 7 Battery Case

Like every year, Apple announced that the iPhone 7 is able to deliver a better battery life, compared to last year’s model and this is nothing but good news.

However, we all know that the Cupertino-based manufacturer’s handsets are far from being endurance champions, as most users end up charging them daily or even multiple times a day.

But hey, there’s still hope! You can always put a battery case on your phone and extend, double or even triple its battery life!

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We’ve made a short list with seven of the best iPhone 7 battery cases, perfect for all the power users out there who are constantly on their phones. And don’t worry, all of them look very good, unlike that hideous battery case released by Apple last year.

1. Trianium Atomic Pro iPhone 7 Battery Case

First entry in our top is a 3200 mAh power pack, able to fully replenish your iPhone 7’s battery and a bit extra, adding the equivalent of 14+ hours of talk time or 10+ hours of web browsing time. It has a comprehensive bumper design and a hard-shell backplate, also protecting your phone from scratches.

What we really like is that it doesn’t add that much bulk to your phone, so you can keep it on your phone constantly. The Atomic Pro Extended Battery Pack is available for $45.99.

Buy Trianiun Atomic Pro iPhone 7 battery pack from Amazon.

2. iBeek Rechargeable Juice Pack

This iPhone 7 battery case has the same capacity as the first model in this list, the only difference being the design. It’s made from high class materials, protecting your phone from scratches and other daily wear and tear.

Even though it’s a bit bulky, it can still fit easily in your hand or pocket. A really nice touch is given by the 4 LED battery level indicators, which let you know how much power you have. You can have one for just $28.99.

Buy iBeek Rechargeable Juice Pack here.

3. Alpatronix Ultra-Slim iPhone 7 Charging Case

It seems that 3200 mAh seems to be manufacturer’s favorite capacity, as this Apple-certified model from Alpatronix is also rocking it.

The case provides complete scratch-guard and a dual layer protection, while the front bumper stands higher that the iPhone 7’s display, so it’s able to avoid contact with other surfaces which could otherwise damage it. The price for this pretty cool battery case is $53.95.

Buy Alpotronix Ultra-Slim Charging case here.

4. Vproof Backup iPhone 7 Battery Case

For just $24.99, you can get this amazing battery case from Vproof , with a capacity of – you’ll never guess it – 3200 mAh, able to completely recharge your iPhone 7. It also protects your phone from scratches and features a sync-through technology, allowing you to sync your iPhone to a PC without having to take the case off.

Finally, the LED battery level indicator lets you know how much juice is left. A great deal, if you ask us!

Buy Vproof Backup charger case for iPhone 7 here.

5. ZeroLemon Slim iPhone 7 Battery Case

Unlike the other models in our top, this battery case from ZeroLemon has a capacity of 4000 mAh, being able to provide 140% extra battery life to your phone. Or, if you want, the equivalent of 14+ hours of talk time or 10+ hours of web browsing time.

Despite the big capacity, it maintains a relatively slim design, featuring 4 LED lights, indicating the battery level and charging status. You can get it for $59.99 and, if you ask us, it’s worth every penny.

Buy ZeroLemon Slim portable charger here.

6. QCell Slim Dual Layer Extended Battery Case

One of the best iPhone 7 battery cases comes from QCell, with a capacity of 4000 mAh and featuring the QuickCharge technology, meaning that it’s fully charged in 2.5 hours. Besides this, it also provides an increased protection level for your phone, being able to ‘survive’ even some of the serious drops. This great case can be yours for $54.99.

Buy QCell Slim Dual Layer Battery case here.

7. UNU External iPhone 7 Battery Case

The last entry in our top has a capacity of 3200 mAh, but provides an increased level of protection, thanks to the bumper and hard-shell backplate, perfect for keeping scratches cause by daily wear and tear away from your iPhone.

Also, one very interesting aspect is the fact that it comes with a microUSB charging port, so you can charge it with a regular cable, while the case is still on. It has a price tag of $59.99.

Buy UNU External Battery case here.

And this is where our top comes to an end. Even though their capacities are similar, it’s the design that makes the difference, but hopefully, you will find one that fits your personal taste.

Also, if you know other great iPhone 7 battery cases, even with a bigger capacity, feel free to let us know about them, using the comments section below!


  1. Hi,

    Which of the 7 cases above is the slimmest?
    Which one can charge both the case and phone together?
    And which one uses lightning cable over microUSB?


  2. hello, what’s the slimmest one. is the list in ranking order? meaning number one was one as the best and so on


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