Best iPhone 7 marble cases

We’ve said it before and we’re going to say it again: there are some cases out there which can make even the most boring phone truly stand out.

However, today we’re not talking about boring phone, but about the iPhone 7, which just as it comes from the box looks very good. However, there are some cases from it which take things to a whole new level.

Below you’re going to find a list with some of the best iPhone 7 marble cases. No, not real marble, but prints. However, they’re enough to make everybody want to take a closer look at your phone. Pretty cool, huh? Let’s see what we have for you guys.

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1. Jaholan White Marble Slim Case

JAHOLAN marble iPhone 7 case

Even though at a first look it looks like a simple case, Jaholan’s model is made from flexible TPU, using the In-Mold-Decoration technology, therefore the marble print on the back is vivid and it will never fade.

Also, it’s able to keep scratches away from your iPhone 7, including the display and camera, thanks to the raised edges, while the reinforced corners are able to absorb part of the shock created by a drop. Besides the white version, you can get it in 12 different color combinations, with various marble patterns on it.

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2. Golink Pink Marble Slim-Fit Case

Golink marble case for iPhone 7This iPhone 7 marble case features a hard coating, which makes it anti-scratch and also fingerprint-proof. Since it’s made from flexible TPU, it’s very easy to put and remove from the phone.

In terms of protection, it’s not the toughest model out there, especially because it’s a slim model, but it’s still able to keep the screen secure, thanks to the raised edges. And the print looks very good, since it’s made using the same In-Mold-Decoloration Method.

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3. Evermarket Soft Rubber Case

Evermarket iPhone 7 marble case

Moving on with the best iPhone 7 marble cases, we have a very good looking (and cheap!) model from Evermarket. It’s made from flexible TPU and it was specifically designed to protect the phone from dust, shocks, scratches, bumps and daily wear and tear.

Of course, it has cutouts for all ports and buttons, as well as the camera, so it will fit your phone perfectly. Unlike the previous models, it’s available just with a white marble finish.

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4. Golink Line Marble Slim-Fit Case

Golink iPhone 7 marble case

The only different between this iPhone 7 marble case from Golink and the previous entry in our top, from the same manufacturer, is the finish.

This one is a bit more interesting, thanks to the Line Marble model on the back. Otherwise, it’s pretty much the same model, with a hard coating on the back, against scratches and fingerprints, as well as a raised edge, so you can avoid getting your screen scratched, when faced down.

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5. Vivibin Anti-Scratch Thin Case

Vivibin marble iPhone 7 case

We got it, you like cases that keep your phone’s profile slim. No problem, this one is exactly what you’re looking for.

Made of TPU and printed using the IMD method, it keeps your iPhone safe in its ‘fight’ with scratches and it can even save it, in case of a lighter drop. It has a really nice White Marble finish, but the manufacturer is offering it in five more variants.

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6. A-Focus Anti Slim Marble Case

A-focus iPhone 7 marble case

Ok, now this iPhone 7 marble case can’t go ignored at all. It has a Glossy Purple finish and a very slim profile, so the amount of bulk it adds remains minimal.

And once again, just look at that pattern! It provides full and easy access to all ports and buttons, so your phone remains completely functional, even when the case it’s on.

If you don’t fancy the design, but the case itself is something you would buy, it’s available in six more variants.

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7. Vivibin Case for iPhone 7

Vivibin colorful marble iPhone 7 case

Yes, the manufacturer says that this case is specifically for girls and we can totally relate, since the Pink Marble finish has ‘girly’ written all over on it.

It’s shock and scratch proof, keeping your iPhone 7 protected against light drops, scratches and bumps. Oh, and it’s made from flexible TPU, so you shouldn’t have any issues with putting this on and taking it off.

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Our Pick

And we’re pretty much done with the best iPhone 7 marble cases. As for our favorite model, well…we really can’t make up our minds. Let’s say that the A-Focus AntiSlim Marble Case has something special, thanks to the Glossy Purple finish, but otherwise, all the models presented above look spectacular.

What about you guys? Would you buy such a case for your iPhone? If so, which model would you pick? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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