Best iPhone 7 Plus leather case

When it comes to cases, there are a lot of great options you can choose from. However, if you want to maintain a stylish look for your phone, nothing compares with a leather model. Even though it was launched recently, there are already some great models out there for the new iPhone 7 Plus.

If you’re after a leather case for iPhone 7 Plus as well, just lay down and relax, as we’ve done all the work and put together a list with 10 of the best models you can currently get.

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Let’s begin, shall we?

1. SHIELDON Genuine iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case

Shieldon iPhone 7 Plus leather case

Our top begins with a wallet case for the iPhone 7 Plus, made from premium genuine cowhide leather. Besides looking stylish and feeling very natural and soft, it also protects your phone from scratches and everyday tear and use.

It has space for three cards or IDs, a side pocket for money or additional cards and a stylish magnetic lock, for keeping the cover closed. It’s available in five different colors and it retails for $24.99.

Buy SHIELDON Genuine Wallet Case from Amazon.

2. Ringke Signature iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case

Best iPhone 7 Plus leather case-ringke

If you’re after something that screams “premium” from all pores, this really good looking model from Ringke could be the best choice. It’s handcrafted from genuine leather and, besides looking very good, it also provides storage space for three credit cards or IDs, as well as full degree protection, covering all four corners, while the raised edges keep the screen from touching the surface, when faced down, without the leather cover in place. You can get it for $49.99.

Buy Ringke Signature Genuine Leather Case here.

3. Mangix Premium Genuine Leather Case

Mangix iPhone 7 Plus leather case

Handmade from first layer leather and a sleek microfiber leather lining in the inside, anti-dirt and water proof, this iPhone 7 Plus leather case from Mangix will fit your handset like a glove. It has precise cuts for easy access to all buttons, sensors, speakers and camera, maintaining a slim design, which won’t add unnecessary bulk to your phone. You can have one for just $25.99.

Buy Mangix Premium Genuine Leather Case here.

4. I-CARER Bon Tech Vintage Leather Case

i-carer leather case

Moving on, we have a vintage-looking leather case for the iPhone 7 Plus, made from genuine cowhide leather. It has a folio flip style design, with a magnetic closure that provides full degree protection for your phone.

The protection is also assured, as it covers all corners, keeping your iPhone away from abrasion and scratch. I-CARER’s case is available in three different colors, at $29.99.

Buy I-CARER Bon Tech Vintage Leather Case here.

5. Boriyuan Genuine Leather Cover

Boriyuan iPhone 7 Plus leather case

This awesome iPhone 7 Plus leather case is available for just $24.99, being one of the best deals in our top. Besides protecting your phone against scratches and/or drops, it also comes with a convenient slot, perfect for carrying credit cards or IDs. It’s simple and stylish, fitting your phone precisely. What else can you ask for?

Buy Boriyuan Genuine Leather Cover here.

6. Terrapin Executive Folio Wallet Case

Best iPhone 7 Plus leather case Terrapin

Here we’re talking about more than just a simple case, as it includes several places for holding your cards, as well as a money pocket. It’s made from genuine leather, with secure and straight stitching, creating an overall great feeling while holding it.

Finally, we shouldn’t forget about the secure magnetic closure, which will keep your phone safe all the time. Get it now, for just $15.95.

Buy Terrapin Executive Folio Wallet Case here.

7. Labato iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case

Best iPhone 7 Plus leather case Labato

The cheapest case in our list comes from the folks over Labato, being available for a ridiculous amount of $14.99. It’s made from genuine leather and features a waxed surface, which makes it waterproof and extends durability.

With reinforced corners and a convenient magnetic closure, it’s perfect for keeping your phone protected against everyday use. Oh, and it also works as a wallet, having spots for cards and money.

Buy Labato Leather Wallet Stand Case here.

8. Icarercase Genuine Vintage Leather Case (Brown)

iCarercase iPhone 7 Plus leather case

Made from 100% genuine leather, each case has a unique texture, fitting your iPhone 7 Plus perfectly and covering all the corners, keeping abrasion and scratches away. The magnetic closure protects the screen as well, keeping the cover closed even if you manage to drop the phone.

What makes us consider this as one of the best iPhone 7 Plus leather cases is the price, of just $26.90, which is more than great, considering the way this case looks!

Buy Icarercase Genuine Vintage Leather Case here.

9. FYY RFID Blocking iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case

FYY iPhone 7 Plus leather case

Next in our top comes a high-tech leather case from FYY. Yes, high-tech, as this model contains an RFID blocking chip, perfect for keeping all the information on your cards safe and sound. And speaking about cards, the case has a large capacity, being able to take credit cards, IDs and even some money.

It also has a kickstand function, great for those moments when you want to consume some media on the go. The case is available in 8 different colors, for $29.99.

Buy FYY RFID Blocking Leather Case here.

10. Verus Native Diary Whole Leather Case

Best iPhone 7 Plus leather case-ringke

Finally, the last entry in our ‘best iPhone 7 Plus leather cases’ top comes from Verus. It’s a luxurious model, made from whole genuine leather, fitting the phone perfectly. It features three card slots and a money sleeve, for easy on-the-go-accommodations, but also providing all-around protection for the phone.

This stylish case – an aspect you definitely agree with us on – is available for $24.43.

Buy Verus Native Diary Whole Leather Case here.

What more options? Browse more iPhone 7 Plus Leather cases here.

And this sums up our top. As you can see, we’ve selected some of the best iPhone 7 Plus leather cases, considering various budgets and personal tastes.

Even though we’re convinced that everybody will find a suitable model in this list, let us know if you come across other interesting models, using the comments section below!


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