Best iPhone 7 Plus wood cases

There’s something special about iPhone 7 Plus wood cases that makes them stand out of the crown more than other models. After all, you don’t see such cases every day and everybody will be curious to see if that thing protecting your phone against scratches and other impacts is made of actual wood.

If you want to impress your friends and increase your phone’s amount of protection significantly, you might as well try one on your phone! We’ve made a selection of ten of the best models you can currently find on Amazon, tailored to any budget and taste. Let’s see what we’ve come across.

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1. NeWisdom iPhone 7 Plus Wood Case

NeWisdom iPhone 7 Plus wood case

Let’s begin with a unique case, featuring a natural wood layer over soft TPU layer, designed to absorb shocks, increase the phone’s grip and add a very small amount of bulk.

Since it’s made of real wood, each case is unique and you can get it in different models, like Sandalwood, Teak, Walnut and many more. Still, be careful with it, as bending it too hard will break the natural wood layer!

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2. Belk Air To Beat Slim Case

Belk iPhone 7 Plus wood case

Next, we have a very good looking iPhone 7 Plus wood case from Belk. Basically, it’s a reinforced rubber model, with an earthy, rustic wooden back, offering a decent anti-slip and increase protection for your smartphone.

Thanks to the Magic Hybrid Capsule technology, it will wrap all four corners of the device and the raised bezels will protect the display and camera from scratching. This lightweight model is available with a Cherry, Birch, Oak, Walnut or Teak finish.

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3. Slicoo Nature Series Wood Slim Case

Slicoo best iPhone 7 Plus wood case

Looking for something a bit different? Made of natural wood, environmental plastic and soft TPU rubber, this case from Slicoo is delicate and will bring an unparalleled touch feeling.

However, the main attraction is the V-shaped color contrast on the back, which makes it look simple yet high-end and unique. In order to match perfectly your iPhone 7 Plus, it’s available in three variants: Rose Wood, Padauk and Black Walnut.

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4. ZenNutt iPhone 7 Plus Wooden Case

Zennutt iPhone 7 Plus wood case

Another case made from 100% real wood makes it to our top, in a combination with polycarbonate, in order to provide an increased amount of protection for your iPhone 7 Plus.

The case is designed to perfectly fit your phone, being lightweight, stylish, durable and with access to all buttons and ports. It’s available in a regular variant, with a Rosewood finish, as well as with a very special engraved design, if you want to really stand out of the crowd.

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5. Xikezan Unique Natural Handmade Case

Carved iPhone 7 Plus wood case

With a slim and sleek design, this iPhone 7 Plus wooden case, with a special sunflower pattern on the back will definitely increase the cool looks of your phone. It’s made of high quality materials and made of 100% real natural wood and environmental plastic.

Thanks to the inner cover, it’s more durable than other wooden cases, not to mention the increased amount of protection it adds to your phone. You have easy access to all buttons and controls, which makes this case perfect for daily use!

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6. ROCK Grained Wood Case

Rock iPhone 7 Plus wood case

Another very good looking iPhone 7 wood case comes from the folks over ROCK. It’s available with different finishes, like Black Rose, Rose Wood or Sandal Wood, and, besides this wooden layer, it also has a secondary TPU rubber one.

A big plus comes from the integration of a magnetic metal plate, making it very easy to connect and remove your phone, as long as this case is on, from a magnetic stand.

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7. YFWOOD iPhone 7 Plus Wood Case

Yfwood wood case for iPhone 7 Plus

Ok, so you want something completely different, we get it. How about this fancy iPhone 7 Plus wood cases with some incredibly good looking designs engraved on the back?

They’re made of natural wood, being eco-friendly, and, besides this, they can also make sure that your phone stays safe and sound all the time, keeping it protected against daily tear. Looking good, right?

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8. Ai-case Dual Protection Soft Case

Ai case iPhone 7 Plus wood case

A combination of genuine wood layer and premium TPU rubber, this iPhone 7 Plus wood case is uniquely and really attractive. It can protect the screen, lens and bumper edges very well, besides having a user-friendly design, offering access to all buttons and ports.

Also, unlike other models, you can totally bend it and it won’t break at all, thanks the main rubber layer it’s made of! Pretty nice, we’d say!

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9. Vena iPhone 7 Plus Wood Case

Vena wood case for iPhone 7 Plus

Another natural wood case with an elegant and unique design makes it to our top! With a slim and stylish profile, this case will add a ridiculously small amount of bulk to your phone, of just 2.8mm.

The case itself consists in a hard polycarbonate shell, as well as a genuine wood backplate, protecting and preventing unwanted scratches and blemishes. It’s available in different variants, with Rosewood, Maple and Walnut finishes.

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10. Lontect Slim iPhone 7 Plus Wood Case

Lontect wood case for iPhone 7 Plus

Last but not least, the final entry in our top is an iPhone 7 Plus wood case made of premium and natural materials, with a very elegant and distinct slim profile, offering a comfortable grip feeling.

The soft TPU shell wraps around your device, being able to absorb shocks when falling, while the slightly raise edges protect the screen from damage, if you manage to drop it face down, on a flat surface. You can get it with a Rosewood or Teakwood finish.

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Our Pick

As you can see, there are some amazing iPhone 7 Plus wood cases you can choose from, but if you ask us, the Belk Air To Beat Slim Case is by far the best looking model of the moment.

Of course, the amount of protection it adds to your phone can’t be ignored either, but come on, just look at how awesome it looks!

But what about you folks? Which of these wooden cases would you pick and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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