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7 Best iPhone 8 Plus Silicone Cases

best iphone 8 plus cases

A lot of iPhone 8 Plus buyers opt for this phone because they want more screen real estate and, of course, enjoy the dual camera setup on the back. However, even more of them somehow manage to drop the poor phone and end up with cracks and scratches on it. But this won’t happen if there’s a case on it, right?

You know we’re right. On the other side, why ruin such a great design with a bulky case?

Today we’re talking about some of the most interesting iPhone 8 Plus silicone cases you can get right now, as they’re perfect for anybody looking for an additional layer of protection, but also to keep the phone’s original design and lines.

After a quick look on Amazon, we came across some awesome models and, like always, made a short list with them.

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Ladies and gents, these are the best iPhone 8 Plus silicone cases of the moment:

1. Torras Love Series Liquid Silicone Case

Let’s begin with something plain and simple, but looking great on the phone: the Torras Love Series Liquid Silicone Case. Made used the same materials as Apple does for its original cases, this is a two-layer model, with reinforced toughness and providing a very smooth feeling when you touch it.

On the inside, the case has a microfiber cushion, which makes sure the phone won’t get scratched while it’s on.

Also, it perfectly follows the phone’s lines, fitting snugly over the volume buttons, as well as Sleep/Wake. It’s an elegant and stylish model, very easy to clean, so any stain that gets on it will wipe off instantly. You can get it in seven different colors, like Mint, Light Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow, Solid Black or Midnight Blue.

2. Miracase Full Body Silicone Case

Next in our top comes the Miracase Fully Body Silicone Case, a wireless charging compatible model and providing great grip and traction. It’s made with liquid silicone rubber and measures just 2.3mm in thickness, being very smooth and soft. It’s anti-fingerprints, so no residues will remain on it, as well as scratch resistant, not to mention its ability to deal even with some serious shocks.

The case offers full body protection, thanks to the inner microfiber cushion, while the 1mm lip outer design raises the screen, so it won’t touch any surface if it’s placed face down. Same thing goes for the rear camera, which will remain scratch free. You can get it either in Black, Clove Purple, Navy Blue, Red or Rose Pink.

3. Apple iPhone 8 Plus Silicone Case

Hey, you can’t blame us! The Apple iPhone 8 Plus Silicone Case is one of the best choices you can make right now, since it’s simple and efficient, not to mention that you can’t go wrong with it.

Since it’s an Apple OEM product, it will fit perfectly on the phone, not to mention that it adds a decent amount of protection to it, so your phone will have a second chance if you accidentally drop it.

On the inside, there’s a soft microfiber lining, which keeps any scratches away from the device itself, while on the outside, it has a silky, soft-touch finish, which feels great in your hand.

And the cool part is that you can keep the case on all the time, even when you’re charging the phone wirelessly. It’s available in classic colors, like Black, Midnight Blue, Blue Cobalt, or Dark Olive, but you can also opt for something crazier, like Ultra Violet.

4. Humixx Shockproof Soft Case

Our next entry in the top of the best iPhone 8 Plus silicone cases is the Humixx Shockproof Soft Case, a really smooth model, which provides great protection for the phone, as well as great heat dissipation, so you can use it for hours with the case on without any problems at all.

On the inside, the case has a really nice microfiber lining, while on the sides it has covers for the volume rocker, while a cutout for the mute button makes it very easy to access. Since it’s made with liquid silicone rubber, the case feels very nice in your hand, which can be a big plus, especially if you use the phone a lot. It’s available in seven different colors.

5. DTTO Romance Series Anti-Scratch Case

Hey, what do you know? Another case made with liquid silicone rubber! We’re looking at the DTTO Romance Series Anti-Scratch Case, with a very smooth skin texture and great at keeping those nasty scratches we all hate away from your iPhone 8 Plus. And it’s very easy to clean as well, since everything you need is a wet cloth.

The exterior layer increases the grip of the phone, feeling great in hand, while on the inside it has a honeycomb grid pattern cushion, which can release with 80% more heat than a regular model. And believe us, this can significantly increase the lifespan of your phone! You can find this model in Crystal Pink, Dark Black, Duckling Yellow, Light Blue, Midnight Blue, Rose Gold, or Space Gray.

6. TOTU Liquid Silicone Shockproof Case

Looks like this material is pretty common against case manufacturers, but we can totally understand why! Just like the other cases, the TOTU Liquid Silicone Shockproof Case does a great job at protecting your iPhone 8 Plus against scratches, while feeling great in hand. Not to mention that any stain that gets on it easily wipes off with a damp rag.

On the inside, there’s the same microfiber cushion, gentle and exquisite, which will keep any scratch away from the corner of the phone. Also, we’re really diggin’ the matte look of this Black model, which really complements the phone, if it’s the Space Gray model. It’s also available in Blue, Pink, or Mint.

7. Pofesun Slim Soft Case

And finally, we have the Pofesun Slim Soft Case, one of the simplest and most affordable models in our top of the best iPhone 8 Plus silicone cases.

It has raised edges on the sides and around the back camera, so when the phone touches any surface, the glass won’t touch it. There are also special cutouts for full access to all the buttons, as well as the charging port and headph…no, sorry, forgot about this.

The case does a more than decent job with protecting the phone, being made of soft TPU, which also extends the life of the case and makes sure that it won’t get deformed after taking it off and putting it back on. You can get it in a pack of five, including colors like Black, Red, Brown, Purple or Rose, so you can change it daily, according to your mood.

And this is everything we found after looking for the best iPhone 8 Plus silicone cases. If you ask us, it’s a great selection and it’s actually very easy to pick the best model, since they’re all pretty similar. However, if you want the best of the best, you still need to spend a bit of time analyzing each model, just like we did. In the end, we finally found the winner…

Our Pick: DTTO Romance Series Anti-Scratch Case

Wondering what made us choose this model? It’s simple: the honeycomb pattern on the inside, while is excellent at dissipating heat, thus keeping your phone cooler for a longer time. Otherwise, we also liked the colors it’s available in, but that pattern is the number one reason behind our decision.

But what about you? Which one of these iPhone 8 Plus silicone cases is your favorite and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!



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