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8 Creative Tech Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends & Family

Chritmas gift ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, and for many, we are still making last minute gift-choices for our loved ones and friends.

While some of us are more technically ‘savvy’ than others, sometimes it can be difficult to decide on the perfect “techy” gift for your friend or loved one that’s into ‘that kind of thing’. So, we’ve broken down and outlined the top 8 most practical, cool, and fun tech gifts for you to purchase this year for your loved ones and friends for Christmas!

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1. Pebble Time Smartwatch

For: Him, Her, Friends & Family

We listed the Pebble Time Smartwatch as number one on our list because it’s easily a reasonably priced ($150+) popular Smartwatch with comparable features to the AppleWatch — and then some.

Additionally, because it has a very general audience of ages in which it covers as a gift, so you can’t go wrong from ages perhaps 14-15, all the way up to mid and even upper 40’s — anyone and everyone is welcome to try this technology, no matter how old! Read emails, texts, GPS directions (Google Maps), play music, run apps, all from the convenience of your wrist and more — with 3-10 days of battery with non-stop usage and a color screen!

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2. DFX Gyro Exercizer with Docking Station

For: Those who loves exercising

This is an awesome on-the-go solution for strengthening, conditioning, or rehabbing the stamina, flexibility, and muscles throughout your hands, wrists, neck, and even shoulder blades! This Gyro ball has torque and resistance up to 35lbs which is pretty impressive for such a small device — which also includes a free charging dock!

This Gyro Ball is full of energy and interaction, has fun LED lights that signal progress, strength, random modes, and more! This is a great gift for your office partner or neighbor who works in the office a lot — even at home!

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3. Fingertip Pulse Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor

For: Anyone who has to check blood condition

As weirdly health and medically focused as it might sound, this is actually a great asset for your loved ones or friends that are serious about their fitness, health, and keeping track of their blood pressure, calculating heart rate, pulse, and more!

This is a very innovative, small, and mobile device that any serious runner (athletes in general), weightlifter, and even climber or boxer would find to be a great asset to their workout routine or adventure! This is a nice, small, cool gift that’s very affordable (at just under $20, with great reviews and specs).

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4. JAM Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

For: Him, Her, Friends and Family

While more and more new, advanced, and various forms of mobile technology, phones, apps, tablets, and watches come out, music continues to equally be in demand, and because of that, having a mobile (Bluetooth friendly) speaker for one of your mobile devices is a must — for family and friends alike!

This JAM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker has a great brand-reputation, cool features, a nice glowing and attractive color, is a mobile size, and has great reviews for producing consistently attractive bass and tones from your mobile device! (NICE, only $20 bucks too!)

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5. Garmin Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

For: Traveller, explorer and adventurers

This is an incredibly sophisticated GPS device that is guaranteed to keep you on-track no matter where in the world you are, or where you’re going! Relying on credible satellite signals through Garmin’s (extremely reputable brand) satellites this is an essential device for serious adventurers, time-capsule hunters, kayakers, hikers, and adventurous cyclists alike!

While it doesn’t necessarily come with a cheap price-tag, it’s definitely cheaper than it usually would be due to seasonal discounts, as well as being discontinued — the firmware will continue to be updated by Garmin, don’t worry! This is the perfect gift for a closed love one that has athleticism in their blood.

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6. VTech Learning App Tablet

For: Kids

VTech sure has come a long way since we were kids, now boasting its own 2.0 MP Camera, music, multiple apps of various genre’s, a color touch screen, interactive games, music, and more!

This is a perfect, high-tech gift for a loved one between the ages of say about 2 to 8 or 9 years old maximum. It’s definitely very durable, and can provide more advanced levels of learning through upgrades and added games or parts — from Science to Mathematics, to simply coloring or practicing spelling.

Not bad for $100! You don’t have to worry about it breaking, as visibly in the pictures and reviews it’s built extremely durable, which is always a huge plus for parents — especially when they spend a lot of money on gifts for their children that tend to drop or throw their toys sometimes.

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7. Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

For: Anyone who exercises 

Again, show some love for a family member or close friend that works in an office or at home all day by a computer desk. This mobile elliptical trainer is extremely mobile, light-weight, records progress, and is easy to put away ‘swiftly’ just in time when the boss is walking by!

It’s a great way to get a workout and burn calories, is low impact on the quads, knees, ankles, and is comfortable for your feet — with quality grip material on each pedal.

On top of everything else, it’s also very simple to assemble, or take apart and pack away for a vacation or trip, which is pretty neat and convenient! This is a very specific, yet unique gift, but just be careful who you buy it for — as you don’t want to send the wrong message!

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8. Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener

For: Him, Her, Friends and Family

This is a perfect gift to get your romantic lover, or for one of your parents to share the convenience with their lover or close ones!

This is an extremely convenient electronic bottle opener that can open up to 20 bottles per charge (whoa, easy there popping bottles!), and even comes with a convenient foil cutter.

This is a very unique gadget, affordably cheap, and looks very sturdy, made of reliable and premium materials. Not a bad gift idea for the boss either!

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