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10 Most Comfortable Office Chairs of 2020

Best Office Chairs
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Today, workdays usually start by 7.30 in the morning and go on till late in the night. But most of us hardly glance at the chair on which we spend almost all of our office time. You should be using the most comfortable office chair either if it’s for office or home, because a poor quality chair can lead to many health issues.

Even if it’s your home office, it’s better to have an ergonomic chair — where you always find comfortable to sit on so that you can accomplish your work in a productive way.

With that being said, you get decided to buy a brand new chair of good quality. It’s time for an upgrade. But which chair should you buy?

We know it’s very time-consuming to search for the best chair that is most suitable for you. So we did a through research about the best chairs — that don’t ache your back, arms and your whole body while you work throughout the day or you’re just sitting whole day long for gaming.

So here is the list of the best office chairs of 2020, so that you too can be guided to choose a comfortable chair for your office.

1. Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Our first choice is Herman Miller’s Aeron. The best thing about this chair by Herman Miller is that it provides superb lumbar support. It also allows height and arm adjustments. The tension support feature that comes with Aeron is great for those who are of any height and weight. The title lock allows you even to take a quick, comfortable nap right in your office!

Where to buy: Buy it now on Amazon.com

2. VIVA Luxury High Back Mesh Chair

At first glance, this not only looks comfortable, but also makes a fashion statement by resembling the Eiffel Tower. Supporting up to 250 pounds of weight, this chair is made with breathable plastic mesh. It has numerous adjustment, along with lumbar support to ensure that your work day is comfortable as possible.

Where to get: Order it from Amazon.com

3. Ancheer Ergonomic Black Mesh Chair

With its easy to install feature, this chair is a great asset to those who work long hours in front of the computer. It is made to ergonomic specifications, to give maximum support to your back while you are sitting. It is also fire-proof and breathable, making it perfect for those hot summer months too.

Where to buy: Purchase it from Amazon.com

4. Ergohuman Black Mesh Hi Swivel Chair

This chair too, again, is made out of soft plastic mesh, so that it is breathable. You won’t feel hot and bothered when sitting in this chair, for sure! Not only that, it also comes with lumbar support and a headrest too. Anytime you want to take a quick recline, you can do so, right inside your office.

Where to buy: Check it out on Amazon.com

5. AKRACING Ergonomic Series

This chair is ideal for those who want to make a statement in their offices. Made with durable metal, it is fashioned to look chic and yet funky. It comes with adjustable tilt, height and armrests so that you can assume any position you want.

Where to buy: Buy it now on Amazon.com

6. Carlyle Executive Chair

This is also a favorite among executives around the world. The chair comes with a sturdy base, frame and arm rests, fashioned to fit the ergonomic specifications perfectly. As different people have different statures, you can adjust this chair to fit your height and tilt requirements. The padded headrest and seat allows for extra comfort when working those long hours.

Where to get: View it now on Amazon.com

7. Bellezza Ergonomic Office Leather Chair

Compared to other chairs, this may seem big and bulky. But this is one of the most comfortable chairs, favored by many people around the world. It come with all adjustable settings, along with lumbar support and pneumatic height adjustments to give you as much comfort as possible. With such quality, this is the best office chair under 200 bucks.

Where to buy: Purchase from Amazon.com

8. H&L Mid Back Silver

This mid back chair, is most suited for those under 6’1’’ of height. It comes with adjustable height, lumbar support, head rests, tilt adjustments to support the user through long hours. The flip-up arm rests and detachable headrest allows the user to adjust the chair to his requirements during work.

Where to order: Order it now on Amazon.com

9. Flash Furniture Nylon Base

This chair is another favourite among offices across the world. It is easy to assemble (less than 10 minutes) and comes with adjustable armrests and tilt. The best part is that you don’t have to look under the chair for height adjustments. It is right there on the arm rest.

Where to purchase: Purchase it from Amazon.com

10. Alera Elusion Series

The Alrea Elusion Series is designed to support people of different stature. It comes with a simple design, which can be adjusted to suit the specifications of different types of people. This is ideal if you are planning to purchase identical chairs for an entire office.

An office will have people of different height, weight and stature. For such an occasions, having chairs that can easily and comfortably accommodate a variety of people is of great importance.

Where to buy: Buy it now on Amazon.com

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  1. Another extremely comfortable office chair is the Steelcase Gesture. I like the way it supports me in whatever position my back is placed while sitting which is good for my posture. The seat and the backrest are well crafted. The fabric is soft and very comfortable and I enjoy sitting on it for long hours.


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