Best wireless gaming mouse
There’s a lot, but you need the BEST!

I know everyone thinks that a mouse is just a mouse, right? But if you talk to a gamer, you’re bound to get a few arguments. You get a mouse, a gaming mouse, and then the wireless gaming mouse (cue fanfare). So, how do you go about selecting the best wireless gaming mouse?

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Choosing one can be a real pain, it has to be comfortable enough to not cramp your hand during those weekend long gaming sessions, it has to have enough buttons, and your fingers need to be able to reach them all. Most importantly, it has to look good.

I decided to check it out and list the top ten. Check out the comparison table below for the top 5 best wireless gaming mouse:

NameLogitech G602

Logitech G602s
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Logitech G700s

Logiteh G700s
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on Amazon
Razer Mamba

Razer Mamba
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on Amazon
SteelSeries Sensei

SteelSeries Sensei
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on Amazon
Razer Naga Epic

Razer Naga
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on Amazon
Max DPI250082001600082005600
Programmable buttons111371117
Response time0.5ms1ms1ms1ms1ms

10. TeckNet Programmable High Precision Wireless Gaming Mouse

TeckNet Precision Programmable Mouse

The TeckNet has 5 programmable buttons, and 2 profiles stored onboard. It also adopts 2.4G technology, and your distance from the receiver can be around 8 to 10 meters.

It has a DPI selector button, giving you ranges from around 2000, 1500, 1000, and even 500 DPI.

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9.  Steel Series World of Warcraft MMO Mouse

Steel series wow wireless mouse

Besides an extended battery life,and onboard memory for pairing it with the receiver,  it also comes with the option to use it wired, if you really needed to.

It has a beautifully crafted charging dock, that matches the warcraft theme of the mouse itself. Besides a 16 hour battery life between recharging, the mouse also has a pro grade 8200 CPI laser sensor with 150 IPS, 30G acceleration.

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8. Razer Star Wars: The old Republic

Razer star wars wireless mouse

The mouse every hardened star wars fanatic needs (I can almost hear the death march).

This mouse comes with its own charging dock as well, and 17 MMO optimized buttons. It’s designed with faction emblems, and the Razer Synapse EnabledAdd, letting you manage multiple devices.

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7. Razer Ouroboros Elite – The Ambidextrous

Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

It’s name might be a mouthful, but this little mouse is loaded with features.

It sports the 8200 dpi 4G Laser sensor, and is another Dual mode mouse, giving you a wireless and “wired” option. It has a dedicated Clutch Trigger, which means that all you need to do is hold that little button in for a bit and it decreases or increases the DPI for perfect mouse sensitivity.

It gives you around 12 hours of constant gaming running on one little AA battery. It’s also does what it says on the tin, it’s ambidextrous, so its designed to be used by left handed and right handed gamers alike.

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6. Razer Orochi Elite

Razer Orochi Elite Mobile Gaming Mouse

Don’t let this little guy fool you, it comes standard with Dual mode. So You’re looking at around 4000 DPI (wired) and 2000DPI (wireless) and has the Razer precision 3G laser.

It also comes with 7 buttons you can program independently, uses Bluetooth 2.0. Another beautiful Ambidextrous gaming mouse, that uses Razer Synapse on-board memory.

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5. Razer Naga Epic MMO – Best Wireless Gaming mouse

Razer Wireless Gaming Mouse Recharable

The Naga has 17 MMO optimized buttons (one for every attack?), and supports most of the popular MMO games.

You can even remap the buttons and reassign macros to all 17 effortlessly.  It’s another dual mode mouse, so you can use it wired or wireless, with just about zero downtime when it comes to gaming. It also has three interchangeable side panels for all grip styles (drool).

You get a bigger variety when it comes to movement, without having to worry about losing mouse accuracy, or control, and this is what makes it our number one.

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4. Steel Series Sensei

Steel series sensei wireless gaming mouse

This nifty mouse even stores your your profile onboard for you. It has a cutting edge precision laser, has 8 programmable buttons, glows in the dark, and has its own illuminated charging pad.

It’s also ergonomically designed to fit your hand perfectly.

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3. Razer Mamba Wireless Mouse for Intense Gameplay

Razer Mamba Wireless Mouse

It does look a little odd doesn’t it, a little sci-fi, a little awesome.

This mouse is packed with features like a 16,000 DPI sensor system, dual gaming grade with both wireless or wired to fit your comfort, and with gaming grade technology, you can easily get 210 inches per second / 50g acceleration from this little mouse.

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2. Logitech G700s Rechargeable Mouse

Logitech G700s Gaming Mouse Rechargeable

They’ve landed at the second spot too with another beauty of a mouse.

The G700s has 13 programmable controls, onboard memory (store up to 5 profiles), Quick connect to switch from wireless to “wired” instantly, Laser accuracy, and full speed USB, whether you ue it as a wireless or wired mouse. The laser is also gaming grade (in case you were wondering).

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1. Logitech G602 Wireless Mouse for Gaming

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Here’s number one, beauty in simplicity itself. Logitech finally steps up into the ranks with this mouse. Perhaps a little button overloaded and Sci-fi (If you look at it from the side, it looks like a space ship), but feature packed none the less.

It gives you around 250 hours game time, has Delta Zero technology, saving power while not losing any accuracy as far as your cursor is concerned.  It has 2 modes, Power and Endurance, which you can switch between effortlessly.

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There you have it, ten of the most awesome pieces of equipment a gamer could ever have, each with their own functions and looks, but only one being the best wireless gaming mouse ( Highlander much?)



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