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EagleGet: Best Internet Download Manager for Windows

EagleGet download manager review

I’ve been trying several download accelerators on my computer from time to time. As a matter of respect, I won’t be mentioning the names of other accelerators that I’ve used before.

Some of them look fine to me, but there are others who are giving me problems on my computer. There’s one time that I have downloaded something from the internet with another download accelerator. It turns out that the file I received is a malicious one without warning.

As a result, my computer was infected with malware. I have to force myself uninstalling Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and cleaning malicious files using antivirus and malware removal software that I have.

The effect of downloading malicious files (no matter if it’s a simple TXT file, image, video, ZIP or RAR file, etc.) could be annoying for you and the computer itself. It’ll show random pop-ups, ads with banned content, and so on.

I was looking for download accelerator that is a fast, safe and secured way of downloading numerous files on the internet that is free. There are others who need us to pay a certain amount of money to get the full features of the download accelerator.

However, EagleGet is not one of those who charge you to get full access and benefits in downloading any file within their platform. It’s not one of those download accelerators which are giving you false promises in some features.

Without further ado, here’s my review of the EagleGet download accelerator.

The EagleGet download accelerator was created by developers in Beijing, China. If the users wanted to improve their download speed experience, EagleGet was designed to meet their expectations.

Through their download accelerator software, you can experience fast downloading of any file you want without the need to shell out your money for accessing its full benefits. The EagleGet download accelerator is a complete and free download manager that you would enjoy in the long run.


1. Faster download speed

In other download managers that I’ve experienced, there’s always a free and paid version. If you choose the free version, it’ll give you download speed limits and the number of times you can download per day.

For you to remove these limits, you need to pay a certain amount either one-time or on a monthly basis. As for EagleGet, you do not need to spend a single dime to gain full access to a free, fast and safe file downloads. You can download it from the official website, install it on your computer and let it run.

2. Schedule and manage your downloads

Another feature that I like about this software is that it allows you to schedule and manage in downloading the files you want. It allows you to download multiple files at once, and you can choose which one of them would be your priority to download before everything else.

3. Checks malware and integrity of the files

To be honest, this feature alone is what makes EagleGet different than the others. Before you download any file on the internet, the EagleGet download accelerator double checks the integrity of the files.

Not only that, it’ll check files with potential malware or any other threat. It’ll give you a heads up before downloading the file.

4. Supports numerous browsers

EagleGet is not just complete standalone download accelerator software like the others. It also installs as a browser extension as well. It supports several browsers such as the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

However, EagleGet does not limit itself from these browsers that I’ve mentioned. It will be available in other browsers soon like Safari, Thunderbird, etc.

5. Expired download addresses can be refreshed

Unlike any other accelerators that I’ve tried, EagleGet allows refreshing of expired download addresses. There are times you may experience that this download address can’t be accessed anymore.

EagleGet changes the entire game with its revolutionized feature that refreshes download address that is expired.


What I liked about EagleGet is that it allows you to download files faster and in an accurate way. Unlike other native downloader tools on the market, EagleGet provides safety and security of your computer before downloading with its one-of-a-kind integrity checker.

Before downloading the file, the software double checks the files for malware and other suspicious stuff that are potentially attached. Once they’ve successfully scanned the files and marked it safe, you can download it immediately without any issues.


The only disadvantage of EagleGet download accelerator is that it’s only available for Windows OS.

For those of you who are using Linux, Mac or any other OS, sad to say that it is not available for you to use. However, EagleGet is aware of these limitations as they are working on something that could make this available on other operating systems.

Moving forward

Overall, I think EagleGet download accelerator software surpasses all of my expectations regarding its features and benefits. For sure, it’ll dominate the entire download manager market as of today. All I can say is that it’s worth to have EagleGet as a download accelerator that is completely innovative and better than the others.

Download EagleGet from the official site.

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