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One of the common problems of students is their schedule. Sometimes, they have no clue on the activities that they’re doing for the whole semester or the entire school year. It is essential for a student to become productive in school.

However, one thing that hinders them is their lack of ability to organize themselves. You can buy a planner or a notebook, but it’s quite complicated sometimes. If you have an Android phone, this app will stand out from the rest of its competitors. Without further ado, I am going to review the iStudiez Pro Android app.

What is iStudiez Pro?

iStudiez Pro is an Android app where it’ll increase the student’s productivity level due to its unique way of organizing schedule. It is for students from all around the world who are having problems or issues in organizing their assignments, schedule of classes, etc.

The creators of this app are no other than the iStudiez team. As I’ve checked, this is the only app that they’ve created as of now. They are focusing on making this app better and easy for students to use.

For seven years, iStudiez Pro has been helping thousands of students around the world to track their schedules better. There are still several students who are even using their traditional planners to organize their plans. It may be fine, but sometimes it’s going to mess around due to some erasures and poor penmanship when a schedule changes.

You could try other productivity apps that are available on the Google Play Store. Let’s be honest here. Most of the productivity apps in the Google Play Store are useful. However, they’re not that reliable with some bugs and issues that are too disturbing to them. I can say that no app is perfect, but I believe that iStudiez Pro is much better than the other productivity apps that I’ve tried. Now that you know a bit about iStudiez Pro, here are some features that you need to know in using the app.


1. State of the built-in art planner

One of the essential components of iStudiez Pro is no other than the built-in planner. It can efficiently manage your class schedule in any way. There are a few types of schedules that you can encounter (classic, block, rotating, and alternating). I have never seen anything like this before. If I were still a student, I would find it convenient to track these plans easily.

Aside from entering the details of your course, you can also add professors or instructors with relevant information such as office hours, email address, phone number and so on. In this feature alone, I could quickly meet with them in case I need something from these instructors. In fact that there are holidays and special events, you may cancel some classes in this planner. It also has color labels, which I can quickly mark these class schedules for easy tracking.

I also find out that there are various icons that we can use exclusively for this app. With this feature, students could easily mark extracurricular activities and the type of class that the students take. You may try other third-party planners in the Google Play Store, but iStudiez Pro so far is more convenient, secure and reliable.

2. Calendars integration

Another exciting feature of iStudiez Pro is the Calendars integration. If there are particular events in their third-party calendars, it is easy for you to choose with this app. More importantly, sharing is essential for others to see your progress. The app has the capability for you to share your course and exam schedule in third-party calendars to your parents, classmates, and friends.

I know similar productivity apps for students could integrate with Calendars, but the iStudiez Pro app can do better. It’s easy and smooth for an Android user like me to integrate the app with Calendars.

3. Grade tracker and GPA calculator

It is essential for a student to track their performance in school. One of the reasons that they’re entirely lost to improve themselves is by lack of monitoring their grades. Of course, you can see your grades every end of Prelim, Midterm and Final exams of each semester. With their built-in grade tracker, you’ll find it convenient to make you a better student than before.

They also have an easy-to-use GPA calculator which is available for current and previous semesters of the course that you’re taking. Under Scale & GPA, you can set it to percents, letters or points per subject. You can choose to turn and off the overall GPA and percent decimals.

4. Follow-up and stay updated with classes, assignments, and homework

For a student to become productive, it is essential to stay updated with your classes, assignments, and homework. There’s an option that you can turn on and off your notifications. However, it recommends that you should turn it on so that the app itself will alert you of your next class, assignment or homework. You can also choose to be notified minutes before the courses and exams will start. They also have an assignment widget that you could enable or disable under Appearance section. It gives you an option to be notified days before the due date.

There are a variety of sounds for you to choose such as School Bell, Toy, Ice, Twirl, Robot Up, Robot Down, Beep and Blip Slide. I find this feature cool because it increases your productivity as a student. It’s one of the highlights that makes this app unusual for students to try out.

5. Data sync with other platforms

Another essential feature of iStudiez Pro app is the data sync. If you have other platforms like Windows and iOs, you could easily sync the data from Android to them quickly and smoothly. Best of all, it is free of charge for you to seamless sync all data of your iStudiez Pro Android app to these platforms.


One of the pros that I have with this app is that it’s easy to stay on track with these notifications. Even if you are browsing other apps on your Android phone, the app itself would alert or notify you of your scheduled class, assignment or project deadline, etc., so that you’ll maintain being a productive student.

Another pro that I would like to mention is their customer support. Having a customer support who is friendly and active is one of the essential ingredients that a product like iStudiez Pro must have. There are times when an app user is confused or having troubles in using the app. As what I’ve seen in the reviews, the iStudiez Pro team are active in addressing their concerns.


The only con that I have for this app is their limited, customized appearance. Under General settings, there’s what we call the Application Theme. You can only choose the Light or Dark option, and there were no other colors for some students who are having various favorite colors. I believe that iStudiez Pro would be adding this feature shortly.

Final words

For a one-time price of $2.54, iStudiez Pro would bring you an excellent experience in organizing your schedules at any school, university or institution. Without a doubt, it would improve your performance and become productive for most of the day. One day, it’s possible that you might end up at the top 10 in your class in academics. It’s worth trying guys!


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