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8 Best Galaxy Note 7 Car Mounts

Best Galaxy Note 7 car mount

Using your phone while driving is dangerous and, by all means, don’t even think about doing it. Fortunately, a lot of cars have come with an integrated Bluetooth connection, so you can easily use it, hands-free, while going out for a ride.

However, those times when phones were just for talking are gone, as they can now act as a real driving mate. GPS, dash cam or music player are just a few of the things your phone can be used for, as long as you have one essential accessory: a car mount, to keep it safe and sound while you’re driving.

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One of the best driving mates can be the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, mostly thanks to its 5.7” QHD display, perfect for navigation or displaying all the information you need.

Therefore, we’ve picked some of the best car mounts for Samsung’s latest phablet, perfect for taking on a road trip!

1. iOttie Easy One Touch 3 Car Mount

First on our list is a universal car mount, fitting the Galaxy Note 7 perfectly. What we like about it is that thanks to the sticky gel pad, you can basically put it anywhere in your car, with worrying about the phone being unstable.

It comes with a telescopic arm, so you can adjust the device’s viewing angle according to your needs. The iOttie car mount is available for $24.95.

Buy the iOttie One Touch 3 car mount here.

2. Sojitek Wireless Qi Note 7 Car Mount

We all know that GPS apps require a lot of battery and, despite the Galaxy Note 7’s relatively big capacity power pack, it still needs some charging. This charger from Sojitek comes with Qi standard wireless charging (5V – 1A) and it can be the perfect choice!

You can mount it on a variety of locations and surfaces, including your windshield), being able to adjust the viewing angle, so you can see all the information from your phone easily. It retails for $56.99 and it comes with an included micro USB cable, so everything you need to do is to place your Galaxy Note 7 into the mount, plug the cable in your power outlet and you’re ready to go.

Buy the Sojiteck Wireless Qi car mount here.

3. Akcord Magnetic Phone Holder

Another universal car mount joins our top, but unlike the first model, this one is way simpler, using a ‘sticky silicone metal plate’ in order to hold your phone, without leaving any residue on it. It can be used on both your windshield and dashboard, being very easy to install, thanks to a high quality suction cup. You can get it for just $14.99.

Buy the Akcord Magnetic car mount here.

4. MPOW CD Slot Car Mount

If you want something more unconventional, this Galaxy Note 7 car mount from Mpow is definitely a model to consider. Unlike other mounts, which sit on the dashboard or windshield, this one can be inserted in your car’s CD slot, staying there firmly, without shaking.

The mount is adjustable, so you can set the right viewing angle, and is also revolves 360 degrees, enabling you to put the phone in portrait or landscape mode. It has a price tag of just $10.99.

Buy Mpow CD Slot car mount from here.

5. Aofu Rotating Car Mount

Another sturdy and well-built mount makes it to our top. No matter the road you’re driving on, Aofu’s mount will hold your phone steady, thanks to the rubberized base.

It has extendable arms, allowing you to insert pretty much any phone, not just the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and it can rotate 360 degrees, enabling you to use your phone in landscape mode. Currently, you can get it for a ridiculous price, of just $9.99.

Buy Aofu Rotating car mount here.

6. CARPRO Air Vent Magnetic Phone Holder

Time for another unusual car mount for Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but very simple and easy to use.  Simply insert it into one of your car’s air vents and stick your phone to it. Thanks to the powerful magnet, the mount will keep your phone steady, regardless or road vibrations or impacts.

Besides these advantages, what we really like is that fact that it’s a subtle presence on your car’s dashboard, being able to go unnoticed. You can have it for just $5.99.

Buy CARPRO Air Vent car mount here.

7. Encased Ultra Grip Easy Dock Vehicle Kit

This Samsung Galaxy Note 7 car mount is pretty much the best choice for anybody who wants to use the phablet as a GPS. It’s made using Encased GelPad, allowing you to mount it on a smooth, curved or textured surface. Keeping it short, anywhere in your car.

Another important feature, that we really like, is that it supports the phone even with a case on it. Finally, it’s fully adjustable, so you can adapt it to your driving position. The price? Just $17.88.

Buy Encased Ultra Grip car mount here.

8. Spigen Stealth Car Mount

Even though it can be used just in landscape mode, this car mount from Spigen is definitely one of the most stylish models in our top. It provides two viewing angles and it sticks to your car’s dashboard through a reusable gel pad.

The mount is made out of TPU, so your Galaxy Note 7 is safe from scratches. Seems pretty awesome, right? You can get one for $20.99.

Buy Spigen Stealth car mount from here.

And this is it! Below you have some of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 car mounts money can buy, perfect for any car and budget.

Of course, we’re convinced that there are a lot more cool mounts out there, so if you’ve came across some interesting models, do tell us about them, using the comments section below!



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