best samsung galaxy note 8 wallet cases

There’s no doubt that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an incredibly sexy phone! The new design line adopted by the manufacturer, starting with the S8, adds a big plus of elegance to it, while the Infinity Display is a real game changer, in terms of design.

Considering all these, it’s a bit difficult to put a case on this phone and maintain this elegant look. Unless you opt for a wallet case, of course!

After a quick look on Amazon, we found tons of great looking models, but we wanted to show you guys only the best ones money can buy, so we narrowed our selection a bit and ended up with these.

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Check out the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wallet cases of the moment:

1. Maxboost Folio Style mWallet Case

best samsung galaxy note 8 wallet case from maxboost

Starting our top, we have the Maxboost Folio Style mWallet Case, made of quality crafted PU leather and available in multiple color options. This wallet case offers four corner, as well as front and back protection for your phone, being perfect for on-the-go use.

You will notice the three card slots, an additional side pocket for money or additional cards, as well as a magnetic lock design.

With precise cutouts for speakers, camera and other functional ports, you have easy access to all of them, without removing the case. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that it also features a kickstand, being great for entertainment or streaming.

2. Bentoben Luxury Slim Wallet Case

best samsung galaxy note 8 wallet case from bentoben

Don’t worry, a wallet case doesn’t necessary have to be bulky! Take the Bentoben Luxury Slim Wallet Case for example, a multi-function model, made of premium genuine leather and featuring a hybrid design, with a polycarbonate inner part.

The case has space for three credit cards or IDs, besides the cash holder, being a great wallet replacement.

Also, the magnetic close conveniently keeps your Galaxy Note 8 and belongings safe and sound. And yes, this one has a kickstand function as well. You can get it in Black or Brown.

3. EasyAcc Leather Wallet Case

best samsung galaxy note 8 wallet case from easyacc

The next entry in our best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wallet cases top is the Easy Acc Leather model, custom made for your phone and rocking a very elegant design. On the inside, it has an TPU case, snugly fitting the device and allowing easy installation, besides providing an increased amount of protection.

The magnetic cover enables a very easy way to access your screen and due to the fact that it’s foldable, it can also be a kickstand, for whenever you want to enjoy some media on the go. Finally, we should also mention the card sleeve at the cover, for easily storing a credit card, with easy access. It’s available in Black.

4. Crosspace Ultra Slim Leather Folio Case

best samsung galaxy note 8 wallet case from crosspace

One of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wallet cases made of leather is the Crosspace Ultra Slim model, rocking a simple and classic business style and including a kickstand on the back. The case is available in five difference colors (including a really nice Coffee variant), adding a plus of style to the phone.

Like expected, it can hold up some credit cards or IDs, as well as some bills or documents, while the high quality PU leather it’s made of, alongside the TPU inner case is suitable for great protection. It’s easy to install and remove, not to mention that it feels very comfortable in your hand and works great with any screen protector.

5. Spigen Slim Dual Layer Wallet Case

best samsung galaxy note 8 wallet case from spigen

Spigen’s Slim Dual Layer Wallet Case is a mandatory presence in our top of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wallet cases, as it’s a different approach to this model.

It’s a dual-layered case, made with shock-absorbent TPU and rigid polycarbonate, for increased durability. Also, the slim and lightweight design doesn’t add that much bulk to the phone, which is a big plus!

On the back, it can hold two credit cards, as well as some cash, being very easy accessible. The case is compatible with any Spigen NeoFlex Screen protector and you can get it in five different colors: Black, Gunmetal, Deep Sea Blue, Orchid Gray or Rose Gold.

6. Lumion Auto-Sliding Slim Wallet Case

best samsung galaxy note 8 wallet case from lumion

Next, we have a very interesting Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wallet case, with a design similar to the previous entry in our top. The Lumion Auto-Sliding Slim Wallet Case is actually the first semi-automatic card case, featuring a spring-loaded sliding compartment, which makes it super easy to open and close, while holding your cards and cash securely.

It’s has a dual layered design, for maximum shock absorption, with durably TPU and polycarbonate, so your phone is protected, even if you drop it from a serious height.

After all, it meets or exceeds MIL STD 810F-516. You can get this case in Orchid Purple, Gold Sand, Blue Sea, Blue Cloud, Black Metallic or Metallic Silver. Quite a color selection, we’d say!

7. Pasonomi Leather Wallet Folio Case

best samsung galaxy note 8 wallet case from pasonomi

Perfectly designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the Pasonomi Leather Wallet Folio Case is basically the perfect solution for those who want a big wallet and a phone case, combined. Seriously, just look at this thing!

This zipper wallet has multiple compartments for placing credit cards, as well as cash, coins, photos and so on. Just like we said, it’s a full time wallet!

Made of high quality leather and featuring magnets and polycarbonate, the case keeps all your things in one place, providing excellent protection against scratches, fingerprints and daily wear and tear. You can get one in Black or Rose Gold.

And this is it, folks! These are some of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases you can get now from Amazon. The selection is actually way bigger, but we believe that we managed to pick the best models. And we have our favorite as well!

Our Pick: EasyAcc Leather Wallet Case

There’s no doubt that this is the best looking wallet case for the Note 8 we’ve come across this time! It’s made of leather and it adds a big plus of elegance to the phone. Besides this, the cover protects the display and it maintains a slim profile, without adding any unnecessary bulk.

But what about you? Which one of these cases would you pick for your phone and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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