best samsung galaxy s8 plus armbands for running

We’ve already agreed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be an excellent running mate, no matter if you’re using its integrated fitness features or rely on third party apps. And if you have a nice armband for it, you can easily carry it around.

Still, what happens if you want to do the same thing with the Plus variant?

Nothing much, to be honest, since you can already find some great Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus armbands for running as well, being able to hold the South Korean manufacturer’s 6.2″ smartphone firmly around your arm.

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And if you own the Galaxy S8 Plus and fancy the idea of taking the phone with you for a jog, then you’re in the perfect place, since we did our homework and came up with a short list, consisting in some great armbands.

Keeping it short, these are the best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus armbands for running you can get now!

1. MoKo Sweatproof Running Case

best samsung galaxy s8 plus armband for running from moko

Let’s begin with an overall basic, but incredibly effective armband for the Galaxy S8 Plus, perfectly fitting the 6.2″ smartphone and keeping it secure and protected all the time.

It’s made of waterproof materials, so your phone won’t get wet from sweat during your running session and feel comfortable around the arm.

Available in Black and Red, the armband also comes with an adjustable hook and loop system, supporting a wide range of arm girth, of up to 42cm. Finally, let’s not forget about the built-in reflective stripe, perfect for running in low light conditions, as well as the built-in key holder.

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2. PASONOMI Galaxy S8+ Armband

best samsung galaxy s8 plus armband for running from pasonomi

Fearing that your phone can fall down from your arm during a jog?

Less likely to happen, but still, you can opt for a rugged Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus armband, featuring a hard shell case, able to absorb the impact.

Besides this, the strap is fully adjustable and the band itself has a highly reflective pattern, which is great for those who prefer to run at night. Also, what we really like is that you can completely detach the case from the strap, an excellent feature if you are leaving the gym quickly and don’t have the time to switch to a regular case.

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3. JD Sports Armband for Running

best samsung galaxy s8 plus armband for running from jd

Moving on, we have a premium armband coming from JD and featuring a special film for covering the display, making it easy for you to operate the phone while it’s inside. It’s made from anti-slip materials, so you shouldn’t worry about falling apart issues.

It comes with an adjustable strap, special cutouts for earphones and a special slot for your keys, so you won’t need to carry them in your pockets.

As for the colors, you can get this armband in Black, Camouflage, Blue, Purple and Red.

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4. Sporteer Velocity V7 Armband

best samsung galaxy s8 plus armband for running from sporteer

Next in our top comes a relatively interesting armband, with a bulkier profile, able to hold way more stuff than a regular model.

To be more specific, it has a zippered pocket, fitting your S8 Plus perfectly, with reflective trim on the front and straps, for safe running at night.

In the pocket, with a zippers locking system, preventing rattling, you can stroe an ID, cards, cash, keys or other small items. And you can use the phone with the armband on! It’s available in Black and Pink, in several sizes, depending on your arm.

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5. Sportholic Galaxy S8 Plus Armband

best samsung galaxy s8 plus armband for running from sportholic

Another interesting armband for your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus comes from Portholic and it’s made of skin-friendly materials, like soft and breathable Lycra, as well as light Neoprene, making it water resistant and odor-free.

With an HD transparent PVC front cover, the touchscreen functions normally, providing easy access to your phone anytime and anywhere.

Also, the Velcro strap is adjustable and it has a reflective strip on it, to keep you visible and safe while jogging at night. And there’s also a built-in key holder, conveniently placed on the band.

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6. SUPTMAX Gym Armband Case

best samsung galaxy s8 plus armband for running from suptmax

One of our favorite Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus armbands comes from SUPTMAX and it’s made of ultra thin, soft, light and elastic waterproof Lycra, easy to bend and twist without any crinkles, due to the memory property of the material.

The armband has a rear pocket, allowing the safe storage of an ID, credit card or even cash.

Also, the reflective stripes increase your visibility at night, being great for a quick job, no matter the time of the day. You can get one of these armbands in Black, Blue, Green or Rose Red.

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7. Jarv Sports Galaxy S8 Plus Running Armband

best samsung galaxy s8 plus armband for running from jarv

And finally, we have one last Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus armband, fitting the smartphone properly, no matter if it has a case or not.

It’s made of quality materials, with anti-slip properties, so it will firmly wrap around your arm.

However, the feature that we like the most is the fact that it’s not just for running, but you can also use it to carry your phone on your bike or while practicing other sports! And it’s available just in Black, by the way.

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And this wraps it up, ladies and gents. No pun intended, by the way. These are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus armbands for running you can buy right now. We like to believe that we picked some high quality models you will like, but, like always, we do have one model we prefer over others.

Our Pick: SuptMax Gym Armband Case

The number one reason that made us choose this armband was the quality of the materials it’s made of. After all, we’re talking about an armband for running, so it’s very important to be able to bend and twist with ease, without any damage. Oh, and it also looks very good! Definitely our top choice!

What about you? Which one of these armbands would you buy for your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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