best samsung galaxy s8 plus leather cases

We’ve reached a point in which cellphone manufacturers are a bit exaggerating when it comes to the size of the displays, but hey, if this is what the market wants, we can fully understand them!

Take Samsung, for example, whose latest Galaxy S8 Plus phablet measures 6.2 inches, being one of the biggest smartphones of the moment. And yeah, it’s pretty hard to handle it with one hand, not to mention that a lot of users will eventually drop it, since it doesn’t provide that much grip. However, this is where a case comes in, making sure your phone remains in one piece!

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Since we’re talking about such a big phone, there’s no doubt that a leather case is one of the best choices for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, so we took a quick look on Amazon and found some great looking models.

Therefore, here you can find a short list with some of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 leather cases!

1. Belk Galaxy S8 Plus Leather Case

best samsung galaxy s8 plus leather case from belk

Meticulously crafted with genuine leather, this Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus leather case, with a classic flip book design, is perfect for protecting your smartphone from scratches, as well as daily wear and tear.

It has a PC inner case, very effective against fingerprints or stains, being able to endure dirt and other ‘damage’.

Basically, we’re talking about a wallet case, so it also comes with slots for credit cards and money or documents, everything being kept safe by a magnetic clasp.

Finally, we should mention the kickstand, great for hands free media consuming. It’s available in Coffee Brown, Black, Buff and Light Brown.

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2. Amabin Genuine Leather Case

best samsung galaxy s8 plus leather case from amabin

Moving on, we have another genuine leather case, adding a plus of elegance to your Galaxy S8 Plus.

It has a book-style design and it’s made from premium materials, effectively preventing fingerprints, scratches and stains, besides keeping it in one piece, in the eventuality of a drop. And we can’t ignore that nice white stitching!

The case includes 2 slots, so you can carry around your credit or debit cards, as well as an ID. The magnetic flap keeps the case closed, protecting the display, so you don’t need to worry about any scratches either. It’s available just in Black.

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3. Daviscase Galaxy S8 Plus Leather Case

best samsung galaxy s8 plus leather case from daviscase

If you want a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus leather case that stands out a bit, you might as well opt for this handmade model, with a vintage look and made of premium materials. Seriously, just look at the image and you will feel that leather smell!

With this case on, your phone will be protected against scratches, dirt, as well as daily wear and tear, not to mention that it includes slots for three credit cards, an ID and money or documents, thanks to the special pouch on the inside. A pretty cool option, we’d say!

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4. FYY RFID Blocking Leather Case

best samsung galaxy s8 plus leather case from fyy

Yes, yet another Galaxy S8 Plus wallet case – made of leather, of course – makes it to our top, except the fact that this one is made with materials able to block RFID reading technologies, so all the data on your credit cards is absolutely safe.

The card slots and the note holder are great for carrying your important stuff, so you can actually leave your wallet at home while this case is covering your phone.

As for the colors it’s available in, you can opt for Black, Dark Brown, Purple, Navy Blue and Wine Red.

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5. iPulse Leather Case for Galaxy S8 Plus

best samsung galaxy s8 plus leather case from ipulse

Pretty much our favorite model so far, you’re looking at a very elegant Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus leather case, combining a classic look, with stitches and handmade details, with premium materials, able to make sure that your phone remains safe, even if you drop it.

Since it’s also a wallet case, it has slots for your ID and some credit cards, while the money pocket is great for storing bills or some documents.

Looking closer at the design, you will also see that it can fold into a stand, a great feature for those who like to consume media on their phones. You can get it in Cognac, Vintage Black and Tan, combined with a touch of Black.

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6. DWaybox Retro Style Leather Case

best samsung galaxy s8 plus leather case from dwaybox

If you prefer a slim case, covered with genuine leather, then you should definitely check out this model from DWaybox.

Basically, it’s a shell back, made of plastic and premium leather, fitting the phone perfectly and being very easy to install or remove.

As mentioned above, it’s an ultra slim model, which makes sure that your phone doesn’t feel bulky. It’s perfect for protecting the phone against scratches and everyday use, being available in Black, Dark Brown or Light Brown.

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7. ProCase Vintage Leather Case

best samsung galaxy s8 plus leather case from procase

Last in our top comes another genuine leather case for the Galaxy S8 Plus, offering a soft and natural feel, not to mention the classic and luxurious look.

And yes, you guessed it, it’s also a wallet case, with three slots for your cards and IDs, and a money pocket.

Making sure everything stays in place is a magnetic lock, while the built-in kickstand allows multiple horizontal viewing positions, ideal for entertainment or media streaming. You can get this model just in Brown.

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And this wraps it up! These are the best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus leather cases of the moment. As you can see, there are a lot of cool models you can choose from, available in various colors! However, like always, we have a model that we like more than the others…

Our Pick: iPulse Full Grain Leather Case

We were impressed about how elegant this case looks, especially with that Cognac finish. Seriously, it’s very stylish! Besides this, being made out of quality materials and able to protect your phone, even in case of a serious drop, were enough to make this case our number one choice!

But what about you guys? Which one of these leather cases would you pick for your Galaxy S8 Plus and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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