Best Samsung Gear S3 charging dock

Even though we’re big Android Wear fans, we must admit that Samsung did a great job with this year’s Gear S3! The combination of a great design and Tizen made us fell in love with this smartwatch and recommend it to anybody who’s looking for a new one!

However, today on one specific aspect of Samsung’s smartwatch: how to charge it in style. You guessed it, we’re about to look at some of the best Gear S3 charging docks, found after taking a close look on Amazon.

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Let’s see what we have for you guys.

Here are the best Samsung Gear S3 charging docks:

1. Samsung OEM Wireless Charging Dock

Samsung Gear S3 charging dock

Of course, nothing beats the original, so if you’re looking for a great charging dock for your Gear S3 and hate wires, just like us, this should be your first option!

It fits all two models, Classic and Frontier, and features a simple and modern design which should fit perfectly on your nightstand or desk.

You can get it just in Black, but once again, this dock looks so good that it really doesn’t matter what color it has. If budget is not an issue, you know what you have to do.

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2. Kartice

Kartice Gear S3 charging dock

If Samsung’s variant is a bit too expensive for you, we have a pocket-friendly alternative, which, in our book, is definitely one of the best Gear S3 charging docks.

We’re talking about a model from Kartice, with a really nice design and made of high quality polycarbonate and featuring a non-friction soft pad on the bottom, so it won’t slip at all, no matter where you’re putting it.

It has an included power protection circuit as well, so your smartwatch will be protected against overcharging!

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3. Rerii Wireless Charging Cradle

Rerii Gear S3 charging dock

Ok, you want something even cheaper? Hey, how about this nice dock from Rerii?

Especially designed for the Gear S3, it will fit both Classic and Frontier models, making charging it more convenient.

It has a compact and lightweight design, being very easy to store and carrying around, especially if you’re that type of user who travels a lot. In the package, besides the dock, you will also receive a USB cable and a special gift. Man, these guys surely know how to keep their customers happy!

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4. Lamshaw Wireless Charging Dock

Lamshaw Gear S3 wireless charging dock

Moving on, the 4th entry in our ‘Best Gear S3 Charging Docks’ top comes from Lamshaw and it has a different designed, compared to the previous models we talked about, but it still looks very elegant.

What we really like about it is the fact that it has a tiny LED charging indicator light, able to show when your smartwatch is charging or it’s fully charged.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty simple dock, with a black finish, with glossy touches, that should do the job pretty nicely.

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5. BeneStellar Qi Wireless Charging Dock

BeneStellar Gear S3 docking station

Featuring a cradle design and being made of high quality PU, this gear S3 charging dock comes with the Power Protection Inside technology, able to keep the smartwatch safe against over-current or over-charging, when connected to a power source.

It’s great for quickly charging the wearable, no matter if you’re using it at home, in the office, in your car or while traveling.

As a bonus, you can get it in Black or White, depending on your personal taste.

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Our Pick: Samsung OEM

And we’re pretty much done, folks! These are some of the best Gear S3 charging docks you can buy right now. Even though they’re very similar and, at first, it was pretty difficult to choose a favorite, we eventually opted for the OEM model, made by Samsung.

Hey, you pay for the brand, but it’s always better to use a charger made by the same manufacturer that made the device itself. On the other side, it doesn’t mean that the other chargers aren’t great products as well!

Which one would you pick and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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