best samsung galaxy a7 2017 cases

Phablets are getting more and more popular nowadays, as a lot of people are opting for smartphones with 5.7″ screens or even bigger. Just look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge’s popularity! That phone is selling like crazy!

Of course, not everybody can afford a Galaxy S7 Edge, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any great alternatives! The Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017), for example, is one of the best picks you can make right now.

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Like most phablets, it can be a bit slippery, though. But hey, this is what cases are for! So, keeping it short, today we’re talking about the best models you can get, in order to make sure that it remains safe and sound.

These are the best Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) cases of the moment:

1. Tridea Galaxy A7 Case

best samsung galaxy a7 2017 case from tridea

First in our top comes a pretty special model from Tridea, with a great looking Matrix Black finish (it’s also available in Brown) and made of flexible and durable TPU.

It’s a slim model, so it won’t add any extra bulk to the phone, while the precise cutouts provide easy access to your phone.

However, what we like the most about it is the special hidden card slot on the back, perfect for those nights when you’re going out and don’t want to look after another extra thing, your wallet!

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2. Suensan Leather Wallet Case

best samsung galaxy a7 2017 case from suensan

Since we’re dealing with a big phone over here, the display might be prone to scratching a bit more than in other models’ cases.

After all, there’s a bigger surface which needs protection. Considering this, there’s no doubt that this Suensan Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) case is one of the best options!

It’s made of quality materials and has a flip cover design, offering side protection against bumpers and shocks, while the display is constantly protected as well. Besides this, it can be used as a kickstand, for hands-free reading or media consuming. You can get it in Black or Brown.

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3. Ringke Galaxy A7 Bumper Case

best samsung galaxy a7 2017 case from ringke

Did we mention that the Galaxy A7 (2017) looks very good?

No? Well, it does, so it would be a shame to hide those good looks, that’s why we included this crystal clear case from Ringke in our top.

It fits the phone perfectly and, thanks to the inside TPU corner cushions, the phone will be safe in case of accidental drops.

And if you have any doubts, you should know that it’s MIL-STD 810G – 516.6 certified, so there’s no doubt that the phone will be protected properly. You can also get it in other colors, like Smoke Black, Shadow Black of Rose Gold Crystal.

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4. CoverON ClearGuard Series TPU Bumper

best samsung galaxy a7 2017 case from coveron

Made of ultra clear polycarbonate and a hard back cover, this fully transparent case showcases the look of the phone, while defending it against scratches and drops.

Of course, we’re dealing with a slim model here, so you don’t need to worry about a big amount of bulk being added to your phone. It’s available in four variants: completely clear, with a Black bumper, with a Teal bumper, or, if you want to stand out a bit, with a Teal bumper and a really fancy Aztec design on the back.

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5. SENON Slim Dual Layer Case

best samsung galaxy a7 2017 case from senon

Time to focus on something a bit more rugged! Even though it looks smooth, this case will significantly increase the grip of your phone, so you don’t need to worry about dropping it that often.

Of course, it also provides an insane amount of protection, thanks to the combination of flexible, durable TPU and hard polycarbonate it’s made of, creating two shock absorbing layers around your phone. Unfortunately, it’s available just in Black.

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6. ONX3 Galaxy A7 Wallet Case

best samsung galaxy a7 2017 case from onx3

Ok, not this is the real deal, perfect for those who want to completely ditch their wallets!

Made of synthetic leather, with access to all buttons and ports, this case offers three slots for your ID, credit cards or other documents, as well as a special money pouch.

Thanks to a sliding phone cradle, you can take pictures even with the phone in the case, since everything you need to do is slide it up, expose the camera and take a snap! You can get it just in Brown.

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7. Yaker Shockproof Galaxy A7 Case

best samsung galaxy a7 2017 case from yaker

If you’re the adventurous type, then you should definitely check out this Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) case, featuring a soft shock absorption TPU inner sleeve, as well as an impact-resistant hard plastic shell on the back, providing outstanding protection against drops and other types of impact.

The corners feature double-thick TPU, while the textured finish will seriously improve the grip. It’s available in Black, Blue, Green and Orange.

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8. KuGi Galaxy A7 Wallet Stand Case

best samsung galaxy a7 2017 case from kugi

The second wallet case in out top comes from KuGi and it’s a premium model, made with quality materials.

Besides protecting your phone from dust, scratches and daily wear and tear, it features a large pocket, where you can store a credit card, ID, money or even a USB flash drive.

If you prefer consuming media on the phone, this case can be a great choice, since it comes with an integrated kickstand. As for the colors it’s available in, you can choose from Rose Gold, Black, Blue and Gold.

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9. iKuboo Luxury Slim Leather Flip Case

best samsung galaxy a7 2017 case from ikuboo

Next, we have a very elegant Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) case, specifically designed to offer maximum protection against bumps, drops, marks and scratches. It’s made of high grade PU leather and TPU, being very comfortable to hold.

And yes, you guessed it, it’s a wallet model, with integrated credit card slots, so you can leave your wallet at home every time you’re going out.

The Gray version looks incredibly good, but you can also opt for Blue, Gold or Rose Gold.

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10. CoverON Slim Rubber Case

best samsung galaxy a7 2017 case from coveron

Finally, the latest entry in our top might as well be our favorite, due to the ridiculously slim profile it features and the matte black finish!

We’re talking about the second CoverON model from this list, made of semi-hard TPU, able to absorb shocks and provide an increased level of protection.

It’s an ultra slim model, with raised bezels, so the display will remain self all the time, not to mention that it will wrap around your phone perfectly. OH, and you can also opt for a Clear version of it, but still, Black looks amazing!

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And we’re all done, folks! These are some of the best Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) cases money can buy right now. Like always, we do have a favorite…

Our pick: CoverON Slim Rubber Case

Yes, the last entry in the top, CoverON’s slim case, is the one we would totally buy! A case with a very slim profile and able to keep the phone safe, even in the eventuality of a drop is pretty hard to find, so we’re definitely going with this one.

But what about you? Which case would you pick for your Galaxy A7 (2017)? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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