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Best LG G6 Apps

LG G6 apps

You’ve been waiting for it ever since the first rumors started emerging and now it’s finally yours! Yeah, we’re talking about the LG G6, one of the most expected (and amazing) Android handsets of the year.

Even though it doesn’t have the best chip available on the market, it’s still a very powerful smartphone, able to deal with the most demanding tasks and apps! And speaking about apps, there are a few of them, which any user should at least try.

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We’ve made a short list with a few must have titles, helping you get the best of the South Korean manufacturer’s new flagship.

These are the best LG G6 apps which everybody should give a shot:

1. Snapseed

One of the main attraction points of the LG G6 is definitely the dual camera setup on the back, which can take some pretty amazing shots. Still, why not make them look even better?

Sure, the manufacturer’s interface offers some nice editing options, but why not take your editing game to a whole new level? Snapseed is one of our favorite apps for this! Besides the tons of settings it offers, the Google-developed app also has some awesome filters which you can apply to your snaps, which will definitely attract some Instagram like.

2. Waze

Since it has such a big screen, it would be a shame to not use this phone as a GPS! And Waze is definitely one of the best LG G6 apps when it comes to this. Since it’s a community-based app, you will constantly get notifications about traffic jams, accidents, potholes or any other issues that all drivers hate.

Make sure you get a nice car mount, though, since it’s not recommended at all to move your eyes from the road!

3. Feedly

Speaking about that big display, it’s also great for keeping up with all the news, so why not opt for an app that puts all the important news in one place? We’re talking about Feedly, of course, one of yours truly’s favorites.

Basically, it’s an RSS reader, allowing you to subscribe to tons of websites and get all the news stuff at once. Besides this, it also supports podcasts, YouTube channels and many more, not to mention that it’s very easy to use. Really, there’s nothing else you can ask for from this app!

4. Gboard

LG’s stock keyboard is decent, but hey, nothing compares to the new Gboard. It’s simple, without any useless gimmicks, and it includes swiping, voice typing, emoji search and support for GIFs.

However, the best feature is the built-in Google search, which allows you to search the Web without leaving the app that you’re in. Thank you, Google! As a side note, we believe that once you try this one, you’ll never get back to any other keyboard! And it’s 100% free!

5. 1Weather

Finally, we have 1Weather, which is also one of the best LG G6 apps, in our opinion. It’s pretty much the most complete app of this type you can opt for right now, providing detailed information about the current conditions, as well as very accurate predictions.

Of course, another thing that made us include it in our top is the design of the UI. It’s absolutely gorgeous and it also includes some nice widgets, so you can add one to your homescreen, in order to be up to date with the weather constantly. It comes for free, but you will see a banner ad from time to time. However, it’s not that annoying.

And we’re pretty much done! These are some of the best LG G6 apps which, in our opinion, should complement the South Korean manufacturer’s new flagship! And, of course, they can be installed on any other smartphone able to support them…

What do you think about them? Which one is your favorite? Also, if you know other great apps, do let us know about them, using the comments section below!

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