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5 Best Fitness Trackers to Improve Your Fitness Level

Best fitness trackers

Those times when wearables were still considered unnecessary gadgets are history now, since more and more people are wearing some tech around their wrists, no matter if it’s a smartwatch or a fitness tracker.

If a watch can be pretty expensive sometimes, a tracker is something most people can afford, since there are a lot of great models out there, available at pocket-friendly prices. And this is exactly what we’re talking about today, the best fitness trackers!

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Below you can find a list with five of our favorite picks, with all their pros and cons. Let’s see what we have for you folks today.

5. Xiaomi MiBand 2

The second generation of the Chinese manufacturer’s fitness tracker is here and it’s definitely one of the best deals of the moment, offering an OLED display, where you can see your notifications, as well as a heart rate sensor, steps and notifications counter and a sleep tracker.

What we like: The price. For a bit under $50, you’re getting several features, which transforms the MiBand 2 into one of the best fitness trackers of the moment. Also, it looks very good, compared to the previous models.

What we don’t like: The material used for making the strap doesn’t seem that good and might break if you’re the type of user who gets it on and off a few times a day. Also, the sleep tracking function is far from being the best, but it does the job decently.

4. Jawbone Up3

Initially, the Up3 wasn’t very well received by the public, but the manufacturer considered all the feedback it received and updated the firmware, which automatically fixed all its issues and made it an excellent fitness tracker.

What we like: If you’re looking forward to tracking your sleeping in a ridiculously accurate way, this is the tracker to buy. It can monitor your pulse, respiration rate, body temperature and galvanic skin response, as well as provide REM or light and deep sleep stats. Also, despite the multitude of sensor it contains, this tracker’s battery can last for almost a full week!

What we don’t like: The charging mechanism is far from being our favorite. Also, it has a couple of metallic parts on the inside which some users might consider minuses, but otherwise, we don’t have anything against the Up3!

3. Samsung Gear Fit 2

Finally, after a couple of decent tries, Samsung managed to make its best fitness tracker yet. With a great design and a big display, perfect for showing all kinds of stats, and a battery that can last up to 4 days (it’s something, considering the size of the display), the Gear Fit 2 does a lot for what it’s worth.

What we like: It looks incredibly good and you’re definitely getting what you’re paying for.

What we don’t like: Unfortunately, if you own an iPhone, you can start looking for another fitness tracker, since Samsung’s Gear Fit 2 works only on Android. Oh, and it doesn’t support Windows Phone either, but come on, let’s be serious…who’s still using that?!

2. Garmin Vivosmart HR+

If you’re one of those users who likes to precisely track workouts, you’re looking at one of the best fitness trackers ever made. Still, not the best, but it’s up there, in the top.

The Vivosmart HR+ offers heart rate and GPS tracking, being able to work as a standalone tracker, so you don’t need to carry your phone each time you go for a jog.

What we like: It offers almost a week of battery life and it’s excellent when it comes to delivering notifications. Also, it’s water resistant to about 50m, so you can definitely take it for a swim.

What we don’t like: Some of you may consider it chunky. Also, the display is not as impressive as the one on the Gear Fit 2, for example, but it’s good enough for showing all the essential information you need.

1. Fitbit Charge 2

Ok, so this time, it was very easy to decide about this top’s winner.

The Fitbit Charge 2 is pretty much the best fitness tracker money can buy right now.

Sure, it costs more than other models from the manufacturer’s portfolio, but otherwise, it can turn out to be the perfect Christmas gift for your favorite fitness enthusiast.

Why Fitbit Charge 2 is the best so far?

Even though it comes with a large OLED display, able to show all your data, the Fitbit Charge 2 manages to ‘stay alive’ for five days on a single charge, which is an impressive amount of time.

Besides this, the built-in hear rate monitor can track your activity continuously and offer accurate stats about how your whole day went.

It automatically tracks stuff like activities, calories, distance, steps, stairs and sleep, so you know which of these aspects can be improved.

Also, it delivers idle alerts and has an integrated relax mode, which leads deep-breathing exercises. Oh, and it connects to your phone for GPS, so your running sessions will be more accurate than ever.

For those of you who want to personalize the Fitbit Charge 2 a bit, you should know that it supports interchangeable bands!

And we’re all done. In our opinion, these are the best fitness trackers of 2016! As you can see above, no matter your budget, you can still buy an excellent device, able to help anybody follow a healthier lifestyle.

We’re convinced that there are few more similar devices that didn’t make it to our top, so if you know about them and consider that they should be present here, do tell us about them, using the comments section below!



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