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7 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Waterproof Cases

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 underwater cases

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has one amazing camera, but, unfortunately, you can’t use it in any environment you want. Or, at least, not as much as you want. Yes, we’re talking about underwater photography, which can be a bit tricky, since the phone is IP68 certified. This means that you can take it deeper 1.5 meters and for more than 30 minutes. But hey, there is a solution for this!

We did a bit of research and found a couple of very interesting Samsung Galaxy Note 8 waterproof cases, suitable for all budgets and able to help you take some great shots, in way deeper water. And obviously, we put them in a top!

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Without much further ado, these are some of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 waterproof cases you can currently buy:

1. Fansteck Waterproof Case

Ok, we know, it makes the phone look very bulky, but believe us, the Fansteck Waterproof Case does an excellent job at protecting your phone, no matter if it’s under or above the water. Specifically, you can take 2 meters underwater, for more than two hours, and nothing will happen to the phone, except working perfectly. There’s also a transparent cover on the back, so you won’t have any problems while using the camera for photos and videos.

Otherwise, the case is snow, shock and dirtproof, so it’s a must if you’re a fan of outdoor activities. It comes with a high-sensitivity, anti-scratch screen protector, which ensures perfect clarity and a great touch experience. And it also works with the S Pen! In the package, you’re getting a few bonuses, like an adapter cable for the earphone, lanyard, cleaning cloth and a ply open tool. It’s available in Black, Black and Blue, Black and Purple, or Black and white.

2. Meritcase Upgrade Series Case

The next item in our top of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 waterproof cases is the Meritcase Upgrade Series Case, with an additional IP68 waterproof rating, providing underwater resistant for more than 1 hour, in 1 meter-deep water. Basically, it’s a great choice for watersports, but also daily use. We really like the special design for the touch ID area, providing easy access to the fingerprint scanner.

But wait, we’re not done yet! The case has a screen protector, ultra slim and ultra sensitive, with a slim profile, but excellent at protecting the display, no matter if it’s underwater or…well, above the water. Despite being a bulky case, you can easily take retrieve the S Pen, but the real advantage of this case is the resistance! You can from it even from 2 meters and it will remain safe and sound! It’s available just in Black.

3. TRONOE New Version Underwater Case

Made with high quality materials and with a design that allows you to install it or take it off easily, the TRONOE New Version Underwater Case will fit your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 perfectly. It can isolate your phone from dirt or dust, while if you take it underwater, it can deal with the situation for 30 minutes, in water as deep as 2 meters.

Otherwise, we’re really appreciating the design of this case, which, unlike most underwater models, doesn’t add that much bulk to your phone. Still, it adds a serious additional layer of protection to the handset, so it can take a serious amount of shocks, without breaking. This one is also available just in Black.

4. Lanwow Wireless Charging Underwater Case

Just like the name says it, the Lanwow Wireless Charging Underwater Case is one of the few Samsung Galaxy Note 8 underwater cases which allows you to make use of the smartphone’s wireless charging feature, so you won’t have to deal with any cables. As for the waterproof part, it’s certified to resist for 30 minutes, even at 3 meters. But this doesn’t mean that it’s not great for daily activities as well!

There’s a transparent and slim back cover, while the rubber edge design exceeds the 810G-516 Military Standard, meaning that you can drop the phone from 2 meters high, without being that worried about its integrity. The built-in screen protector prevents even the toughest scratches and it works with the S Pen as well, by the way! Yes, just a Black model is available.

5. Mangix Aluminum Underwater Case

Ok, so we might as well have a favorite already. The Mangix Aluminum Underwater Case is a totally hardcore model, with two layers of protection and made with polycarbonate and flexible TPU, thus being able to keep the phone safe. Seriously, it can deal with sudden drops and falls with ease, while the design allows access to all ports, as well as the Bixby button!

The special feature of this case is called Silicone Impact Truss and it’s basically a special aluminum port cover, which makes sure nothing gets inside your case. Also, all the buttons can be pressed, so you can use all the feature while underwater. Make sure you have a screwdriver around for this case, because it’s that hardcore! It’s available in Red, Silver, White, Yellow or Black.

6. Besinpo Underwater Full Body Case

Moving on with the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 underwater cases, we have the Besinpo Underwater Full Body Case, fully submersible to 2 meters, for up to 30 minutes, exceeding the IP68 standard. And yes, you can use all the functions, including taking underwater photos, not to mention that you have access to all buttons and ports, including the touch ID on the back.

With this case on, the phone can withstand serious drops, even from 2 meters, not to mention that you can use it in harsh weather conditions. Even after opening and closing the case 1000 times, it remains fully sealed, thanks to the snap on design. As for the integrated screen protector, it doesn’t affect in any way the functionality of your phone, even while underwater.

7. Feagar Full Body Cover Case

And finally, we have the Feagar Full Body Cover Case, offering complete protection against water and dust. Thanks to the IP68 rating, it can stay submerged in 2-meters deep water, for one hour, without any leaks. It fits the phone perfectly and it won’t interfere with the functionality of the buttons or other feature.

Thanks to the patented design of the bottom mic and speaker areas, the case ensures that you will still get clear, perfect sound, not to mention that your voice will be heard clearly. You can get this case either with a Black bumper or a White one.

And this wraps it up, folks. These are some of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 underwater cases, perfect for those who want to rely on their handsets for some quick (and high quality) underwater photography. To be honest, it was a bit difficult to choose our favorite, but after looking through all models once again, we knew what we’d pick!

Our pick: Meritcase Upgrade Series Case

Honestly, it was the design that played an important role in our decision, since it doesn’t add that much bulk to the phone. Also, the fact that it helps you keep the phone underwater for one hour was also a big plus, so here it is, making it to the first position in our top.

But what about you? Which of these Samsung Galaxy Note 8 underwater cases would you pick and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!



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