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7 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rugged Cases

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rugged Cases

It’s big, it has a lot of power and definitely one of the most impressive cameras ever mounted on a smartphone. Yes, we’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the latest addition to the South Korean manufacturer, which is also one of the most slippery phones yours truly ever held. And it’s also expensive.

Ok, so it’s slippery and expensive. It’s obvious that nobody wants to drop it or see any scratches on it, so you’ve probably guessed why we’re here. Yes, ladies and gents, today we’re talking about the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rugged cases. Exactly, those who can deal even with hardcore shocks!

Fortunately, it’s very popular now, so there are a lot of great models for it. But this also made it a bit difficult for us to decide upon the best. But still, we managed to do it!

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Without much further ado, these are the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rugged cases of the moment:

1. Spigen Tough Armor Case

These guys are famous for this series of cases, so we had to start with one. The Spigen Tough Armor Case offers extreme dual-layer protection, thanks to the TPU body and polycarbonate back.

It has precise cutouts on the sides, for quick access to all buttons and ports, as well as raised lips, which protect the screen and camera from getting scratched. Because who on Earth likes scratches on a phone?

The case is military-grade certified, featuring the Air-Cushion Technology in all corners, and also includes a reinforced kickstand on the back, for a hands-free viewing experience, no matter where you use it. You can get it in five different colors, including Black, Gunmetal, Deep Sea Blue, Maple Gold, or Orchid Gray.

2. Zizo Bolt Series Case

If you’re looking for a hardcore model, then you should definitely consider the Zizo Bolt Series Case, which is definitely one of the most interesting Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rugged cases, offering an increased amount of protection.

It meets the 12 feet Military Grade 810.1-G Compliancy, so there’s no doubt that it can keep your phone safe, in case of a serious impact.

The case also includes a built-in kickstand, so you can enjoy the phone hands free, but it also comes with an included Lightning Shield screen protector, measuring just 0.3mm in thickness and having a 9H hardness, not to mention that it’s 100% clear and curved on the sides. The case can be bough in 10 different color combinations, being perfect for expressing your own style.

3. i-Blason Fully Body Rugged Bumper Case

Theses guys do an excellent job when it comes to heavy duty cases and the i-Blason Fully Body Rugged Bumper Case is the perfect example. We’re looking at a full-body model, with 360 degree protection and an integrated, touch-compatible screen protector.

Should we call it indestructible? Yeah, pretty much! Unless you drop the phone from the 10th floor or something like that.

The back of the case is clear and it has drop-protections at each corner, not to mention that despite the amount of protection it can provide, it somehow manages to maintain a slim profile for the phone. And it has a built-in screen protector as well, so it’s obvious why this case is present in our top. You can opt for one in Black, Pink, Black/Blue, Black/Gold, or Emerald.

4. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Shield Series Case

Speaking about Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rugged cases with an included screen protectors, we also have the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Shield Series Case. It’s a dual layer model, made with a polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU, while the built-in screen protector does a great job with preventing scratches without compromising screen sensitivity.

On the back, the hard case clips into a swiveling belt clip holster for carrying convenience, while another aspect really worth mentioning is the slim and sporty design.

Seriously, it’s ridiculously slim for a case able to deal even with serious shocks! You can get one in four different color combinations, like fully Black, Blue and Gray, Pink and Gray, or White and Gray.

5. Urban Armor Gear Plasma Rugged Case

These guys surely know how to make a tough case! Specifically, we’re talking about the Urban Armor Gear Plasma Rugged Case, with a patented hard outer shell and a soft impact-resistant core. And despite its look, it’s actually a feather-light case, which won’t feel heavy in your pocket at all!

It has a soft raised rubber screen-lip and skid pads on the rear, providing complete protection for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Also, the buttons on the side deliver a clean click-fee, for increased functionality. And yes, you got that right, it’s a MIL-STD 810G 516.6 certified model, so you don’t need to worry that much if you drop it, as well as Samsung Pay and wireless charging compatible. You can pick from 10 different color combinations, by the way.

6. Ringke Onyx Extreme Tough Case

Moving on with the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rugged cases, we have the Ringke Onyx Extreme Tough Case. This is another Military Grade certified model, being made with flexible TPU and featuring a heat dispersion pattern on the interior, as well as raised lips around the camera cutout and display, so no scratch will get on it.

This slim case – despite the amount of protection it offers – provides Advanced Shock Absorption, so if you somehow manage to drop it, the phone has increased chances to remain unshatterd.

On the sides, we can spot precise cutouts, offering access to all buttons and ports, not to mention that the grip will be seriously increased, so there’s no chance of the phone to slip with this case on. You can get it just in Black, with a nice brushed steel finish and carbon fiber inserts.

7. Samsung Rugged Military Grade Protective Cover

Finally, the last entry in our top of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rugged cases is coming directly from the South Korean manufacturer. We’re talking about the Samsung Rugged Military Grade Protective Cover, a model designed and tested so it can withstand serious drops and shocks. It can be a perfect choice for anybody with slippery hands and not only.

The case fits the Note 8 perfectly, while the buttons are covered by responsive covers, so you can use them in any environment with ease. IT’s available just in Black and Deep Blue, but both of them look incredibly good on the phone. If you prefer OEM accessories, this is the one you should totally get!

And with this, we’re all done. These are just a few of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rugged cases you can buy right now. Honestly, we had a hard time deciding upon our favorite, but after analyzing the pros and cons of each model, we did manage to reach a conclusion.

Our Pick: Supcase Unicorn Beetle Shield Series Case

When it comes to rugged cases, we’re totally for those models able to provide 360-degree protection. And this is exactly what this model from Supcase does, thanks to the integrated screen protector. Also, we’re fans of the color combinations it’s available in, especially Blue and Gray, which helps the phone stand out a bit. Like it was necessary…

But what about you? Which one of these Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rugged cases would you pick and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!



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