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10 Best iPad Air 4 Cases With Pencil Holder

iPad Air 4th generation is one of the most sought-after items among buyers these days. It is a firm favorite among them due to its advanced configuration and attributes of a smartphone. Plus, it is also a status symbol.

Whether you already have it or are planning to buy one, you might want to expand its lifespan. Enclosing it in a case with a pencil holder is one of the smart ways to go about it.

But what constitutes the right choice for you among an overwhelming number of options?

We have you covered! In this post, we will uncover the top 10 best iPad Air 4th generation cases with pencil holders. So, sit back and read on to find out more about it.

Top 10 iPad Air 4 Cases With Pencil Holder

1. ESR Folio Case for iPad Air 4

This handy cover case with a pencil holder is a dedicated piece for accommodating the 4th generation of iPad Air. It has not just one but several features that can convince any buyer to go for it without a second thought.

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The primary characteristics for which you may want to buy the piece include the following:

Premium feel: A microfiber lining in conjunction with a frame of sturdy build compliments the classic design of the product. Not only does it lend the product its classic design but also gives it a stylish look.

Auto sleep/wake: The cover case has powerful magnets that wake up or put the device to sleep when you turn on or turn off the cover.

Compatibility with the pencil: A special guilt cutout and holder not only accommodates the attachment of the pencil but also supports its wireless charging.

Proper ventilation: A large cut out on the rear side made of polycarbonate allows the cooling of the device so as to maximize the lifespan of its battery.

2. Poetic Lumos X Series Case for iPad Air 4

The​ ​Poetic​ ​Lumos​ ​X​ ​for​ ​the​ Apple iPad Air 4 is a smart protector that gives your precious iPad the much-need security against the wear and tear that may surface over time. It has one of the simplest and elegant designs among the existing covers for Apple iPad Air 4.

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Wondering why you should get this cover? Here are some of the hallmark features for which you might want to consider the idea:

Flexible design: Among other things, the flexible design of the product is one of the important characteristics that may turn you on to purchase it. You can install and remove it in a hassle-free way.

Automatic sleep or wake-up feature: The cover has a built-in magnetic closure which turns on its sleep mode as soon as you close it.

Stylish and slim design: Even with the addition of a back bumper case with a simple and straightforward design, the product looks stylish enough to attract the attention of any buyer.

Easy to carry: The product isn’t too heavy, so you can carry it anywhere you want. You would find this feature to be helpful if you are someone who does a lot of traveling.

3. ESR Trifold Case for iPad Air 4

This cover is designed for fitting an iPad Air 4th Generation and possesses several attributes that make it the best buy.

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Prominent among them include the following:

Easy pencil charging: The side-cut out of the cover caters to the need for charging the pencil through easy pairing.

Smart stand: You can fold the cover into a stand without much effort. The powerful magnets will put your device to sleep or wake it up when you open or close the front cover.

Full protection: The cover has protective features to keep both the device and the pencil safe from any damage or wear and tear. The design and the building material of the front cover as well as the back shell lend a helping hand to this feature.

4. Fintie Case for iPad Air 4th Gen

Lightweight, slim, and a cover with a stretchable design, this product has numerous characteristics to qualify for being one of the best covers for iPad Air 4th Generation.

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The hallmark features of the cover include the following:

Slim design and easy to carry: The cover is made of PU leather and features a slim design that is pleasing to the eye. It is not too heavy, meaning that you can carry it from one place to the other without worrying about the weight factor.

Easy charging and viewing: You can charge the pencil wirelessly and also utilize the flipping capability of the over to turn it into a tripod stand to enjoy the best view of the screen.

Easy wake-up/sleep feature: Whenever you open or close the lid, the device wakes up or sleeps on its own. This automatic feature eliminates the need for any manual action.

5. DTTO iPad 10.9 case iPad Air 4

Featuring a back made of soft TPU, and ultra-thin as well as a lightweight design, DTTO iPad 10.9 case iPad Air 4th Generation case features on top of the list among the existing covers for iPad device.

Buy on Amazon: DTTO iPad 10.9 case iPad Air 4

Automatic wake/sleep feature: The powerful magnets installed in the front cover automatically wakes up and puts the device in the sleeping mode when you flip the front cover.

Protection to pencil from an accidental fall: The cover holds the pencil tightly so as to prevent the possibility of any damage to its surface due to an accidental fall.

Auto adjustment feature at different angles: With the help of the cover, you can adjust the position of your device at various angles to facilitate easy viewing/typing.

Lifetime warranty: Unlike the majority of the other covers for iPad 4th generation, this one comes with a lifetime warranty which makes it worth every penny.

6. ProCase iPad Air 4 case

This lightweight and stylish cover for iPad Air 4 features on the top list of covers as well.

Buy on Amazon: ProCase iPad Air 4 case

Built-in pencil holder: The cover features a pencil holder by default using which you can store the pencil. Plus, you can also charge it wirelessly to keep it in working condition all the time.

Easy installation and removal: You can install or remove this cover as per your need without putting up a lot of effort.

Lightweight and stylish: The lightweight and ultra-thin design of the product not only promotes its usefulness but also offers stability to the stand.

Full features: It consists of all the essential features such as the cameras, speaker, buttons, and ports. The only thing which is not present is the smart keyboard.

7. Ztotop Case for New iPad Air 4

This cover is one of the easy-to-carry and easy-to-remove covers for iPad Air 4th Generation.

Buy on Amazon: Ztotop Case for New iPad Air 4

The top features that make the product stand out from the rest to include the following:

Honeycomb grid pattern: The honeycomb grid pattern of the front layer allows heat to escape. It helps release about 80% of heat.

Durable building material: The back cover made of soft TPU, a microfiber lining, and PU leather exterior come together to make the cover a durable product.

Auto sleep/wake feature: The powerful magnets wake up or put the device to sleep without the need for any manual effort when you flip the cover, which is located right at the front.

Pencil Holder: The cover is so designed to not only facilitate the storage of your device but to also charge its pencil wirelessly.

Multiple viewing angles: You can set up the device for easy viewing at multiple angles.

8. MoKo Case Fit New iPad Air 4

MoKo Case Fit New iPad Air 4th Generation 2020 has a modern design and a translucent back corner.

Buy on Amazon: MoKo Case Fit New iPad Air 4

The prominent features of this cover include the following:

Pencil holder: The built-in pencil holder of the cover not only enables users to store the device and its pencil with ease but also allows them to charge it without any hassle.

Durable material: The soft microfiber lining and the durable PU exterior along with soft TPU back makes the cover durable. If you have been thinking of investing in a durable product, then this is the right product for you.

Lightweight: The lighter weight of the product promotes ease of movement. You can carry the device in the cover without worrying about the weight factor.

Accurate and precise cutouts: Due to the precise cutouts of the product, you can use all its functions without the need to take out your device from the cover.

9. Supveco iPad Air 4 case

This Supveco product comes across in black and is made of a combination of polyurethane and thermoplastic polyurethane.

Buy on Amazon: Supveco iPad Air 4 case

The product finds a place on the list of the top covers for the device due to the following features:

Total body protection: The back and the front cover provide protection to the whole body of the device.

Auto wake/sleep: You can wake up the device and put it to sleep without any manual effort – thanks to the powerful magnets installed in the cover.

Perfect fit: The cover is specially designed to hold the iPad Air 4 case to perfection. Thus, you can fit the device into the cover without any apprehension of the former falling from the latter.

10. Elegant Choise iPad Air 4th Generation Case

As the name suggests, this elegant cover with multiple protection layers.

Buy on Amazon: Elegant Choise iPad Air 4 case

3-layered protection: The silicone back cover, coupled with the front cover, absorbs all kinds of shock impacts to protect the device from any damage.

Functional kickstand: Available in both horizontal and vertical kickstand designs, it comes with multiple carrying choices for users of all age-groups.

Precision in design and cutouts: By virtue of this feature, you can access all the primary functionalities of your device without the need to take it out from the cover.

Apple pencil 2nd Gen charging: You can charge Apple Pencil 2nd Gen wirelessly with this cover on your device.

So, there you go – these are some of the top covers to not only protect your iPad Air 4 from any damage but to also make it look more stylish. Choose any one of these products depending on your budget and preferences.



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