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ufiTech is a technology blog that aims to provide genuine reviews of tech products. We simply deliver the right information so that our readers can see the best out of any product and finally dip into the conclusion about which product they should buy.

Apart from tech reviews, we post important news updates that happening in the tech ecosystem.

TufiTech editors keeps them up-to-date with the latest technology buzz and deliver the news to our readers.

Apart from the tech guides, our work has also been featured on the leading news sites like the Venture Beat, Huffington Post, Value Walk, Phone Arena and AllTop.

Man behind TufiTech

Anup KayasthaI’m Anup Kayastha, the guy behind TufiTech. I started TufiTech out of my general interest in gadgets and their technology. I need some place where I could discuss the technological breakthroughs. I got this idea of sharing my opinions on tech products in form of online publication so the people can read what I write and recommend all in one place — which is the TufiTech.

What is ‘Tufi’?

‘Tufi’ is a Newari word meaning broom that is originated from Newari language — the community I belong to.

So, why Tufi? I just like this word. There is no question such as “why?”.

You can follow me on Twitter @anupkayastha and email me at anup[at]tufitech.com


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