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It’s finally here! After a long wait, the OnePlus 5, one of the most expected phones of the year, was finally released and we totally love it. After all, you’re getting a flagship, with top notch specs and a premium (but familiar) design, for less than $500.

Besides all this, it’s the manufacturer thinnest flagship yet, measuring a bit over 7mm in thickness, which kinda makes it look fragile. However, it’s a sturdy phone, which looks and feel good, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a chance to drop it, purely accidental…

This is where cases come in. Even though this is a very new model, there are already a few great cases available for it, which should keep it safe, in case something unfortunate happens. After taking a quick look on Amazon, we managed to put together a list with them, in order to help you choose wisely.

These are the best OnePlus 5 cases money can buy right now:

1. KuGi Scratch Resistant Case

best oneplus 5 case from kugi

The first entry in our top comes from KuGi and, until date, it’s one of the best OnePlus 5 cases, in terms of design. With some really nice carbon fiber inserts on the back and a brushed metal look, it adds a plus of elegance to the phone, while the slim profile doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to the device.

The case is made of high quality, soft materials, offering a very nice feeling, but it’s also able to take some light shocks, in case of a drop.

It provides full access to all buttons, camera lens, headphone jack, speakerphone and microphone, not to mention that it’s very easy to slip on the device and stays on securely. You can get it in Black, Navy, Gray and Red.

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2. TUDIA Slim Fit Case

best oneplus 5 case from tudia

Next, we have a case from the folks over at Tudia, rocking a dual layer design, consisting in a premium quality polycarbonate outer layer, as well as an enhanced TPU rubberized gel skin, offering slim, lightweight and form-fitted protection for your OnePlus 5.

Basically, the soft inner TPU absorbs and disperses the shock, while the outer shield protects against scratches, while maintaining a smooth and sleek feel.

The snap on design allows for easy installation and it also comes wit raised edges, protecting the display from scratches, when the phone is faced down. And you can mount any screen protector with ease! You can get this model in multiple colors, like Matte Black, Metallic Slate, Mint or Rose Gold.

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3. AVIDET Soft Transparent Case

best oneplus 5 case from avidet

A top with the best OnePlus 5 cases wouldn’t be complete without a transparent model, like this one, from Avidet.

Made of soft silicone TPU, it increases the phone’s grip and protection level, while allowing you to enjoy the details and the original design. Not to mention that it’s also great for keeping scratches, dust and fingerprints away.

Besides all these, the case comes with cutouts for the camera, as well as the side buttons. Basically, you don’t need to remove it in order to access the phone’s special functions. Pretty much one of the best choices of the moment, considering how good the OnePlus 5 looks. Seriously, it’s a shame to keep that design hidden!

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4. Orzly FlexiCase Skin Cover

best oneplus 5 case from orzly

Another interesting OnePlus 5 case is this model from Orzly, made from a durable material, offering protection against daily wear and tear, as well as small knocks, bumps of scratches. Designed with a slim profile, it will add minimal bulk to your phone, while increasing the grip, thus reducing the chances of dropping it.

Thanks to the soft and flexible material it’s made of, the case can be put on and remove with ease, ensuring that the phone won’t take any damage.

Of course, it also has specific cutouts on all sides, so you can access the buttons, ports and other features. Oh, and besides the classic, transparent model, you can also get a fully Black one.

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5. OtterBox Achiever Series Case

best oneplus 5 case from otterbox

Finally, the latest entry in our ‘best OnePlus 5 cases’ top comes from OtterBox and it’s actually a pretty rough model, offering increased drop protection, thanks to the dual-layer design, featuring soft inner and hard outer layers, absorbing and deflecting impacts.

Despite this rugged feeling the phone offers, it actually has a slim design, so the phone will easily slip into any pocket or purse. Also, another detail we really like is the color combo it comes in: Red and Black. One of the best models released until now, if you ask us!

And we’re all done! These are some of the best OnePlus 5 cases you can find right now. Of course, more and more models will be launched as the phone starts hitting the market, but, for the moment, these are the best picks. And yes, we do have a favorite…

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Our Pick: OtterBox Achiever Series Case

We’re in love with the color combination, as well as the design, which complements the phone and also maintains a slim look, despite the fact that it’s actually a pretty rugged model. Red and Black is always cool!

But what about you? Which one of these cases would you buy for your OnePlus 5? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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