best samsung galaxy note 8 cases

We know, it’s kind of big and difficult to handle with just one hand, but this doesn’t mean that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an ugly phone. On the contrary, it’s actually very good looking, following the same design line started by the S8 and S8+, so we won’t judge you if you want to show off a bit.

But what happens if you also want to protect it against scratches and drops, but not with a case that makes it even bigger? Don’t worry, we have just what you need!

After taking a quick look on Amazon, we’ve come across some excellent Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ultra thin cases, which manage to keep your phone safe, but without adding any additional bulk to the phone, making it difficult to handle.

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Therefore, enough with the talking. Let’s see some of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ultra thin cases you can currently buy:

1. Spigen Thin Fit Premium Case

best samsung galaxy note 8 case from spigen 2

On the other side, if you don’t like bulky cases and want something as slim as possible, the Spigen Thin Fit Premium Case is definitely one option to consider. It’s made with scratch resistant polycarbonate, which keeps the phone lightweight and pocket-friendly. On the sides, there are cutouts for the buttons, so you don’t need to worry about accessibility.

Thanks to the QNMP compatible slot on the back, the case allows you to use magnetic car mounts with ease. Also, it’s compatible with a Spigen NeoFlex screen protector, in case you want full protecting for your new smartphone. As for the colors, you can get this case in Orchid Gray, Deep Sea Blue, Maple Gold, or Matte Black.

2. Trianium Clarium Series Ergonomic Case

best samsung galaxy note 8 case from trianium

Next in our top of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases comes the Trianium Clarium Series Ergonomic model, which is great for anybody who wants to show off a bit. After all, despite the size, this is a very good looking handset!

The case has a full-shock absorbing design, made with TPU and a rigid back, but managing to maintain a slim profile, which doesn’t add any additional bulk and creates a comfortable grip. It has raised bezels around the display, so it won’t touch any flat surface. And it’s also compatible with pretty much any screen protector! You can get this case full clear or with a Blue, Pink, or Midnight Black bumper.

3. Maxboost mSnap Smooth Slim Case

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ultra thin case from Maxboost

One of our favorite Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ultra thin cases is the Maxboost mSnap Smooth Slim Case, a model made with sturdy polycarbonate and able to provide added protection to your phone, while minimizing bulk and maximizing portability. Seriously, what more can you ask for?

The case provides 360-degree protection, so the sides are also safe, while the covered corners and the raised edges make sure your phone is constantly out of any danger, even when placed on a flat surface. It was designed to increase the phone’s grip, thanks to the smooth matte-finish coating, while the open cutouts offer easy access to speakers and charging ports. It’s wireless charging-compatible and you can get it in Black, Turqouise, or Rose Gold.

4. Cresawis Lightweight Ultra Slim Case

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ultra thin case from Cresawis

Moving on, we have the Cresawis Lightweight Ultra Slim Case, a model with a unique design, able to keep the true feeling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and preserve its original beauty. Despite being a slim and lightweight model, it’s still able to provide advanced shock absorption, as well as protection against drops, bumps, scratches and shocks.

Made with environmentally-friendly Soft TPU materials, as well as carbon fiber inserts, the case looks very good on the phone and it also increases the grip. On the sides, it has button covers, but these don’t affect their functionality at all, being as responsive as without anything on them. It’s available just in Black, with a faux leather look on the back.

5. Lohasic Hybrid Cute Armor Bumper

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ultra thin case from Lohasic

One of the thinnest models in our selection is the Lohasic Hybrid Cute Armor Bumper, a hard and flexible case with an ultra-clear transparent body, revealing and enhancing the Galaxy Note 8’s original look. It offers full body protection, including the corners and sides.

As you can notice, there’s a raised edge protecting the display, as well as the rear-mounted camera. The precise cutouts for the buttons aren’t missing either, offering quick access and quick responsiveness, while maintaining a seamless look. Also, there’s a dotted texture on the clear back, in order to prevent any marks or fingerprints. And you can’t actually drop it with this case on, unless you have some of the slipperiest hands in the world!

6. Avalri Think Fit Case

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ultra thin case from Avalri

Ok, get ready for this: this is pretty much the thinnest case we could come across, compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. We’re talking about the Avalri Think Fit Case, which covers the back of the phone and parts of the sides, in order to offer the minimum amount of protection and keep scratches and cracks away. After all, who would want such thing on such an expensive phone?

Despite the minimum amount of bulk it adds (believe us, it’s ridiculously thin), the case does a good job, actually! Besides keeping your phone as brand new, it’s form-fitted, to ensure anti-slip grip, not to mention that it offers buttons a great click response and quick accessibility. You can get it in various colors, in order to match your personal style!

7. Basstop Ultra-Slim Back Cover

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ultra thin case from Basstop

And finally, the latest model in our list with the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ultra thin cases is the Basstop Ultra-Slim Back Cover. Slim and light, the case will never make your phone look bulky, while the matte finish adds a plus of elegance to the overall look.

Made with hard polycarbonate, a high strength material which ensures heavy duty protection, the case can make sure that the phone survives in case of an unexpected drop. Besides this, it can also protect it from accidental knocks, scratches and minor impacts. There are tactile buttons on the sides, which deliver excellent feedback for volume and power control, for a seamless experience. You can get the case in Black or Red.

And we’re all done. These are just a few of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ultra thin cases, which can be used to add an additional layer of protection to your phone, but without making it hard to fit in your pockets. Like always, we had to decide upon our favorite, but it was far from being easy. In the end, though, we managed to take a decision…

Our pick: Spigen Thin Fit Premium Case

The Galaxy Note 8 is a big phone, so we’re not fancying heavy duty cases, even though they’re able to protect it even in case of a serious drop. Considering this, Spigen’s slim model is our first choice! And don’t get fooled by the design, since it does a great job at protecting your device. Bonus points for the special slot on the back, which allows you to put a metallic plate with ease, so you can use it with a magnetic car mount.

But what about you? Which one of these slim cases would you pick for your phone and, most importantly, why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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