Best gifts for writers

Writers are very complex persons and picking the perfect gift for them can be a pretty big challenge. After all, you want to get them something that can help them with their writing or improve their creativity, not just any gift, right?

Well, we don’t know about you guys, but if you ask us, it can be pretty hard to do this.

Fortunately, we did the job for you and managed to put together a short list with some of the best gifts for writers, which will definitely put a big smile on their face this Christmas!

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Let’s see what we’ve come across.

Here are some of the best gifts for writers:

1. Aqua Notes Waterproof Note Pad

Waterproof notepad gift for writer

You know what they say, some of the best ideas come while in the shower. And nobody wants to miss them! This waterproof notepad is perfect for those moments, helping your writer friend capture and preserve ideas before they’re forgotten.

Basically, it’s paper that can’t get wet, so your ideas will always be safe!

See? Told you that we had some cool ideas!

2. CafePress Cotton T-Shirt

Tshirt for writers

…but not just any t-shirt, but one with a very suggestive message, which any writer would love! “Careful or you’ll end up in my novel” says that professionally printed message on it and it will definitely make everybody who read it smile.

You can get it in various sizes and colors, like Black, Caribbean Blue, Charcoal Heather, Kelly, Red and, of course, Pink.

3. Parker Jotter Premium Ballpoint Pen

Parker pen gift for writers

We’re talking about writers here, right? Therefore, you can’t go wrong with a nice writing instrument, like this ballpoint pen from Parker, which can easily be considered one of the best gifts for writers!

It has a classic design, while the ballpoint nib offers exceptional durability and ease. It’s perfect for daily use, as the Quinkflow technology provides smoother, cleaner and more consistent writing performance. You can get it in four different finishes, by the way.

4. Writer’s Mug

Mug gift for writer

A little dose of inspiration is always required and this mug, with a very suggestive message, might just do the trick. It’s available for a very good price and can turn out to be a great stocking stuffer for your writer friend.

Also, he or she will see it every morning, so it’s guaranteed to turn out into a gift that won’t be easily forgotten!

5. Rory’s Story Cubes

Story cubes for writing

This is one of the coolest things we’ve seen lately! Rory’s Story Cubes is basically a pocket-sized creative story generator, which can lead to hours of playing.

Everything you need to do is roll the cubes, check out the images on them and let them spark your imagination. Also, make sure you write down your stories, you never know who might appreciate them! A great gift for writers and not only!

6. Antique Writing Quill Pen

Antique Feather Copper Pen for writers

Honestly, we would totally love to receive such a gift! Why? Because it’s an absolutely cool writing quill, which will make your favorite write feel like they’re Shakespeare, that’s why!

It has a metallic body and it comes in a stylish box, containing ink and steel tips. Of course, it’s not the most practical everyday writing instrument, but it’s perfect for practicing your calligraphy and show off a bit. I mean, it can also make a nice decoration for an office!

7. Mustard Katana Bookends

Mustard Katana Bookends for writers

Finally, the latest entry in our ‘best gifts for writers’ top is this katana bookends set, from Mustard and Co. It’s the great addition for any room, featuring a plastic blade and handle, creating the optical illusion that a katana is slicing through your books.

Also, it can be used for DVD collections as well, not just books, as the sword will make its way through some of your favorite movies!

And we’re pretty much done, these are some of the best gifts for writers you can make this Christmas! If you ask us, all of them are awesome, but the last item on our list, the katana bookends we’ve talked about just a few moments ago, is something we’d buy in the first place!

What about you guys? Presuming that you’re looking for a gift for that writer in your life, which one of these would you pick and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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