Cydia TweaksThe great benefit of using a jailbroken iOS device is the ability to manipulate it in ways that Apple never intended. Using Cydia to install third party software and tweak the operating system is the most popular method of achieving this, and there are now a whole host of apps and tweaks available for iOS 8 to 8.1.2, that you would never be able to find in the official App Store.

While some of these are simply fun and novel ways to change the visual experience, there are handful of tweaks that are extremely useful and improve the efficiency of iOS 8. Here are 10 Cydia Tweaks we think you definitely need to check out:

OnTapMusic – Easy Access to Music Controls

OnTapMusic Cydia TweakOnTapMusic puts you in control of your music from within the reachability view, making it much more efficient to navigate your playlist while doing other things. Simply invoke reachability while a song is playing, and the album artwork and song title will appear, allowing you to swipe to the next track, and double tap for play/pause functions.

Price: FREE

Nuntius – Quick Reply For WhatsApp

Nuntius WhatsApp Cydia TweakChances are if you’re messaging your friends you’re using WhatsApp. The trouble is when you get a notification you have to fire up the App and use its interface. Not with Nuntius! This awesome tweak allows you to reply to WhatsApp messages from within the notification window, which will save time for those with trigger happy fingers.

Price: FREE

Slices – Account Switching With A Swipe

Slices Cydia TweakIf you are one of those iPhone users that have to manage multiple accounts for multiple apps, it can be a pain constantly logging in and out. With the Slices tweak you can stay logged in to all of your accounts simultaneously, so all you have to do is swipe from one to the other, making social media or other account switching as simple as can be.

Price: $1.99

StatusHUD 2 – Clean Volume Control

StatusHud 2 CydiaDo you ever find it annoying that when you want to change the volume, the bar appears slap bang in the middle of the screen? StatusHUD 2 is one of the most popular Cydia tweaks, and solves this issue by putting the bar at the top of the screen. You can also change how the icon looks for a unique experience. Now your media will never be interrupted again.

Price: FREE

NoSlowAnimations – Speed Up Laggy Animations

No Slow Animations CydiaFor whatever reason Apple have not designed the fastest animations for iOS. In fact some of them appear laggy, even though that’s just how they’re meant to look. The NoSlowAnimations tweak gives you a much snappier experience, especially when it comes to the zooming animation when opening apps.

Price: FREE

Photo Organizer 8 – Enhanced Photo Management

photo organizer 8 cydiaThe Photo Organizer 8 tweak makes sorting your images simple. You can do this via name, date, and size, and you do not need iTunes to sync them. You can also select all of your images at once, which is conspicuously from regular iOS.

Price: $2.99


iCleaner Pro – Keep Your Device Fast and Clean

icleaner pro cydiaJust like computers, mobile devices need to be well maintained in order to have a fast and error free experience. iCleaner Pro allows you to delete a range of unneeded files and caches, to free up space – keeping the system running efficiently.

Price: FREE

VibCall – Call Connection Alert

VibCall CydiaA simple yet powerful tweak that will send a small vibration through your iPhone when the person you are calling connects. This reassures you that there is somebody on the other end.

Price: FREE


WhatsApp+ – Stealth WhatsApp

whatsappplusOne of the key features of the WhatsApp+ tweak is that it allows you to use the messaging app anonymously. This means your contacts will never be able to tell when you are online of if you’ve read their messages.

Price: FREE

IntelliScreenX – Notification Manager

IntelliScreenX CydiaIntelliScreenX allows you to customize the iOS Notification Center to your liking, so only what you want to see will be displayed. This might include Twitter, Facebook, RSS news, and Emails. Furthermore IntelliScreenX can be accessed from the lockscreen, making notifications much more accessible.

Price: $9.99 for new users, FREE for version 6/7 users.

So, these are the 10 of the most useful cydia tweaks you might want to install on your iPhone. Let us know which you find the best!


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