Best Google Pixel Cases

Even though it’s been just a day since it was officially introduced, the Google Pixel seems to be a pretty popular device and fans all over the world are desperately trying to get their hands on one. However, the handset is now available just for pre-ordering, at a pretty big price!

If you’re going to get one yourself, we’re pretty sure that you don’t want to damage it, so we thought at looking for some cases. To our surprise, there are a lot of models already available on Amazon! After a bit of research, we’ve picked ten of the best you can get right now!

1. LK Google Pixel Case

LK Google Pixel Case

If you’re the type of user who likes to carry a lot of stuff, then you definitely need a wallet case.

Available in five different colors and with a price tag of just $9.99, this model from LK will keep the phone safe and secure, thanks to the soft TPU inner skin shell and the shock absorbing material it’s made of.

The automatic magnetic closure will hold the case securely closed, so you don’t need to worry about dropping it. Oh, and it also works as a stand!

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2. Cimo Slim Protective Cover

Cimo Google Pixel Case

If you’re on a budget, but still need a Google Pixel case, this is one for you!

Available at just $7.98, this simple and slim, yet durable case, made of TPU and polycarbonate, will preserve the phone’s design and increase its grip.

It has raised bezels, so the display will remain safe and scratch free if you drop it or place it faced down.

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3. MicroP Google Pixel Case

MicroP Google Pixel Case

Despite the ridiculously low price, of just $7,89, this is one of the best looking Google Pixel cases in our top! It’s made from flexible TPU, with a cool matte, black finish, able to absorb shocks and keep scratches away from your phone.

We really like the silky smooth feel it has and we would totally buy it, in this exact color, despite being available in four more.

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4. LK Google Pixel Silicone Case

LK slim Google Pixel Case

Ok, so today we have a top with a lot of cheap Google Pixel cases, as this one, from LK, doesn’t cost more than $7.99.

With an incredibly slim body, it won’t add a lot of unnecessary bulk to the phone, while protecting it against scratches and drops, thanks to the strong TPU it’s made of. It has an exact design, allowing easy access to all buttons and ports.

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5. Sparin Google Pixel Case

Sparin Google Pixel Case

Next, we have a model from Sparin, made from eco-friendly TPU, with a transparent clear body, able to retain the original color and design of the Google Pixel. The soft coating and rounded edges create a great grip, while adding minimal bulk to the phone.

It features Advanced Shock Absorption Technology, with four Air Cushioned corners and it can be yours for just $7.81. See? Told you that these models are all cheap!

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6. DGtle Premium Slim Cover

Google Pixel Case by DGtle

Ladies and gentlemen, this one might as well be our favorite. Made of lightweight and flexible TPU, this snap-on Google Pixel case looks incredibly well with the matte black finish!

It’s able to deal with shocks, scratches and other dents, while having a very soft touch feeling. The best part about it? It’s available for just $7.99.

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7. Youmaker Google Pixel Case

Google Pixel Case by YouMaker

If you want something a bit tougher, with an included belt clip holster, then you should definitely consider this model! It has a dual-layer structure, made of shock-absorbing TPU and durable polycarbonate, so you really don’t need to worry about accidental drops, bumps or other shocks.

The raised lip offers protection against scratches for both front and back of the device, so we can really ignore the amount of bulk it adds. It can be yours for $14.99.

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8. Vinve Silicon Skin Cover

Vinve Google Pixel Case

Looking after a more elegant look? How about one of the slimmest Google Pixel cases of the moment? With a unique and slim design, giving a very comfortable feel, this case is very flexible, but it’s still able to protect your phone.

It’s made of non-toxic TPU and it’s currently available for just $7.88.

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9. MP-Mall Slim Fit Rubber Case

MP Mall Google Pixel Case

We get it, you have slippery hands and tend to drop your phone. Don’t worry, we got you covered! You’re looking here at a lightweight case, with a slim and modern look, adding minimal bulk to your device and featuring raised bezels, so it can keep your display scratch free as well.

It comes with precise cutouts, so you can easily access all the ports, and, overall, it’s very easy to put on and remove. You can have it for $7.99.

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10. iBeek Cover Case

iBeek Google Pixel Case

Finally, if you want to show off your new phone and keep it safe at the same time, we have one of the most interesting Google Pixel cases in our top. Featuring two layers of protection, with a shock-absorbing frame, with soft TPU edges on all sides, and a solid hard crystal clear back panel, made of 4H-rated acrylic, your phone will definitely be in good hands.

Let’s not forget about the raised bezels, so scratches won’t get close to your display! You can buy this model for $8.99.

See it at Amazon

Our pick

Honestly, it wasn’t pretty hard to decide which one of these Google Pixel cases is your favorite, as the DGtle Premium Silver Case managed to catch our attention easily! It looks ridiculously good on the phone and it provides all the protection you need. What more can you ask for?

Now it’s your turn. Which one of these models you prefer and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below.


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