best htc u ultra screen protectors

As you probably already know, the HTC U Ultra was recently introduced, but it has a ridiculously high price. But hey, we’re convinced that it will be a success, considering the incredible amount of power it’s packing, as well as the futuristic design. Still, if you’re paying that much money for this phone, you might as well make sure that it’s constantly safe.

Previously, we’re covered some of the best cases you can buy right now, so it’s time to focus on another important way of protecting it: with a screen protector.

Once again, remember that we’re talking about a new phone, so there aren’t a lot of models available, but we like to think that we found the best ones yet, after a look on Amazon. So, without much further ado, these are the best HTC U Ultra screen protectors!

1. IQShield LiQuid Skin Full Coverage Protector

best htc u ultra screen protector from iqshield

Very easy to install, this proprietary screen protector from IQShield is crafted using a revolutionary process that melds high response sensitivity, self healing durability and non-yellowing optical transparency, into a single layer of flexible, yet tough film.

Classified as smart film, once applied, the LiQuid Skin merges mobile protection and user interactivity into a single enjoyable experience. Or, keeping it short, you will barely notice it. And it’s great at protecting your display!

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2. Skinomi MatteSkin Full Coverage Protector

best htc u ultra screen protector from skinomi

Next, we have another great HTC U Ultra screen protector from Skinomi, specifically designed to offer maximum screen coverage. The matte/anti-glare infused material is made of was formulated to significantly reduce glare and improve visibility in bright environments.

Besides this, the film provides a smooth, satin texture, giving your device a high quality look and feel. It’s self healing, flexible and tough, thanks to the military-grade elastic polymer, which ensures that the display of your phone is protected at all times, so you don’t need to worry about scratches, punctures, UV light, smudges and fingerprints.

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3. MP-Mall Tempered Glass

best htc u ultra screen protector from mp-mall

If you’re looking for a solid HTC U Ultra screen protector, you might as well check this model from MP-Mall, providing maximum protection against drops, scratches and scrapes, thanks to the high quality tempered glass it’s made of, with polished, rounded edges.

It has a 9H hardness and 99.99% transparency, preserving the original screen brightness. Besides this, it adheres to the phone’s screen, without any bubbles, leaving the display’s sensitivity unaffected.

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4. LK Tempered Glass Protector

best htc u ultra screen protector from lk

Another tempered glass screen protector for HTC U Ultra joins our list, but this time it comes from LK. Made from superior 9H glass, it’s scratch resistant and shatterproof, keeping your screen safe from scratches or high impact drops.

The film features an oleophobic and anti-fingerprint coating, keeping it clean all the time. It fits the display precisely and it comes with laser cut openings for the front facing camera and speaker. Oh, and it’s very easy to apply by anybody, so you don’t need to worry about this aspect at all.

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5. SPARIN Ultra Clear Tempered Glass

best htc u ultra screen protector from sparin

The folks over at SPARIN are also present in our ‘best HTC U Ultra screen protectors’ top, with a tempered glass model able to cover the flat portion of the screen and leaving no white-adhesive halo. The film is super thin and scratch resistant, being made of 9H Strong Hardness Anti Scratch tempered glass, three times stronger than a regular film.

Highly transparent, this kind of screen protector ensures 99% light transmittance and keeps the bright and colorful image quality.

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6. iLLumiShield Anti-Glare Screen Protector

best htc u ultra screen protector from ilumi shield

Moving on, we have another great protector, this time coming from iLLumiShield, designed with high quality PET film, imported from Japan and consisting in multiple layers. Each layer provides specific functions, allowing the film to outperform competitor product that use inferior materials and manufacturing processes.

The Anti-Glare technology refracts and disperses reflected light from your device to pass through without distorting your viewing experience. Also, the anti-bubble silicone resin layer it features is self-adhesive, which allows an easy, dry installation.

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7. Klear Cut HD Pet Film

best htc u ultra screen protector from klear cut

Finally, the last HTC U Ultra screen protector from our list comes from Klear Cut and it’s made of a high quality, multi-layer PET film, able to prevent scratches, scrapes and fingerprints from forming on your screen.

The anti-bubble silicone layer ensures an easy installation, by preventing bubbles from forming under the screen protector, while the Exact Real-Touch technology allows your device’s screen to remain fully functional and responsive.

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Our pick: IQShield Full Coverage Protector

And we’re all done, everybody! These are the best HTC U Ultra cases you can buy right now. Of course, even though most of them are pretty much the same thing, we still have a favorite. We’re talking about IQShield’s LiQuid Screen, mostly because it covers the entire display¬†and it won’t get yellow in time. But hey, it’s just a personal choice.

What about you guys? Which one of these screen protectors would you pick for your HTC U Ultra and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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