best iphone 7 folio cases

Even though it’s been on the market for a few months now and we had enough time to praise it, we’re going to say it again: the iPhone 7 is one of the best looking smartphones ever made, especially with the Jet Black finish.

However, the Jet Black version (as well as other models, more or less) is a real fingerprint magnet, not to mention how fragile it is, so in the eventuality of a drop, you can pretty much say goodbye to your shiny iPhone 7. Or, if you’re lucky enough, you might end up with a shattered smartphone.

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But hey, nobody wants this and this is what cases are for! Today, we’re talking about some of the best iPhone 7 folio cases, perfect for protecting both sides of the phone and, why not, store some of your essential stuff. Let’s see what’s our top pick for the best iPhone 7 Folio cases:

1. Nouske Flip Folio

best iphone 7 folio case from nouske

We’re starting with one of the best selling iPhone 7 folio cases, coming from the folks over at Nouske! It’s made of PU leather and color matching, soft microfiber, as well as anti-stretch TPU, combined with durable polycarbonate, providing 360 full body protection for your phone.

Like any respectable folio case, this model can also work as a stand, being great for hands free viewing or reading! You can get it in Black, Gold, Pink, Purple, Silver, Navy Blue and finally, Rose Gold.

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2. VVIA Leather Slim Case

best iphone 7 folio case from vvia

Next, we have a very elegant leather slim folio case – synthetic, but still very good looking – offering your phone a vintage look, thanks to the rub pattern design. It also has slots for IDs, cash or even credit cards, so you can completely forget about your wallet.

It has precision cutouts for all ports and buttons, while the integrated kickstand is great for creating a mobile theater, for media sessions on the go. It’s available in Deep Brown (our favorite), Black, Brown, Red, Bright Black, Orange Yellow and Wine Red.

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3. SHIELDON iPhone 7 Folio Case

best iphone 7 folio case from shieldon

Moving on, we have another leather iPhone 7 folio case, but this one is actually made from genuine cowhide leather, looking stylish and with a natural and soft feel. It’s perfect for on-the-go use, thanks to its card holders and side pocket for money, as well as the magnetic lock design, making sure that everything stays inside.

It provides full protection for your iPhone 7 and has cutouts for ports and buttons, very easy to access. And, you guessed it, it also works as a stand. You can get one in Brown or Black.

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4. Mophie Hold Force Folio Case

best iphone 7 folio case from mophie

mophie, one of our favorite accessories manufacturers, is also present in our top, with a really good looking iPhone 7 folio case, made of long-lasting, premium materials. It has integrated magnets, so the front cover stays closed, while on the inside we can find two card pockets, perfect for some cards or ID.

The hinged design stands at the perfect viewing angle, so you can use your phone for media consuming, hands free! Unfortunately, you can get it just with a nice Navy finish right now.

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5. Gear Best iPhone 7 Folio Case

best iphone 7 folio case from gear best

Definitely the best choice for those who want to completely ditch their wallets! This case from Gear Best has slots for five different credit cards or IDs (one of them being transparent, for each access to your photo ID), as well as a special money pouch! It supports Apple Pay and it’s designed in such a way to reduce the chance of signal loss.

Despite all these slots, it manages to maintain a slim profile for your phone, adding a minimum amount of bulk and retaining the stylish design of the iPhone 7. It’s available in Navy Blue and Black.

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6. LONTECT Ultra Slim PU Clear Case

best iphone 7 folio case from lontect

If you want to show off your phone’s design, then we have something you’ll definitely love! This iPhone 7 folio case from LONTECT has a clear and solid TPU back, combined with a durable, high-grade PU leather exterior flap. While keeping your phone protection (it also has an raised lip, to keep the display safe), it shows its fine lines, so you can always enjoy the design.

Like most models present in our top, it has an included slot for a credit card or ID. Finally, let’s not forget about the precise cutouts for speakers, camera and all functional ports, allowing you to easily access them without taking off the case. You can get one in Rose Gold, Black or Gold.

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7. EasyAcc Premium Leather Flip Case

best iphone 7 folio case from easy acc

Last but not least, we have a pretty different case, compared to other entries in our top. To be more specific, it features a view window, so you can easily check time and the status bar, without flipping the cover. It also has soft, sensitive silicon slide points, so you can answer the phone without opening the case!

Besides keeping your iPhone 7 safe and sound, even in the eventuality of a light drop, the case comes with a magnetic closure, attaching to your phone securely, and a handy viewing stand, for hands free viewing and reading. It’s available only in Black.

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Our pick: Nouske Flip Folio

And this is pretty much it! Below you have seven of the best iPhone 7 folio cases you can currently buy! Since most of them are similar, it wasn’t that easy to decide upon a favorite, but in the end, we picked the Nouske Flip Folio, mostly due to its slim design.

But what about you? What case would you choose for your iPhone? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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