Best iPad 8th gen cases

Everybody was looking forward to seeing a new iPhone from Apple during this year’s September event, but it looks like the Cupertino-based manufacturer has quite different plans when it comes to new smartphones. But this doesn’t mean that we’re not pleased with the new devices introduced by Apple a few days ago.

Among them was the company’s new entry-level tablet, the 8th gen iPad. Powered by the A12 Bionic chip and featuring the stunning 10.2” Retina display, the tablet is offering a faster and powerful experience to any user. Still, let’s not forget that we’re talking about a device that can be very fragile when it comes to accidental drops and also prone to some daily wear and tear.

But hey, it’s not like you can’t offer your new iPad 8 some tender love and care, right?

Today we’re going to talk about some of the most interesting iPad 8 cases available right now, available on Amazon, perfect for daily use, no matter if you’re a power user or just rely on the tablet for some light activity.

Let’s see what we’ve come across, shall we?

Top 10 Best iPad 8th Generation Cases and Covers

1. OtterBox Symmetry Series Case

The first item on our list is an iPad 8 case from OtterBox, one of the top manufacturers when it comes to accessories for Apple products.

Clear and lightweight, the case is made out of hard plastic and silicone, taking care of the iPad’s back and sides. It sports the MIL-STD rating, as it has been tested for drop protection from up to 4 feet, not to mention that it comes with a holder for the Apple pencil and it can be attached to Apple’s Smart Keyboard and Smart Cover. Pretty cool product, right?

OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series Case for iPad 8th gen

Buy from Amazon: OtterBox Symmetry Series Case

2. Apple Smart Cover

Well of course we can’t exclude Apple’s very own Smart Cover from this list. After all, there are several available models inspired by this evergreen design. And we can totally understand why!

Ridiculously simple in terms of looks and convenient to open it and wake up the table immediately, then make it go to sleep when you close it. Simple as that. We could consider the fact that the Apple Smart Cover protects just the front of the tablet a minus, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not one of the best iPad 8th gen cases available right now.

Smart Cover for iPad 8th generation

Buy from Amazon: Apple Smart Cover

3. Logitech Combo Touch

It would be a real shame to not take advanhome0406-20e of iPad OS’ trackpad support. That’s why we’re recommending the Logitech Combo Touch, a beautifully designed keyboard case for your new tablet.

Well-built, good-looking, and with four different use modes, for increased flexibility, Logitech’s case is a must-have for anybody who’s planning to replace their laptop with the new 8th gen iPad.

Logitech Combo Touch for iPad

Buy from Amazon: Logitech Combo Touch

4. MoKo Case for iPad 8th Gen

If the previous options look a bit pricey, don’t worry, we got you covered. There are several low-cost iPad 8 cases available out there, but most of them raise big question marks when it comes to quality. But things are a bit different when it comes to this model from MoKo.

Simple and well-priced, it covers both the front and back of the tablet, thanks to the hard polycarbonate and flexible PU leather, lined with soft microfiber. The cover folds, forming a kickstand, making this case perfect for every media consumer, while the colors palette makes sure everybody will find a suitable model.

MoKo Case Fit New iPad 8th Gen 2020

Buy from Amazon: MoKo Case for iPad 8th Gen

5. i-Blason Case for iPad 8th Generation

There are a lot of iPad users who love the design of Apple’s tablet and want to enjoy it every day. At the same time, they want to make sure their device is protected. If you’re among them, this case from i-Blason is just what you’re looking for!

Fully transparent and with a solid bumper, also available in black, the case features a notch for the Smart Cover or a Smart Keyboard, thus offering just the right amount of protection, while showcasing the tablet’s look. Sounds like a more than decent choice, don’t you think?

i-Blason Cover iPad 8th gen

Buy from Amazon: i-Blason Case for iPad 8th Generation

6. ZtotopCase Heavy Duty

Let’s say that you’re one of those 8th Gen iPad users who are planning to take the table in some of the…well, let’s say not so friendly with devices environments. Or you’re planning to share it with your kids. In this case, you need a rough case. Pun intended.

This heavy-duty model from ZtotopCase is exactly what you need. Solid and able to deal with some serious drops, this model protects the back of the table, while including a two-angle kickstand and a built-in screen protector, alongside an Apple Pencil holder. Should be just enough to keep you covered if you ask us.

ZtotopCase Cover for iPad 8th gen

Buy from Amazon: ZtotopCase Heavy Duty

7. Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Rugged Case

Hold on, we’re not done yet with the rugged cases for the 8th gen iPad, as we have another one on our list, this time coming from the folks over at Urban Armor Gear, known for making accessories able to take a beat.

The Metropolis Rugged Case features an impact-resistant soft core and a tactile grip, while on the back we can see non-slip ruggedized grip material, as well as a 360-degree rotating hand strap, making holding the iPad with one hand significantly easier. Like most products from this manufacturer’s portfolio, the case meets the MIL-STD 810G-516.6 standards, meaning that you should worry after dropping it, even from heights bigger than one meter.

URBAN armor gear UAG iPad 8th gen case

Buy from Amazon: Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Rugged Case

8. Speck Balance Folio

Moving on, the next entry on our list is an iPad 8 case that really stands out, no matter which design variant you opt for. But this isn’t the only reason why we picked the Speck Balance Folio Case.

Probably the main selling point of this case is the fact that it supports multiple standing angles, being excellent for consuming media, but also a magnetized clasp which protects the screen during a fall. Bonus points for the full linen interior, providing protection against scuffs and abrasions on the display.

Speck Products BalanceFolio for iPad 8th gen

Buy from Amazon: Speck Balance Folio

9. Casetify iPad Folio

It was a real challenge to pick a model from this manufacturer’s portfolio, as most of them look incredibly good. Sure, the price can be an impediment for some users, but after seeing the quality of Casetify’s products, it will be obvious that they’re worth every penny.

The iPad folio has a cover featuring multiple pockets, perfect for holding papers, pens, as well as some cards. Also, it’s available with multiple prints on the cover, perfect if you want to add some extra personality to your new iPad.

Casetify iPad Folio

Buy from Amazon: Casetify iPad Folio

10. ESR Urban Series Premium Folio Case

Last but not least, we have what can be easily considered one of the best-looking cases for the 8th gen iPad of the moment, the ESR Urban Series Premium Folio Case. Beautifully designed, it has a hollowed-out polycarbonate backplate, assuring lightweight, and improved ventilation.

ESR Urban Premium Folio Case for iPad 2020

Buy from Amazon: ESR Urban Series Premium Folio Case

The case features two anti-slip grooves, for sturdy standing view angles, and the outer place is 1mm wider than the inner backplate, protecting the tablet from daily wear and tear, as well as accidental drops. And did we mention that it looks incredibly good? Yes, we did. That knitted textile-like weave is absolutely superb!

And this wraps it up, ladies and gents. These are ten of the best cases for the 8th generation iPad money can buy right now. Whether you’re looking for a stylish model that will add protection to the tablet but also look good or just a rough case able to save your tablet after an accidental drop, you will surely find what you need on our list.

Which one of these would you get for your iPad? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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