Best iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro wallet cases

After weeks of delays and pandemic-related disruptions, Apple’s October event went off without a hitch. Though we haven’t seen the appearance of rumored to-be-released items, we did see a few interesting accessories, as well as an exciting line-up of new iPhones.

Among the most expensive was the iPhone 12 Pro. With a more powerful camera system and better optical zoom, this phone was made with photographers in mind. However, much like cameras, any sleight of hand can result in your expensive $800 phone in pieces. The fragility of a smartphone is undeniable – even with a new Ceramic Shield glass display.

There’s also the fact that it’s pretty convenient to have your phone and wallet in the same case. What can I say? Less is better.

I’m going to suggest some of the most useful iPhone 12 cases available on Amazon, right here, right now.

The great thing is that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are both the same sizes – cases for either are interchangeable.

Whether you’re a photographer on the go or a future Instagram influencer. Or you just misplace your wallet a lot. We’re all human.

Anyway, let’s get into it.

10 Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

1. TUCCH iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallet Case

First up is an iPhone 12 case from TUCCH, a well-known manufacturer of iPhone wallet cases.

Made of premium PU leather that gives it a retro look, the iPhone 12 Wallet Case also provides a dual-layer of protection. RFID blocking combined with a soft inner shell helps to guard your phone against drops, bumps, and theft of your personal information. It’s both classic and convenient, from its card slots and cut-outs for cameras and speakers to its stand function that allows for movie-watching. This case can do it all.

TUCCH iPhone 12 Wallet Case

Buy from Amazon: TUCCH iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallet Case

2. SHIELDON iPhone 12 5G Case

Second on the list is an iPhone case from SHIELDON, a phone case manufacturer that also makes cases for Samsung.

SHIELDON makes their cases out of top layer genuine cowhide leather. Selected for things like quality, strength, and character, these cases also benefit from a soft inner casing that keeps your iPhone safe and sound. Rocking a magnetic closure function that makes opening and closing ridiculously easy, along with a movie kickstand, this case looks and operates as well as the one before it.

SHIELDON iPhone 12 5G Case

Buy from Amazon: SHIELDON iPhone 12 5G Case

3. KIHUWEY iPhone 12 Pro Wallet Case

In the third spot is the KIHUWEY iPhone 12 Wallet Case. If you’re the type to carry no less than 10 cards, some cash, coins, and a pack of gum, you might wanna consider this case over the first two.

KIHUWEY made sure this iPhone case was convenient beyond holding just a couple of bills and a credit card. They even added a wrist strap – a welcome deterrent against any mistakes that result in your phone hitting the floor. If that’s not convincing enough, it’s also made with high-quality leather and a magnetic closure to keep it secure.

KIHUWEY iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro Wallet Case Leather

Buy from Amazon: KIHUWEY iPhone 12 Pro Wallet Case

4. LONLI x All-in-One Series

If you’re a little turned off by the idea of leather cases, don’t worry. This one is right up your alley. While most companies don’t offer the most environmentally friendly option to consumers, LONLI may be the answer to your prayers.

Offering an exclusive vegan leather that is both water and alcohol resistant, this case is great for vegans (of course), as well as anyone wanting to be helpful towards the environment. You won’t notice the difference between this and most of the other cases – with the usual slots for your money and a kickstand, it’s a great alternative.

LONLI iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Wallet Case

Buy from Amazon: LONLI x All-in-One Series

5. CASEOWL iPhone 12 Case

This case is definitely for the many card carriers. However, if you wanna preserve some style and class, this case is especially something to take a look at.

With a 2-in-1 design, you can opt to keep your phone and 9+ cards all in one. The magic happens when you need a bit more convenience – you can easily snap the wallet on and off, allowing you to detach your phone for pictures, precision tapping, and anything else you’d need.

You can imagine this thing could get bulky, which is why it also comes with a magnetic clasp for extra security. Add in the lanyard, and this makes it an excellent choice in full wallet cases.

CASEOWL iPhone 12 Case

Buy from Amazon: CASEOWL iPhone 12 Case

6. UNKNOK iPhone 12 Case

Need a case but want something different from the usual open-close flap? This case is absolutely for you. It follows the same principle, but from an entirely different perspective. 

UNKNOK offers a different type of cardholder – one on the back of the iPhone. Contoured to fit the sharp corners of the iPhone and its back camera, the flap has enough slots for 3 cards. With a magnetic clasp, a convenient kickstand function, and a nice flower pattern on the back, this case does it all the most fashionably. Ladies, take note.

UNKNOK iPhone 12 Case

Buy from Amazon: UNKNOK iPhone 12 Case

7. Arae for iPhone 12 Case

Like the case before this one, the back-flip design offers a new take on wallet cases for the iPhone. In this case, it pays off pretty well – pun intended.

With a contoured back clasp that also accounts for the camera and a raised bumper for extra protection against falls, this is also a nice alternative to most common wallet cases. It’s also a nice alternative to the previous case – nothing against flowers, but some might prefer a simpler design. The plus is that it offers wireless charging.

Arae for iPhone 12 Case and iPhone 12 Pro Case

Buy from Amazon: Arae for iPhone 12 Case

8. Belemay Wallet Case for iPhone 12

This wallet case goes back to the usual style of open and close, though it maintains both high quality and style. Factor in its support for wireless charging devices, and suddenly you’ll never have to take this case off again.

Waterproof, anti-stain, and wear-resistant, this phone case always looks new. With a shockproof leather cover and a raised edge to protect from drops and surface scratches, your phone will always look new. Not a bad trade, I’d say.

Belemay Wallet Case for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

Buy from Amazon: Belemay Wallet Case for iPhone 12

9. S-Tech iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro Case

This case takes it back to the back of the phone again. However, this option is the more minimalist of the three. No designs or logos – just the wallet case in all its protective glory.

S-Tech’s iPhone case comes with reinforced corners and raised screen protection along with air pocket cushions that protect the phone from drops. There’s enough space for 3 cards, pictures, etc. With all of the best features and no particular designs, this case would be a great gift for the holidays.

S-Tech iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Case

Buy from Amazon: S-Tech iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro Case

10. Skycase iPhone 12/12 Pro Case

This case is last, but it’s certainly not the least. Skycase’s iPhone 12 case offers the most professional looking case of them all. The golden nail gives it a stylish touch to finish it off.

With three card slots and a sleeve for cash, this case doesn’t cheap out on any of its features. Thin and light while staying convenient, Skycase delivers a business-like case perfect for an entrepreneur, or anyone wanting a professional appearance.

Skycase iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Case

Buy from Amazon: Skycase iPhone 12/12 Pro Case

The convenience of wallet cases is unarguable. That doesn’t mean you can’t switch it up a bit – whether you want a case of pure card utility or a sleek and stylish wallet case that breathes fashion, there are more than enough cases to go around. The bad news? If you lose your phone, you lose your wallet too!

So which of these were you thinking of? Let us know down below!


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