Best iPhone 7 leather case

The iPhone 7, powered by iOS 10, is going to be the hippest accessory this fall. Once you buy the coveted device, you will need a great case to go with your prized possession. A good iPhone 7 case will not only protect your device, it can make it look even cooler.

If you want your iPhone 7 to stand out from the rest, the casing can provide a unique, eye-catching exterior.

You don’t have to wait for the iPhone 7 release date to buy a case. You can buy one right now.

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Here is a useful list of the best iPhone 7 leather cases available for purchase without delays:

1. Benuo Genuine iPhone 7 Leather Case

Best iPhone 7 leather case Benuo genuine

This handsome case is handcrafted from high-quality genuine leather. The design is ultra slim, so the case doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your super slim iPhone 7. Benuo uses microfiber so the case is very durable as well.

The case has two rear pockets so you can conveniently carry bills or credit cards with your phone. You can easily carry this vintage classic case in your denim or coat pocket in style. The cut of the Benuo case is highly precise, so it fits the new iPhone 7 model like a glove, without any buttons or slots getting covered or stuck.

Buy Benuo Genuine Leather iPhone 7 case from Amazon.

2. Verus Native Diary iPhone 7 Leather Case

Verus native diary iPhone 7 case

This deluxe iPhone 7 case is made from dir brown genuine leather. It doubles as a wallet and a phone case. The case folds, like a diary, and secures easily with a magnetic snap button. Inside the case, on one side you can secure your iPhone.

On the other side, there are slots for credit cards, cash and other items like business cards. This wallet case would be ideal for professionals who are constantly on the go. You can easily save space in your pockets or handbag with this combination iPhone 7 case.

Buy Verus Native Diary iPhone 7 case here.

3. iPulse Italian Leather iPhone 7 Case

Best iPhone 7 leather case iPulse

Most iPhone 7 users are estimated to be business professionals, so a number of easy-to-carry wallet cases for the device are available. iPulse’s Italian leather case, however, is not just another wallet case. It looks very handsome with tones for sure. It also has a number of slots inside for essentials like credit cards. More importantly, this wallet acts as a stand for the iPhone 7.

You can fold the case to make the iPhone sit on any flat surface like a monitor. If you plan on watching movies on the go or during free time on your iPhone 7, this is the case to have.

Buy iPulse Italian Leather iPhone 7 Case here.

4. SHIELDON Genuine Leather iPhone 7 Leather Case

Best iPhone 7 leather case from Shieldon

Made from cowhide leather, the SHIELDON iPhone 7 case is quite eye-catching. The case is made precisely to fit the measurements of the iPhone 7 (and thus will not fit iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 Plus). It has pockets and slots for credit cards, cash, business cards and a pen. The magnetic lock makes handling the case very easy and convenient for busy users. This case doubles as a horizontal stand for the iPhone 7 whenever needed.

Buy SHIELDON Genuine Leather iPhone 7 Case here.

5. Labato Protective Case for the iPhone 7

Labato genuine leather wallet case for iPhone 7

Labato is offering a classic vintage black leather case that will surreptitiously and protectively cover your iPhone 7. The texture of the leather used is clear and thick, but is not weighty. The surface is glossy and waterproof. It’s also sweat proof and will not cause fingerprint marks to occur.

Slots are available for necessities like cash and credit cards. The case also doubles as a stand without needing to remove any items. This all-in-one case will be highly useful for busy travelers and businesspeople. The case is available in three additional colors: brown, blue and fuchsia.

Buy Labato Protective Case for the iPhone 7 here.

6. KAVAJ Dallas iPhone 7 Leather Case

Best iPhone 7 leather case kavaj

This case will protect your iPhone 7 from fingerprints, moisture and airborne debris all the while looking cowboy-cool. The Dallas case is made from high-quality leather as well as plastic. As a result, the case is durable and sturdy.

The case looks elegant and is very lightweight. The iPhone 7 can be secured inside without hindering access to any of the ports and buttons. Once the iPhone 7 is inside, there’s still plenty of room to store business cards and cash.

Buy KAVAJ Dallas iPhone 7 Case here.

7. SHOP-LEATHER Retro iPhone 7 Case

Genuine iPhone 7 leather wallet case

The iPhone 7 looks very modern, sleek and hip in the signature Apple style. If you are a fan of everything classic, you might like encasing your iPhone 7 in this gorgeous, burgundy brown retro case. The sturdy SHOP-LEATHER case is made to protect the iPhone 7 against physical damage like scratches, mild impact and accidental drops.

The natural Italian leather acts like a protective cushion between your iPhone 7 and the surrounding environment. This wallet case is lightweight, but is not super thin, staying loyal to the retro design. The case has wallet-style openings for cards and cash as well.

Buy SHOP-LEATHER Retro iPhone 7 Case here.

8. FYY iPhone 7 Protective Case

Best iPhone 7 leather case from FYY

FYY offers a fashionable faux leather iPhone 7 case that intends to protect your credit cards as well as your smartphone. This case is equipped with anti-RFID material. RFID, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device, is a technique thieves use to read credit card information from afar.

This case can block transmission of RFID signals within 10 feet. In addition, FYY cases offer large capacity to hold cards, paper notes and cash in addition to your iPhone 7. It also doubles as an easy-to-mount kickstand. This would be a great choice for casual iPhone 7 users.

Buy FYY iPhone 7 Protective Case here.

9. ZVE Ultra Protective Hybrid iPhone 7 Case

ZVE leather iPhone 7 case

ZVE offers a chic iPhone 7 case that fashion-conscious users will particularly love. The case is made from high-tech material to protect your iPhone 7 from physical shocks and scratches. The edge of the case is beveled to protect the touchscreen and the camera from the elements. It’s a wallet case, but unlike any other, the ZVE case doesn’t fold.

There’s a pocket in the back to store credit cards and cash. The resilient ribbon allows users to pull out cash or cards easily without having to fumble around.

Buy ZVE Ultra Protective Hybrid iPhone 7 case here.

10. QIALINO Slim iPhone 7 Case

Qialino genuine leather iPhone case

This elegant genuine leather case is handcrafted to complement the ultra thin design of the iPhone 7. Once your iPhone 7 is clad in this snazzy case, it will be much easier to hold and carry around. This handcrafted case offers superior protection plus functionality.

You can carry cards or cash in this iPhone 7 case that doubles as a wallet. The case is durable and also suitable for casual, business and semi-formal occasions. It’s also the only iPhone 7 case on this list that’s available in hot pink!

Buy QIALINO Slim iPhone 7 Case here.

Want more options? You can browse more iPhone 7 Leather case here.

The above listed iPhone 7 cases are suitable for both business and casual users. The cases are offered by highly reputable manufacturers known to provide durable and top-notch iPhone cases.

If you are a student, a professional or an office worker, any one of the above choices would be suitable as long as your budget allows.


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