Best iPhone 7 Wallet Case

The iPhone 7 is now officially out!

Carrying both your phone and wallet can be annoying sometimes, especially if you need to put both of them in your pockets. However, there’s one simple solution to this: buying a wallet case.

Fortunately, you can find a lot of great models on the market right now, for pretty much any phone you can think of. But what happens if you own an iPhone 7? Nothing special, to be more specific, as you can already find some great wallet cases for Apple’s latest flagship as well!

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We’ve done all the work for you and put together a short list with ten of the best iPhone 7 wallet cases you can currently get, suitable for any budget or taste. Let see what we’ve come across.

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Curious already? Let’s see what we’ve came across.

1. Snugg Leather iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Snugg iPhone 7 case

Combining style and functionality seamlessly together, this slim wallet case from Snugg comes with dual card slots and a money pouch, perfect for keeping together all of your daily essentials. It’s simply minimalistic and well designed, which is why this is one of the most preferred and best-selling iPhone 7 case so far.

Besides protecting your phone, thanks to a reinforced TPU tray, it can also work as a stand, perfect for enjoying some of your favorite videos on the go. It’s available in several colors, for just $9.99. Comes in five different color variations.

Buy the Snugg Leather Wallet iPhone 7 case here.

2. Spigen Slim Armor CS Card Holder

Spigen iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Now here we don’t have your average wallet case, with the classic design, but it can still hold up to 3 credit cards or IDs, as well as documents and cash. Spigen’s case offers absolute protection, thanks to the dual layers and air cushioning technology. It’s the most popular wallet case so far.

It has a shock-absorbing TPU interior and a polycarbonate exterior, keeping your iPhone 7 safe all the time. It’s definitely our favorite and it can be yours for $17.99.

Buy Spigen Armor CS card holder case for iPhone 7 here.

3. Candywe Leather iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Candywe iPhone 7 leather case

Ladies, this one is for you. Made from quality PU leather and with an interior made of soft, flexible TPU, this wallet case can hold your cards and money with ease. Oh, and it also works as a stand, so you can watch some videos or, why not, your favorite TV series or movies, on your phone. It’s available for just $8.99!

Buy the Candywe iPhone 7 case here.

4. Abacus24-7 iPhone 7 RFID Blocking Case

Abacus24 iPhone 7 Case

Being able to hold all your credit cards and phone together is awesome, but nowadays, you must be very careful with the information on your cards, as it can be easily stolen. Therefore, investing in a case with an integrated RFID blocking chip is a great idea!

This model from Abacus24-7 is made from synthetic leather and it protects your phone against bumps or scratches. You can get one for $10.99.

Buy Abacus24-7 iPhone 7 wallet case here.

5. Ringke Full Purse Case

Ringke iPhone 7 purse cover

If you like to carry more than just a few cards and money in your phone’s case, you’re in the right place, as we have something very special for you. This purse – because it’s not just a case – is very minimalistic and offers full protection for your iPhone 7 and it also allows you to carry all your essentials with ease. It’s a bit expensive than a regular wallet case, but it’s worth $29.99, if you ask us.

Buy the Ringke wallet case here.

6. Yuncase iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Yuncase iPhone 7 Cover

One of the cheapest wallet cases for the iPhone 7 is available at just $4.99. However, for this money you get a well-made leather case, perfect for keeping your phone protected against scratches, bump and dust. It can hold up to three cards or IDs and it also works as a stand. We’d say this is more than enough, considering the price!

Buy the Yuncase wallet iPhone 7 case here.

7. BUDDIBOX Premium PU Leather Wallet Case

Buddibox iPhone strap case

Another very good looking wallet case makes it to our top! BUDDIBOX’s model comfortably fits 3 cards, as well as some cash or documents, while the design allows you to convert the case into a stand, for viewing and messaging. What we really like about it is that it doesn’t add that much bulk to the phone, being a great choice for anybody who wants to keep it in their pockets. It has a price tag of $11.95.

Buy BUDDIBOX Premium iPhone 7 case here.

8. Ionic Pro iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Ionic designed Apple iPhone 7 wallet case

Sometimes, keeping things simple can be the best solution and the folks over Ionic Pro are completely aware of this. This stylish case, available for just $9.85, offers full protection for your iPhone 7 and it also comes with slots for three cards and some money or documents. One of our personal favorites.

Buy Ionic Pro wallet case here.

9. Fildm iPhone 7 PU Leather Case

Flidm leather wallet iPhone 7 cover

If you want a leather case which can help you stand out of the crowd, this wallet model from Fildm is a great option, being available in several colors, including a bright pink or cyan, as well as a really stylish engraved design.

Besides protecting your phone and offering space for cards and money, it also acts as a kickstand, if you ever want to watch consume some media on your phone. It’s available for just $8.99.

Buy the Flidm iPhone 7 case here.

10. Carryberry Flip Cover Wallet Case

Carryberry wallet iPhone 7 case

Our list ends with another affordable case, featuring a refined design, vibrant colors and very easy to carry. It’s a relatively slim model, made from PU leather and featuring a magnetic clip design, providing easy access to your iPhone 7. It includes slots for credit cards, ID cards and one large pocket, just for bills. Sounds cool, right? You can have one for just $7.99.

Buy Carryberry Flip wallet iPhone 7 case here.

And there you have it, ladies and gents, ten awesome wallet cases for your iPhone 7, which you can already get from Amazon.

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However, since we’re talking about one of the most popular phones of the year, we’re convinced that there are way more cool wallet cases available online. If you come across an interesting model, do tell us about it, using the comments section below!


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