Best iPhone 7 slim case

Even though cases can provide enough protection to your iPhone 7 and eventually save it in case of a drop, there are a lot of users who don’t want to use one due to the amount of bulk they add.

However, there’s a solution for this: a slim case. You can currently get some great looking models, which, despite their sleek profile, can still keep the phone safe and sound.

After looking over Amazon, we’ve picked ten of the best iPhone 7 slim cases, which will maintain your phone’s great look, while protecting it.

Let’s see what we found!

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1. Acewin Premium iPhone 7 Slim Case

Acewin iPhone 7 Slim case

Our top begins with a very good looking iPhone 7 slim case from Acewin. It’s electroplated on both top and bottom, offering the frame a metallic look, while the all-around drop protection and raised edges, for screen and camera protection, make sure that your phone is safe all the time.

It has a three-part design and it fits your phone precisely. You can get it in six different colors, like Black, Blue, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and an amazing Wine Red color combo.

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2. Caseology Modern iPhone 7 Slim Case

Caseology iPhone 7 slim case

If you’re after a modern approach to the slim case, the folks over Caseology have a great looking model available in their portfolio.

It’s made of flexible TPU and it also features a structured polycarbonate bumper, protecting the phone from impacts. The case it’s available in several color combinations, but the Black/Deep Blue one is definitely the best choice.

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3. Roybens Carbon Fiber iPhone 7 Slim Case

Roybens iPhone 7 slim case

Ah, yes, an iPhone 7 slim case with a carbon fiber look, what more can you ask for? Made of TPU and with a really nice pattern on the back, the total case is no more than 0.09 inches, engineered to emphasize thinness without compromising the phone’s security.

The case meets ROHS/Reach standards, so it’s completely safe for the human skin. It’s available in three different colors, like Black, Navy Blue or Rose Gold.

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4. BasAcc Crystal Clear Ultra Slim Case

BasAcc iPhone 7 slim case

Next, we have a high-grade scratch-resistant slim case for your iPhone 7, with a hard polycarbonate back and a flexible TPU bumper, able to deal even with the most serious shocks.

The four corners feature the Air Cushion design, allowing the phone to survive after a ‘clash’ with concrete. Both front and back edges are raised, so the screen and camera won’t touch any surfaces.

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5. Vansin 3 in 1 iPhone 7 Slim Case

VANSIN slim iPhone 7 case

What we really like about Vansin’s case is the electroplated frame, available in several colors, which, combined with the rubberized matte finish coating, creates a very elegant look.

The grip will be increased, as well as the drop protection. The case will perfectly fit your iPhone 7 and the cutouts will give access to all ports and cutouts.

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6. Ringke Snug-Fit Slender Case

Ringke iPhone 7 slim case

One of the best looking iPhone 7 slim cases in our top comes from Ringke. It has a perfect fit, with cutouts for all buttons and ports, maintaining an extremely thin profile.

The smooth edges are made to be comfortable and it features the Vital Lift design, adding a bulk of just 0.8mm, so there’s no doubt that this is one of the slimmest cases you can buy.

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7. Spigen Matte iPhone 7 Slim Case

Spigen slim iPhone 7 case

Another great looking case comes from Spigen. There’s nothing much we can say about it, except the fact that is incredibly slim and simple, while still being able to provide a significant amount of protection to your phone.

It includes a spot for magnetic car mounts and it’s available in five different colors, all of them matching the original iPhone7 colors.

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8. Sgrice Ultra Slim Flexible Case

Sgrice iPhone 7 slim case

Featuring two layers of protection – a shock absorbing frame that protects against drops and a solid body that can deal with scrapes and bumps – this case might be exactly what you need for your iPhone 7.

It’s made with high quality materials and it features an ultra slim design, so you will barely notice it on your phone. You can get it in Black or with a completely transparent look.

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9. Vena iSlide Slim iPhone 7 Case

Vena slim case for iPhone 7

If you want a more vivid-looking iPhone 7 slim case, you might as well check this two-piece model from Vena. It’s very easy to install and it provides all-around protection, thanks to the polycarbonate shell, with a soft microfiber interior.

The front bezels are also raised, as well as the cutouts around the camera, keeping them above surfaces. You can get the case in combinations like Lavender and Champagne Gold, Coral Red and Champagne Gold, Champagne Gold and White, as well as Teal and Champagne Gold.

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10. Totallee Premium Ultra Thin Case

Totallee thin iPhone 7 case

We kept the thinnest case we could find for the end of our top. This model from totalee will add just 0.02” to your phone’s profile, maintaining a minimal and elegant look.

It has a slightly brushed finish, increasing grip, but it manages to be strong enough to protect your phone. It’s semi-transparent, showing off your phone’s original design, while keeping scratches away. You can get it in Gray, Black or White.

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Our pick

Not once we said that we prefer a simple look, so, considering this, we would totally buy Spigen’s Matte iPhone 7 Slim Case. It looks incredibly well, especially on Jet Black iPhone 7, while managing to maintain an increased level of protection. A top notch model, if you ask us!

Now, what about you guys? Which one of these models would you pick and why? Let us know your thoughts, by commenting below!


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