Best iPhone 7 Plus case with card holder

We all know about those wallet cases for the iPhone 7 Plus, but let’s admit it, most of them aren’t the most stylish options. On the other side, there are some excellent alternatives, like cases with card holders. These are just like regular models, except the extra pouch they have on the back, perfect for storing a credit card, ID or whatever document you want.

After taking a look on Amazon, we’ve made a short list with ten of the best iPhone 7 Plus cases with card holder, perfect for keeping your phone safe and, of course, make you leave your wallet at home.

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Let’s see what we’ve come across, shall we?

1. Silk Vault Slim Wallet Case

Silk iPhone 7 Plus card holder case

Despite its slim profile, this iPhone 7 Plus case can comfortably fit up to three cards, as well as some cash, while securely protecting the phone.

The high-grip textured sides enhance grip and prevents drops, while the durable one-piece construction make sure the device is safe, in the eventuality of a drop. It’s available in four different colors and it comes with an included premium scratch-resistant screen protector film.

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2. Spigen Card Holder iPhone 7 Plus Case

Spigen iPhone 7 Plus case with card holder

Spigen has a very interesting iPhone 7 Plus case with card holder, with a dual layered design and featuring the Air Cushion Technology, as well as shock-absorbing TPU interior.

To our surprise, despite the fact that it can hold up to 2 cards, it has a minimal profile, which is a very big plus. You can get it in Gunmetal, Black, or Rose Gold.

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3. Vena iPhone 7 Plus Case with Card Holder

iPhone 7 Plus case with card slot Vena

Next, we have a pretty interesting model from Vena, with a hidden card slot on the back, securely storing IDs, credit or debit cards, or even transit cards. It also features a multi-angle magnetic lock stand, perfect for consuming media on the go, but we also need to talk about the amount of protection it provides.

The dual-layer polycarbonate and TPU design protects the iPhone 7 Plus from everyday scratches and bumps, while the CornerGuard technology absorbs and disperses force from drops. You can get it in three different colors, by the way.

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4. LAMEEKU iPhone 7 Plus Card Holder Case

LAMEEKU iPhone 7 Plus case with card holder

How about a nice iPhone 7 Plus cases with card holder, made of leather? It has four card slots on the back and it offers full-frame protection, while being shockproof as well.

The front edges extend outward enough to keep the display from making contact with the ground. You can get this case in Black, Blue, and Brown.

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5. Torubia iPhone 7 Plus Card Holder Case

Torubia iPhone 7 Plus case with card slot

This case features a special 3-in-1 hybrid design and a two-tiered architecture, doubling the protection it offers to your iPhone 7 Plus. It’s made of durable an high quality TPU and polycarbonate, being shock-absorbent and anti-scratch.

The precise cutouts offer easy access to all buttons and ports, while also increasing the grip of the phone. You can get one in Black or Gold.

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6. DesignSkin Slider Slim Case

DesignSkin iPhone 7 Plus case with card slot

By far one of the slimmest iPhone 7 Plus cases with card holder in our top, this model from DesignerSkin is ultra fashionable, featuring two layers of polycarbonate, as well as an elevated front lip to protect the screen.

Let’s not forget about the side stoppers either, for smoother sliding, and the sliding design, perfect for keeping carrying your credit card. The case is available in Black Titanium, Baby Pink, Gold, Rose Gold or White Pearl.

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7. ProCase Hard Cover with Card Slot

ProCase card holder iPhone 7 case

With a durable hard inner shell and back PU leather card slot, this case can also work as a wallet replacement.

It has a very easy snap-on installation, convenient to add and remove cards, as well as a slim profile that adds minimal bulk to your device, while still offering durable protection. It’s available in Black or Rose Red.

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8. Benuo Vintage Series Leather Case

Benuo iPhone 7 case with card holder.

If you need more than just one slot for a credit card or ID when going out, then we have the perfect case for you. It comes from Benuo and it’s made of genuine leather and durable microfiber, scratch resistant and shock resistant.

It has a low profile design, being incredibly thin and not adding too much bulk to the device. It’s precisely crafted and will fit your phone like a glove! It’s available in 6 different colors.

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9. ZVE Slim iPhone 7 Plus Case with Card Holder

ZVE iPhone 7 case with card holder

Moving on, we have another shockproof and anti-scratch case, made of advanced materials, protecting it against drops.

It also includes a raised lip, to keep the display and camera safe, but there’s no doubt that the main attraction point is the special compartment on the back, able to hold credit and debit cards, and ID or even cash, so you can totally forget about your wallet.

It is available in Gold, Dark Brown, Black or Mint Green.

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10. MoKo Premium Slim Fit Case

MoKo iPhone 7 case with card holder

Last but not least, the last iPhone 7 Plus case with card holder in our top comes from the folks over MoKo and it looks incredibly good. It’s a model with a dual layer design, offering shock-resistant protection, thanks to the rugged and slim, at the same time, profile.

The additional slot on the back is great for storing cash or a credit card, so it’s perfect for going out. You can get one in Black, Gray, Army Green and Indigo.

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Our pick

And we’re all done! Below you can find ten of the best iPhone 7 Plus cases with card holder, all of them being great replacements for your wallet. However, if we had to pick our favorite, we’d go for the MoKo Premium Slim Fit Case. It’s simply the best looking model in our top and, most important, it’s available at a pocket-friendly price.

But what about you guys? Which one of these models do you like the most and why? Let us know about your favorite, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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