Best iPhone 7 Plus slim cases

The iPhone 7 Plus is definitely a big phone, and if you add a case to it, it might get way too bulky. And you really don’t want that, right? After all, it’s one of the best looking phones of the moment, and it would be a shame to ruin that sexy look.

Considering this, we did our homework and found some amazing iPhone 7 Plus slim cases, perfect for keeping your device safe all the time, while maintaining a sleek profile.

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Let’s see what we have for you guys today.

1. Elago Slim iPhone 7 Plus Case

Elago iPhone 7 Plus slim case

Made from a mix of resin and plastic, Elago’s iPhone 7 Plus slim case is definitely a very resistant model. It has a non-slip matte coating, making it softer and increasing the grip.

It also has precise cutouts, offering easy access to all buttons and ports, while the manufacturer’s signature Anti-Ghost camera cutout allows the snapper to be used without any interference from the case or reflections from the flash. It’s available in 9 different colors, matching every style!

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2. Spigen iPhone 7 Plus Slim Case

Spigen iPhone 7 Plus slim case

This premium case from Spigen is made of hard TPU, being very easy to apply and remove, while the modern pattern engraved both inside and out give an extra touch of elegance.

The surface of the phone will be kept scratch and fingerprint-free, while the Mil-Grade certification and the Air Cushion Technology significantly increases the amount of protection.

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3. Caseology iPhone 7 Plus Slim Case

Caseology slim case for iPhone 7 Plus

Ok, time to move on to a case with a more interesting design. The three-dimensional molding and soft coating creates a secure, comfortable grip, while the TPU sleeve it’s made of and the structured polycarbonate bumper keeps the phone safe from impact.

If you want to make your phone stand out a bit, you can try one of the six different colors this iPhone 7 Plus slim case it’s available in.

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4. EasyAcc Slim iPhone 7 Plus Case

EasyAcc iPhone 7 Plus slim case

If you want a case as simple as possible, EasyAcc has just the perfect case. It has a matte finish and it captures a simplistic style, in an unobtrusive way, while offering a comfortable grip.

It’s made of black stain-proof TPU, so you won’t see any fingerprints left on it. Simple and nice!

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5. Silk iPhone 7 Plus Grip Case

Silk iPhone 7 Plus slim case

Next, we have another simple iPhone 7 Plus slim case, with air cushioned corners, able to absorb and disperse shocks.

The Natural Throw buttons maintain the phone’s tactile ‘click’ response and it also has a durable and ultra-light constructions, able to keep your iPhone safe and sound. It comes with a premium, scratch-resistant, screen protector film.

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6. Totallee iPhone 7 Plus Slim Case

Totallee thin iPhone 7 Plus case

Adding 0.02 inches to your phone’s profile, this is the ultimate case for anybody looking for an elegant case which doesn’t add any bulk.

The slightly brushed finish helps prevent your iPhone 7 Plus from slipping, due to the durable polypropylene plastic it’s made of.

It follows the iPhone’s original design and, overall, it looks awesome, if you ask us. You can get it in White, Black and Grey.

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7. Vena iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case

Vena iPhone 7 Plus slim case

Leather is always a nice addition to a smartphone case, but if we’re talking about a slim model, it gets even better. It has a premium polycarbonate frame with thermoplastic polyurethane, fused with premium leather, making the case stand out each time.

It also features the CornerGuard Technology, able to deal with shocks, while the raised lip keeps the screen and the camera above surface. You can get it in three color combinations, like Burgundy Red and Gold, Carbon Fiber and Space Grey, or Navy Blue and Gold.

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8. Diztronic Soft Touch Flexible Case

Diztronic iPhone 7 Plus slim case

This precise-fit slim case for the iPhone 7 Plus is one of the lightest in our top, with a full matte finish and made of TPU, able to prevent fingerprints and other traces.

It has a special lay-on-the-table-design, helping you to protect the display from damage, when placed face down. It’s available in several colors, for every taste and it’s a great choice for anybody who doesn’t want to alter the handset’s sleek profile.

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9. TOZO Ultra Thin iPhone 7 Case

Tozo iPhone 7 Plus slim case

Simple, elegant and functional, this iPhone 7 Plus slim case includes 4-side protection, with covered corners and a raised edge, able to protect the screen, while the camera hole ring protective layer also makes sure the lens remains scratch-free.

It adds just 0.35 mm to the phone’s profile, creating an overall refined look. You can get it in Matte Mocha Black, Matte Frost White and Matte Ore Blue.

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10. Ringke Snug-Fit Slender Case

Ringke iPhone 7 Plus slim case

Finally, the last entry in our top comes from the folks over Ringke and it’s an extremely thin and lightweight case, maintaining the phone’s original look and featuring cutouts, for easy access to all ports and buttons.

It adds minimal bulk to the phone and provides a natural grip, as the smooth edges are made to comfort you in every little push you make. The case is available in 9 different colors.

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Our pick

And there you have it, ten awesome iPhone 7 Plus slim cases, perfect for keeping Apple’s phablet safe and maintaining its amazing look. For us, it was relatively hard to decide upon our favorite, but in the end, the decision was taken: we’d totally buy Spigen’s Liquid Armor Case, since it has a simple design, just as we like it, while the premium materials it’s made of protects against serious impact.

But what about you? Which one of these models would you choose and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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