Best carbon fiber iPhone 7 Plus case

Like a brand new iPhone 7 Plus is not enough to stand out, you can always make it a bit special with a case. And we’re not talking about any model, but a carbon fiber iPhone 7 Plus case!

It’s a very stylish option, offering your phone a very elegant look, so you have all the reasons to pick such cases.

However, the thing is that there are a lot of models available and some of them are far from being high quality. However, we did all the work and found ten of the best carbon fiber iPhone 7 Plus cases, available right now on Amazon!

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Let’s see what we have for you guys today.

1. Scotti Carbon Fiber Case

Scotti carbon fiber iPhone 7 Plus case

First in our top is a model able to offer multi-layer protection, as it’s made of shock absorbing TPU, paired with sturdy polycarbonate, ensuring complete device safety.

It has a slim profile, maintaining the iPhone 7 Plus’ sleek look, as well as durable buttons on the side, providing optimum functionality and elegance. You can get it in Dark Gray, Dark Blue, Champagne Gold or Rose Gold, for $28.99.

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2. Spigen Carbon Fiber iPhone 7 Plus Case

Spigen iPhone 7 Plus carbon fiber case

Spigen’s carbon fiber iPhone 7 Plus case had to be present in our top, being one of the best deals! It looks amazing, with glossy carbon touches on the back, ensuring protection and shock-absorption all around.

The military-grade protection, with Air Cushion Technology, makes sure your phone stays safe all the time, while the flexible TPU layer keeps fingerprints away. You can get it for as low as $11.99.

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3. Vena vLuxe Carbon Fiber Slim Case

Vena carbon fiber iPhone 7 Plus case

The name says it all: this is one of the most stylish iPhone 7 Plus cases you can buy right now. It’s able to provide mild to moderate drop protection, while the CornerGuard technology absorbs and disperses force from drops.

Of course, let’s not forget about the raised lip, which is there to keep scratches away from your phone’s display. It’s available for $14.99, in three different colors.

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4. BASSTOP Carbon Fiber iPhone 7 Plus Case

Basstop iPhone 7 Plus carbon fiber case

For $9.99 you’re getting a classic, yet elegant carbon fiber case for iPhone 7 Plus. It’s made from polycarbonate and TPU, with a very good looking finish.

Thanks to the military grade protection, it guards the phone from big impacts, even though it manages to maintain the phone’s slim profile. You can get it in four different colors, like Black, Brown, Navy Blue or White.

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5. Reval & Rubin designs Ultra Thin Case

Reval and Rubin iPhone 7 Plus case

We get it, you don’t want a case because it will make your phone look bulky.

But what if we told you that there’s a model for your iPhone 7 Plus which is considered as the thinnest dual layer model on the market, as your phone will measure just 9 mm after applying it.

It’s available in Jet Black, Gold and Rose Gold, starting at $12.99.

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6. Roybens TPU Shockproof Case

Roybens iPhone 7 Plus carbon fiber case

The carbon fiber pattern adds texture and visual dynamism, improving both the aesthetics and grip of the iPhone 7 Plus.

It’s precisely designed for the handset, with exact cutouts for buttons and ports, while the material it’s made of does not pick up dirt or get old over time, so it will look as new even after a longer period. You can get it in Black or Navy Blue, starting at $9.99.

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7. OPAI Carbon Fiber iPhone 7 Plus Case

OPAI iPhone 7 Plus carbon fiber cover

Fancying a simple design? Make sure you don’t miss OPAI’s case, made of premium TPU, coated with carbon fiber.

Besides being very durable, it also features front raised edges, in order to keep the display safe when faced won. On the back, it has a special cutout, showing the Apple logo, by the way.

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8. Nillkin Carbon Fiber iPhone 7 Plus Case

Nillkin carbon fiber iPhone 7 Plus case

Next, we have another ultra slim and light, yet highly protective, back woven carbon fiber case, covering your iPhone 7 Plus’ back and sides. It’s made from a scratch resistant and anti-fingerprints material, processed with rubber oil.

A simple wipe and all the prints are gone. The case also has a built-in metal plate, so it can be used on various magnetic car mounts. You can get it in Black, for just $13.99.

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9. Love Nest Aero-Space Bumper

Love Nest iPhone 7 case

At first, you might be surprised by the price of this case, but it doesn’t cost $47.99 for nothing. It’s made from 100% real carbon fiber, giving our phone a professional look, not to mention how solid this material is.

It’s available in a variety of colors and finishes and it’s definitely a great choice for anybody who wants to stand out a bit.

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10. X-Doria Defense Lux Carbon Fiber Case

X Doria carbon fiber iPhone 7 Plus case

Finally, the last entry in our top is a tough carbon fiber iPhone 7 Plus case.  Available at $39.99, it’s made of machine metal (instead of plastic), providing military-level drop protection, while maintaining a slim profile.

The soft rubber interior lining, combined with a hard polycarbonate shell, offers top notch protection. The case is drop tested to survive 2m drops on concrete, by the way, so you can see why we love this case!

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Our pick

Is it worth mentioning that X-Doria’s model is our favorite? Yeah, thought so! It’s exactly what we want from a case: an insane level of protection, without adding that much bulk to your phone. It might be a bit costly, but you won’t regret a penny!

How about you guys? Which one of these carbon fiber iPhone 7 Plus cases would you buy and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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