Best Waterproof iPhone 7 Plus case

Even though we knew pretty much everything about the iPhone 7 Plus days ahead the launch event, Apple still managed to surprise everybody when they announced that it is IP67 certified, making it dust and water-resistant.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can take it for a swim, as you can’t sink it deeper than 1 meter and for more than 30 minutes.

On the other side, you can still take some great underwater photos with it if you pick some special cases.

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We’ve searched through Amazon and found ten great iPhone 7 Plus waterproof cases, perfect for your smartphone!

1. Sparin iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Case

Sparin iPhone 7 Plus waterproof case

First in our top comes a very good-looking case from Sparin, with an IP68 certification, meaning than you can take it up to 2 meters underwater.

Also, what we really like about it is that despite the fact that it’s fully sealed, the power and volume buttons, as well as the home button are operational, giving you access to all features. The case features a high-definition plastic screen protector and it’s available for $21.99.

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2. NexGadget PRO iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Case

NexGadget iPhone 7 Plus waterproof case

Another great and cheap iPhone 7 Plus waterproof case comes from NexGadget and it has a price tag of just $15.99. It has a slim profile and adds just a few millimeters to your device.

It offers access to all buttons and controls, including the TouchID, and it also makes it IP68 certified. Besides this, it offers military standard 810F-516 protection, being able to deal with some serious shocks. You can get it in three different colors, for just $15.99.

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3. iBeek iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Case

iBeek iPhone 7 Plus waterproof case

The folks over iBeek also have a great case in their portfolio, able to offer comprehensive protection.

It’s IP68 certified and waterproof, submersible to over 2 meters deep. It blocks out water, dust, sand, mud, snow, ice and a lot more. The shock-absorbing and impact-deflecting materials completely cover your device and protect it from drops. You can get it in Black and Blue for $18.99.

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4. Eonfine IP68 Certified Spider Case

Waterproof iPhone 7 Plus case by Eonfine

If you’re fancying a more unusual design, you can opt for Eonfine’s iPhone 7 Plus waterproof case.

Besides the IP68 certification, designed and tested to be submerged to 2 meters deep, it can also protect your phone from shocks and drops. It’s available in Black, Pink, Teal, as well as a completely transparent, for $24.99.

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5. Amotus Waterproof iPhone 7 Plus Case

Waterproof iPhone 7 Plus case by Amotus

For just $7.49, you’re getting a very elegant and fashionable waterproof case for your iPhone 7. It’s slim and lightweight, being designed for all you ladies out there. It’s made of high-grade TPU and polycarbonate, without adding bulk to the phone.

The soft rubber case provides shock absorption, being very durable and protective, while the raised front lip keeps scratches away from the screen. You can get it in Red, White and Pink.

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6. Moleboxes Crystal Clear iPhone 7 Plus Case

Waterproof iPhone 7 Plus case by Moleboxes

Next in our ‘best iPhone 7 Plus waterproof cases’ comes a product from Moleboxes. It has a unique open-lock design, fully sealing your phone, in order to keep water away.

It’s made of durable TPU, PC and PET, providing full protection to your iPhone 7 Plus, as well as IP68 certification. You can get it for $10.99, in Light Blue, Blue, Black and Pink.

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7. LONTECT Fully Body Protective Case

Lontect iPhone 7 Plus waterproof case

Another very interesting case for your iPhone 7 Plus is offered by LONTECT. It’s IP68 certified, being fully submersible to 2 meters for a full hour. It can also withstand drops from 2m, so it’s obvious that this is a very tough case!

The back of the case has a special design, so you can enjoy music at the best quality, while the precise cutouts won’t affect the normal use of all keys. You can get this case in Black and Teal, for $19.99.

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8. VEGO Fully Body Sealed iPhone 7 Plus Case

VEGO iPhone 7 Plus waterproof case

Designed for those who don’t like cases that add unnecessary bulk, VEGO’s model is made of highly durable plastic and silicone, being fully submersible to IP68 standards.

The display is covered by a PET protective film, which doesn’t affect the functionality, but, unfortunately, the side buttons and the power button aren’t available. It has a price tag of $13.99 and you can get it Black and Blue.

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9. Bovon Ultra Slim iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Case

Waterproof iPhone 7 Plus case by Bovon

Another iPhone 7 Plus case with IP68 certification makes it to our list, with a rugged built, but maintaining a slim profile. It has a polycarbonate frame, with a military resistance standard, withstanding shocks and drops from 2 meters high.

The hard back cover prevents scratches and absorbs shocks, and it includes a stand holder, great for consuming media on the go. You can get one for $18.99, with two colors two choose from: Black and Blue.

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10. JOTO CellPhone Dry Bag Pouch

Joto Waterproof iPhone 7 Plus pouch

Finally, the latest entry in our top is not exactly a case, but an actual bag, being able to keep water away from your iPhone 7 Plus. It also acts like a wallet, being able to house credit cards, money or documents, while the clear windows on both front and back allow you to take underwater pictures.

Of course, its main advantage is that you can take it up to 30 meters deep in water! You can get it for $7.99, in eight different colors.

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Our pick

It was pretty hard to pick our favorite iPhone 7 Plus waterproof case from this top, since all these models are awesome, but in the end, we’ve decided upon Sparin’s fully sealed model, the first entry on our list.

It’s biggest plus is the design, as well as the ability to use all buttons underwater. Oh, and let’s not forget about that amazing audio enhanced design!

So, what about you guys? What’s your favorite iPhone 7 Plus waterproof case? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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