Best heavy duty iPhone 7 case

We know that there are a lot of iPhone 7 users out there who, no matter how careful they are, still manage to drop their phones. And this is a real pity, since it’s a pretty fragile device which can shatter in a second. Fortunately, there is a solution!

We’re talking about those tough, heavy duty iPhone 7 cases, able to keep the smartphone safe in the eventuality of a serious drop. Yes, they might add a bit of bulk, but the amount of protection they’re offering is also very high.

Curious enough? We’ve looked across amazon and found ten of the best iPhone 7 heavy duty cases of the moment and decided to put them in a top!

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1. Caseology Heavy Duty iPhone 7 Case

Caseology heavy duty iPhone 7 case

The first entry in our top comes for Ringke. The first entry in our top comes for Caseology, available for $15.99. It packs rugged durability into a sleek, modern profile, keeping your phone securely in your hand.

It’s made from flexible and durable TPU, as well as hard polycarbonate, creating two shock-absorbent layers around your phone. You can get it in Matte Black, Deep Blue, Jet Black and Rose Gold, starting with $15.99.

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2. Luvitt Ultra Armor Shock Absorbing Case

Luvvitt heavy duty iPhone 7 case

Second in our top comes a model from Luvitt. If you want a heavy duty case who manages to maintain an elegant look, then your search should be over, as this model from Luvitt is absolutely beautiful. It combines a protective German Bayer branded hard shell and a shock absorbing TPU core, which passed military test standards.

The 1.4 lip above the screen makes sure that the screen is also protected, while the back of the case features tiny nubs that elevate that phone to prevent scratches. You can get it for $12.99, in 8 different colors. Tip: Go for black, it looks amazing!

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3. Maxboost Heavy Duty iPhone 7 Case

Maxboost heavy duty iPhone 7 case

Specially designed for the iPhone 7, the HyperPro case features a double-injected soft and hard casing, coupled with the GXD shock-proof technology.

It’s semi-transparent, revealing the Apple logo on the back (as long as you don’t have the Jet Black iPhone 7) and a very stylish appeal. It’s available for a very good price, of just $13.99.

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4. Trianium Protanium Heavy Duty iPhone 7 case

Trianium heavy duty iPhone 7 case

This slim and light case is built specifically for the iPhone 7, featuring tri-layer construction, with a premium TPU body and an interior made of GXD IMPACT gel, for shock absorbance.

The exterior durable hard polycarbonate spine can help your phone deal with tough drops, scratches and bumps. Oh, and let’s not forget about the raised edge, protecting your screen all the time. You can get this model from $13.98.

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5. Apkep Heavy Duty iPhone 7 Case

iPhone 7 heavy duty case Apkep

For $13.98 you’re getting a very durable iPhone 7 heavy duty case, with four layers of protection. It is made of hard plastic and soft rubber silicone, while the precision cutouts ensure a smooth, snug fit your iPhone 7.

The protective front casing, with a tempered glass screen protector, enhances touch sensitivity, withstands scratches, drops, shock and bumps.

It also includes a 360-degree revolve belt clip, which can also work as a kickstand.

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6. i-Blason ArmorBox Dual Layer Case

iBlason heavy duty iPhone 7 case

Ok, so this thing might look like a robot, but it’s a pretty impressive heavy duty case for your iPhone 7. It’s rugged, with a polycarbonate hard shell exterior and flexible TPU inner core, protecting against sudden drops and falls.

The protective front casing has a bubble free screen protector, while the hard back clips into a side mount belt clip swivel holster, for conveniently carrying your phone. It’s available in five different colors, for just $17.99.

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7. Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 7 Case

Spigen heavy duty iPhone 7 case

Next, we have an iPhone 7 heavy duty case from Spigen, providing military-grade protection, with Air-Cushion Technology for all corners.

It increases the phone’s grip, while the raised lips make sure scratches are kept away from the display. Even though it adds a bit of bulk to your phone, it’s still easily pocketable. You can get one for just $14.99.

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8. X-Doria ImpactPro Heavy Duty iPhone 7 Case

X Doria heavy duty case for iPhone 7

How about a transparent case, also able to provide an insane amount of protection?

This heavy duty iPhone 7 case from X-Doria comes with a special PolyOne liner which absorbs impact, being easily pocketable, slim and tough.

You can get it a White, Black, Pink and Teal trim, for $14.99.

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9. Ringke Max Advanced Dual Layer Case

Ringke iPhone 7 heavy duty case

It’s a dual-layered case, made of TPU and PC, MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certified and able to provide double protection against drop damage, bumps and scratches. The Active Touch Technology maintains a slim profile and offers access to all ports and buttons.

The special Inner Geometric Pattern absorbs more shock and provides active heat dispersion, while the raised bezel keeps those nasty scratches away from the display. You can get it in 6 different color combinations, for $13.99.

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10. Zizo Bolt Military Grade Armor

iPhone 7 heavy duty case from Zizo

One of the most interesting iPhone 7 heavy duty cases from our top comes from Zizo and is 810-G drop test certified. The case is minimalistically engineered and it comes with a built-in kickstand, perfect for consuming media on the go.

The package includes a free 9H hardness 0.33 mm tempered glass screen protector, so your screen will also be safe and it retails for $16.99. You can get it in 11 different color combinations.

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Our pick

Picking our favorite iPhone 7 heavy duty case from this top was actually very hard, as there are a lot of awesome models in our selection. However, in the end, we’ve eventually decided upon Luvitt’s Ultra Armor Shock Absorbing Case. It looks incredibly well, it’s available at a great price, and it provides an increased amount of protection for your iPhone 7. What more could you ask for?

Finally, it’s time for the big question: which one of these models is your favorite and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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