Best iPhone 7 case with card holder

If you’re one of those users who don’t want to carry a lot of stuff in pockets, then you’ve definitely heard about wallet cases! They’re pretty practical, being able to keep your phone safe and sound, as well as keep credit cards, IDs and money together.

However, they can be pretty bulky sometimes, but fortunately, there’s an alternative!

Let’s say that you own a new iPhone 7 and everything you need when going out is just your credit card. The solution for this situation is a case with a card holder or a card slot!

We’ve searched Amazon and came across ten of the best iPhone 7 cases with card holder, perfect for going out and not only!

Sound interesting, right? Let’s find see which models we have for you.

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1. Teelevo Dual Layer Card Holder Case

Teelevo iPhone 7 case with card holder

First in our top is a very practical case from Teelevo. Besides the card slot holder, it also comes with a built-in kickstand, perfect for the optimum viewing position, whenever you want to consume some media.

It precisely fits your iPhone 7 and offers full protection, thanks to the soft rubberized interior, for shock absorption, and the polycarbonate exterior, against tough drops, scratches and bumps. You can get it in five different colors, for $12.99.

See it at Amazon

2. Spigen Flip Armor Card Holder Case

Spigen iPhone 7 card holder case

A Spigen model was a must for this top and we like to think that this one is absolutely amazing! Providing Mil-Grade protection, thanks to the Air-Cushion technology for all corners, the case has a flexible band which ensures easy application and removal, being able to house 2 cards or IDs.

By far our favorite model, it’s available for $16.99.

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3. Vena Heavy Duty Cover

Vena iPhone 7 card holder case

Looking for something tougher? Then you should really check out this iPhone 7 case with card holder from Vena!

It has a dual-layer polycarbonate shell, with the CornerGuard technology, being able to absorb and disperse force from drops, while on the back it has a leather back cover, which keeps your cards safe and it can also transform into a kickstand! Pretty cool, huh? Get it now, for $17.99.

See it at Amazon

4. ProCase Slim Card Case

iPhone 7 card holder case procase

Moving one, we’re looking at an ultra slim, but durable model, with a hard inner shell and a PU leather card slot on the back.

It’s very easy to install on your phone and it adds minimal bulk, while still offering durable protection. Simple and nice, this iPhone 7 case can be yours for $10.99.

See it at Amazon

5. Vofolen Slidable Card Holder Case

Vofolen iPhone 7 card holder case

One of the cheapest iPhone 7 cases with card holder comes from Vofolen and it’s available for just $9.99.

It has a secret card slot on the back, able to store up to 2 cards, accessible through a sliding system, and it also provides increased protection, thanks to the dual layer construction, with shock absorbing TPU and anti-scratch polycarbonate.

See it at Amazon

6. Moonmini Shockproof Slim Fit Case

Moonmini iPhone 7 card holder case

Perfectly fitting your iPhone 7 and made from premium polycarbonate and TPU, this case features a soft rubberized interior, for shock absorption, and raised edges, which keep scratches away when the phone is placed face down.

Of course, its biggest plus is the card slot on the back, but we shouldn’t ignore the kickstand feature either, which is great for anybody who like to consume media on their phones. You can have it for just $10.99.

See it at Amazon

7. Viflykoo Leather Case with Credit Card Slot

Viflykoo iPhone 7 case with card holder

Just like the name says, this $10.50 case from Viflykoo, available in 7 different colors, is a very elegant appearance, featuring a premium back cover, made from a combination of leather and carbon fiber.

It can store a credit card and, at the same time, provide a great protection for your iPhone 7, keeping it safe against dirt, scratching and bumping.

See it at Amazon

8. Silk Protectic Grip Card Case

Silk iPhone 7 card holder case

If you want to carry more cards around, this case from Silk is definitely what you need, as it’s able to comfortably fit 3 cards and maintain a relatively slim profile for your phone. Its high-grip textured sides enhance grip and prevent drops, while the one-piece construction provides full-frame protection.

You can get one for $14.99, with a premium scratch-resistant screen protector film included in the package.

See it at Amazon

9. Toru Protective Hidden Wallet Case

Toru iPhone 7 case with card holder

Another iPhone 7 case with card holder makes it to our top! Toru’s model can deal with two cards or IDs and it also comes with a very interesting feature: a mirror fitted into the rear compartment.

It has a rubbery TPU body, which protects your phone from shocks, drops and scratches. Also, using a card as a kickstand, you can comfortably watch videos or browse the web on your phone, in landscape mode. It’s available on Amazon, for $14.99.

See it at Amazon

10. DesignSkin Slider Card Holder Case

Design skin iPhone 7 case with card slot

Last but not least, we have an iPhone 7 case with card holder which, at $29.99, can be considered a bit expensive, but man, it looks good! It can store up to 2 cards, under its sliding back cover, and its drop and shock proof, thanks to the three layer protection.

It also has an elevated front bezel, to protect your screen from scratches, as well as an internal texture, able to absorb shocks, in the eventuality of a drop.

See it at Amazon

Our pick

As usual, it’s time to decide upon our favorite model! It’s well known that we have a soft spot for Spigen, so their Flip Armor Card Holder Case is the one we’d choose for an iPhone 7. It looks good, it has a great price and it can keep your phone safe, even if you drop it. What more could we ask for?

What about you guys? Which one of these cases is your favorite? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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