best huawei honor 6x cases

Launched back in October, the Honor 6X is one of the most interesting mid-range handsets you can currently get, offering a more than decent spec sheet for a pocket-friendly price, just like most models from the portfolio of Huawei’s sub-brand.

And since it’s a very popular model, there’s no doubt that you can also get a lot of accessories for it. And we’ll give you just a few seconds to guess what specific accessories are we going to talk about today! Time’s up! If you said ‘cases’, you were absolutely right!

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After taking a quick look on Amazon, we managed to put together a short list with some of the best models you can currently get. So, without much further ado.

These are the best Huawei Honor 6X cases, perfect for keeping your phone safe and sound!

1. SPARIN Honor 6X Case Case

best huawei honor 6x case from sparin

Our top begins with a rugged Huawei Honor 6X case, coming from the folks over at SPARIN.

It has a hard plastic outer shell, as well as a soft silicone inner skin, while the design is completed by a metal ring, mounted on the back, acting like a kickstand.

The case offers 360 protection, while the ring is actually pretty cool, increasing your phone’s grip and preventing accidental drops and slips. Thanks to the 4mm thickness of the case, your phone will be able to deal with light shocks, as well as scratches and daily wear and tear.

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2. TUDIA Slim Fit Heavy Duty Case

best huawei honor 6x case from tudia

It’s pretty unusual to see a heavy duty case with an incredibly slim profile, but here we are, looking at this model for the Honor 6X, designed by TUDIA, featuring a dual layer design!

It combines a premium polycarbonate outer layer, with an enhanced TPU rubberized gel skin, offering slim, lightweight and form-fitted protection for the handset.

The snap-on design allows easy installation, while the raised edges protect the display from scratches, even when the display is faced down. You can get this case in Matte Black, Metallic Slate, Mint and Rose Gold.

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3. EasyAcc Honor 6X Case Case

best huawei honor 6x case from easyacc

Hey, a clear case is always a good addition to a list like this!

For example, this model, from EasyAcc, is completely transparent and keeps the phone’s original design, while the inner dotted marks prevent air bubbles and watermarks from forming on the clear back of the phone.

Thanks to the anti-slip properties, it prevents your phone from slipping out of your hand, while the raised edges make sure that your screen stays safe, even in case of some minor drops. And it’s worth mentioning that the premium TPU it’s made of won’t get yellow in time!

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 4. CoverON Shadow Armor Series Hard Case

best huawei honor 6x case from coveron

Ok, so if the second Huawei Honor 6X case in our top wasn’t rough enough for you, then you’ll definitely like this heavy duty model from CoverON, with a dual layer design, made from hard polycarbonate and a snug form-fitting TPU inner layer.

Besides the modern, metallic look, it also maintains a relatively slim profile for your phone, while the integrated kickstand is great for consuming media, hands free! You can get it in various colors, like Metallic Silver, Gray, Champagne Gold, Navy Gray or Ruby Red.

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5. Exact Design Shock Proof Dual Layer Case

best huawei honor 6x case from exact design

If you’re that type of user who constantly drops phones, then you’re in a big need of a rugged Huawei Honor 6X case, like this two-piece model, featuring a silicone skin and a polycarbonate skeleton shell, for added protection.

Thanks to the rugged TPU and PU construction, it provides tank-like protection, as well as shock-absorbency, as the tough turtle shell design is able to withstand even some of the most serious shocks. It’s available in Black, Black and Blue, or Black and Purple.

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6. SPARIN Honor 6X Case Case

best huawei honor 6x case from sparin 2

Now what do we have here?

Oh, it’s another Huawei Honor 6X case from SPARIN, but this time featuring a crystal clear design! It has precise cutouts, for all buttons and ports, while the eco-friendly TPU material it’s made of retails the original color and design of the handset.

It has a soft coating and rounded edges, providing a comfortable grip, and it measures just 2mm in thickness, but it’s still very resistant to scratches and able to provide a smooth feeling.

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7. KuGi Alpha Style Soft Silicone Case

best huawei honor 6x case from kugi

Finally, the latest case in our top is a really nice model, with carbon fiber inserts and an overall brushed metal look, available in both Black and Red. It’s made of high quality TPU, giving your phone a soft touch.

Besides this, it’s great at protecting it as well, covering every corner and featuring raised edges, so the display will also remain safe and sound.

Thanks to the snap-on design, it’s easy to slip on your device, while the slim profile won’t add any unnecessary bulk to the phone itself.

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And this is where our list comes to an end, folks! These are some of the best Huawei Honor 6X cases you can currently buy! As you can see, the offer is varied and you can choose from a lot of styles, perfect for any budget and style.

Our pick: KuGi Alpha Silicone Case

Like always, we have a favorite, and in this case it’s the last entry on our list, KuGi’s Alpha Style Soft Silicone Case. We just can’t resist a Black case, with some Carbon Fiber inserts. Besides looking great, it also provides an increased amount of protection for the Honor 6X, so it’s pretty much everything you could ask for!

But what about you? Which one of these best Huawei Honor 6X cases would you pick and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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