best lg g6 accessories

We all must agree that LG did an excellent job with their latest flagship, the G6. Yeah, we know, it doesn’t have Qualcomm’s latest high-end chip under the hood, but who cares?! This handset is blazing fast, it looks very good and can do a lot of things. We’d buy one, case closed.

But hey, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for better. In order to get the max out of your LG G6, we’ve put together a short list with some great accessories, which every owner should consider, for a top notch experience.

Keeping it short, these are the best LG G6 accessories money can buy:

1. Case – Spigen Neo Hybrid Gunmetal Case

lg g6 spigen case

There are quite a few great cases for the LG G6 you can get right now and this specific model, from Spigen, is one of our favorites! It’s a heavy duty model, with a TPU cover and a polycarbonate back, as well as raised lips, adding extra protection to the screen and camera.

However, what we like the most about this case is that it’s military-grade certified, being able to withstand even the most serious shocks! And, as a side note, the Gunmetal layer looks absolutely great on it!

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2. Car Charger – Trianium Dual USB with QuickCharge 3.0

lg g6 trianium car charger

In case you’re using your LG G6 as a GPS, you definitely need a car charger and the Trianium Dual USB model, with Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 3.0 technology is an excellent option, being able to reduce the charging time by over 70%!

The charger has two ports, as well as a built-in blue LED light indicator, which lets you know when the phone is fully charged. Also, it’s made of heavy-duty aluminum, so it will definitely last in time, not to mention that it’s also lightweight and extremely portable, fitting in any compact socket space.

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3. Screen Protector – Spigen Tempered Glass Film

lg g6 spigen screen protector

You never know when you drop your phone or when you keep it in the same pocket with your keys, ending up with scratches on the display. And nobody wants that, right? In this case, you definitely need an LG G6 screen protector, to keep it safe and sound!

Spigen’s tempered glass film protects and maintains the touchscreen’s sensitivity and responsiveness, being extremely clear, thus preserving the original brightness. It has a 9H hardness, so it’s also able to keep the display in one piece, in the eventuality of a drop.

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4. Charging Dock – AnoKe Cradle Pad Docking Station

lg g6 anoke charging dock

A dock will always look great on your desk and if it’s also able to charge your phone, you will definitely be envied! Take this model, from AnoKe, as an example. It’s available in Silver, Black or Rose Gold, rocking an awesome design!

It can charge your phone even if it has a case on it, while the small, portable design, enables you to use it even on the smallest desks. Besides these, it can also be used as a stand for watching movies. Pretty cool accessory, huh?

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5. Car Mount – Trianium Magnetic Air Vent Holder

lg g6 trianium vent mount

There’s no doubt that an air vent holder is one of the best choices you can make when looking for a car mount for your LG G6. It’s made of aluminum and it has 6 heavy-duty magnets, as well as a sturdy rubber base and a smooth surface head, able to hold smartphone 10 times stronger than other car mounts.

Being a lightweight model, it will take just a bit of space on the car’s vent, not to mention that it’s very easy to install As for the colors, you can pick one in Space Grey, Blue, Gold, Silver or Rose Gold.

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And we’re all done, ladies and gents! These are some of the best LG G6 accessories, perfect for anybody who wants to get the max out of the new flagship, as well as keep it safe, no matter the situation.

This time, we don’t have any favorite accessories, since they’re all different, but we’ll leave it to you. Which one of these is your favorite and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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